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Transforming 7 Million Men's Dating Lives Worldwide by 2030.


Elevate Ambitious men into Confident and Authentic  Ones that Attract High-quality women, Confidently and naturally.

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Attract Beautiful Women

Activate the Untapped Attraction Switches within you to get Attractive Girls Consistently.

Become Magnetic

Improve Your Charisma and Become the Magnetic Man Women Naturally Want to Date by Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind.

Approach With Confidence

Destroy Social Anxiety and Learn How to Approach Women Anywhere, Anytime.

An Holistic Approach To Upgrade Your Dating Life

Attraction Dynamics

Systemic Neuroscience


Attraction Dynamics

Become Attractive

Many people study seduction for years, only getting disappointing results. Why?

This usually happens because the knowledge they receive is diluted by concepts that, when in comes to practicality, don't work. 

With Attraction Truth, you will learn the skills that will make you become a master of attraction, regardless of who and where you are.

Systemic Neuroscience

Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

Hack your brain by tapping into your subconscious mind and transforming it into a supermachine that works for you instead of working against you. 

We will help you turn negative habits into positive ones and to make you act consistently towards what produces you results, instead of sabotaging yourself.

Quantum Dating

Exploit Universal Laws 

With the quantum dating system I developed, you will get maximum results with minimal effort.

This system comes from high-ticket coaching I recevied from the best mentors worldwide, including Bob Proctor.

Moreover it’s the result of my personal experience as a coach. 

Combining the most functional methods that produced the best results in my clients.

Transformation Stories

Mark's Story From Single to Getting Friends with Benefits 

George: From Deleting Tinder to Consistent Dates

Girls Chase Edin Like Cats

Social Anxiety? Destroyed by Alan in 3 Months.

Confidence On + New Girlfriend for Hugo!

Andy Turns Relationship Fear into Excitement

“I met Sal during a brief business trip to Barcelona.

At first I wasn’t sure about his “Dating Coaching” as I thought it was another scammer. 

Then I saw him live approaching and interacting with women like few do.

I was immediately convinced I had to get his help as I always felt insecure with women. 

He helped me become a more confident man and now I can talk to any woman I want anywhere, even if it’s a high pressure one. 

Recommended to whoever wants to become confident with cold approaching & flirting."

Jerry Lankarani - Financial Analyst

"Before coaching with Sal I was a virgin at the age of 31. I felt like the only way I could get rid of that burden was by paying a woman. However, I didn't want to do that as my self esteem would have dropped too much.

That’s when I decided to contact him. He helped me learn how to relate to women and build enough self confidence that I started going out by myself .

The first 2 months I didn’t see any “result” even if I had improved a lot my social skills. 

The 3 month of coaching I finally managed to sleep with the first woman of my life. It felt amazing as I knew i wasn’t the man i used to be. After getting rid of that burden I managed to sleep with other 2 women after the coaching program ended."

David Elias - IT Programmer

“I hated watching my best friends having fun and kissing with their girlfriends whenever we went out for pizza together.

I knew I wanted a girlfriend too but I didn’t know how to get her. Sal helped me understand how to attract my perfect match thanks to his knowledge on social dynamics. 

Now when we go out together with my friends I always bring my girlfriend and I feel confident and enjoy my night as I did when they all were single.

I recommend him because he is honest and cares about getting you the results you want."

Franco Gattuso - Freelance Blogger

Meet Salvatore, Quantum Dating Coach.

Talk To Sal, get custom dating advice.

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