Maybe you want to get more matches by writing a compelling bio like this:

[Insert Compelling Bio]

Or, perhaps, you want to laugh at some of the funniest bios ever written, like this:

[Insert Funny Bio]

I know you don't like writing bios, but the problem is that if you're a man, writing a bio is super important to get more matches.

It's common knowledge that women spend more time looking at men's pictures and bios, while men usually focus more on girls' pictures.

That's why you must create a compelling bio that attracts women. In this article, I won't tell you to write an "original" bio to get more matches, but I'll go into detail.

In fact, you will learn:

11 Best Tinder Bios to Stand out from the Competition (Steal Them Now)


What You'll Learn

    How to write an eye-catching bio;
  • The 3 common mistakes when writing a bio;
  • 3 pro tips to make your bio stand out;
  • How to write a bio that makes her message you first;
  • How to start conversations based on the bios girls write;
  • Laugh at some of the funniest bios ever written;
  • extra bonus tips;
Difficulty: Very Easy

That will help you be perceived as a man worth swiping right, even if you had no success so far on Tinder.

11 Best Tinder Bios to Stand out from the Competition (Steal Them Now)

Typical Scenario

It's the day you decided to get on a dating app and find your dream girl. You complete your profile and start adding your best pictures.

Then the unavoidable moment comes, writing your bio. 

It feels like being at school and having to come up with original ideas for your essay. The problem is that you want to get laid and don't care about anything else.

You start looking for some advice online until you landed here, hoping to find a way to make your bio perfect for your own style.

That's Not a Love Story.

I Sucked at Writing

That’s what happened to me as well sometime before. I wasn’t a creative guy when it came to texting women and writing “about me” sections.

However, through writing many CV’s and messaging hundreds of women, I learned a way to communicate effectively in a few words. 

What She Told Me Changed Me

However, even if I was keen on writing stuff, I didn’t pay much attention to what I wrote in my online dating profile.

Indeed, I left my bio empty most of the time, as I thought that women only cared about my pictures.

That lasted until I moved to another city, renting a room in an apartment full of girls. It was September 2013 when I went to live in Rome.

Living with girls taught me 3 things:

1: Never live with only girls anymore;

2: Girls like sex more than men; 

3: Writing a bio in your profile is essential.

You’ll learn how this story ended in a moment. Before, let’s go on with your bio tips.

Mistake #1: Making Stupid Comparisons 

Some people write their bios making stupid comparisons to others; that will get you immediately blacklisted. 

Look at this example:

[Comparison Pic]

Do you think that's funny? Not at all.

I know you are proud of your accomplishments, my friend, but if you want to really hit those girls, you must show that you compare without caring. 


Because if girls notice you care too much about comparing to others, they'll get turned off and think you're a low-value man. After all, if you were a high-value man, you wouldn't need to compare yourself to others. 

If you want to compare something to something else, it's better to do it in a lighthearted way. Girls will see you're not taking yourself so seriously; that's attractive. 

Moreover, you'll show both ironies and that you're aware that serious comparisons are just a try-hard move of gamma males. 

Look at this example; isn't it funny the way the comparison is put out?

[Add comparison pic]

That would work much better for the general public, that's my bet.

Mistake #2: Showing Lack of Empathy 

That’s one of the worst things a man can do on his bio. 

Yes, because women are emotional creatures, and as such, they need to perceive, you can relate to other people. 

That’s why psychopaths scare women off like finding a crazy clown in your closet. 

Look at this example:

[Add example]

It clearly shows that the guy doesn’t really care about people and only uses them to his advantage. How can you expect others to be attracted to you if selfish motives are all you have to offer?

Now look at this other example:

[Add positive example]

Here humanity is shown, a fact that will make you be perceived as an attractive man immediately. Girls are susceptible to these traits in a man. That’s why empathy must exude from how you write your bio.

After all, I’m sure that even if you’re very cold-hearted, there’s still a part of you deep down that cares about people. 

Use that to your advantage, my friend, and you’ll be going places.

11 Best Tinder Bios to Stand out from the Competition (Steal Them Now)

Friedrich Nietzsche

"There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness."

Maybe there's some madness to this quote but there it seems to be some reason too.

Mistake #3: Being too Rational

Most men write bios that would make even my grandmother bored, like in this case:

[add boring bio]

I hope you’re not one of those.  

How can a man expect to get a girl’s attention by writing about boring stuff? 

Spice things up, write a joke, say something unusual, inject some emotions in your bio, and you’ll get the problem solved. 

Like in this case:

[Fun Emotional Bio]

Realize that you are on a dating app, not in a courtroom. 

Girls expect you to show your funniest parts on a dating app! After all, if a man can’t be funny on Tinder, how would he be in real life? 

Girls will automatically assume him to be boring in real life as thinking the opposite will seem inconsistent.

Those have been the most common mistakes to avoid; however, you won’t go that far without implementing proper solutions. In the next step, you’ll learn what exactly to do to improve your bio tenfold.

Tip #1: Make it Positive

Various psychology studies like this suggest that optimistic people are generally more attractive. This happens because one person's positivity is usually caused by a hormonal balance that symbolizes health and longevity. 

When one person is positive, he will naturally tend to smile and make other people feel good, making them release dopamine, oxytocin, and other "happy" hormones.

Women will unconsciously be drawn to you as they know that a positive man with a healthy hormonal balance will make them feel good too. 

Here’s an example of a positive bio:

Here’s a bad example:

Be positive, it’s priceless. Then enjoy the fruits both in your personal and professional life.

Tip #2: Be Honest

Another scientific study has proven honesty to be one of the most attractive traits for individuals, both men, and women. 

By applying this principle into your bio, you’ll make it stand out against the competition and be more likely to develop healthy relationships with others. 

Moreover, it will start to create trust in women’s minds, which will, in turn, increase your attractiveness towards them. 

Look at how honest this guy is!

[Insert dishonest bio]

Look at this bio; as you can see, it sounds more human and warm than a general one with an honest line. 

[Insert honest bio]

Injecting Honesty

You can inject honesty in your bio by talking about some flaws you might have, like stubbornness, jealousy, or being touchy. 

You can also do this by saying you like doing something considered “nerdy,” like playing video games or having some other strange hobby.

Generally, honesty is perceived when a person disqualifies himself, revealing something that puts him in a vulnerable position. 

Finally, you can be honest by explicitly stating what you really want out of the dating app, whether it’s a girlfriend FWB or just a ONS.

By wording it properly, girls will appreciate this more than a fake line. An example can be this:

Very Honest Bio

“Many guys lie about not wanting FWB or ONS. I can’t help but be stupidly honest. 

I’m in a period of my life where I don’t feel like committing seriously for the time being. 

No offense to all you girls looking for love; I actually envy you!” 

If you feel like me, swipe right.

By doing this, you will connect with women much more than what the average guy does.

Now it’s time for the last tips that will equip you with enough tools to kick it out there. 

11 Best Tinder Bios to Stand out from the Competition (Steal Them Now)

Tip #3: Show Value

Showing value is always a good idea when it comes to attracting women. 


Because everybody looks for value, even you reading this post right now. Women are humans, too, contrary to what most men think, and are excited when they see a man possessing certain features. 

Some of those features are not controllable by you, others are entirely under your control, and by improving them, you'll improve your perceived value.

Let's look at some of the value features you can control:

-Your Lifestyle

-Your Social Status

-Your Financial Independence

-Your Hobbies & Passions

-Your Track Record

I discovered that hinting at one (or more) of those aspects would increase your perceived value and make you look more attractive. 

How can you do this in practice?

Look at this bio I've written:

Lifestyle Bio

"The last time I traveled to Europe, I lost my phone while I was going on a date. 

I hope that won't happen again! In case, let's meet under the tour Eiffel at 9:00 for our romantic dinner."

Social Status Bio

"My employees think that I'm a jerk. 

My former girlfriend thought I was a jerk.

My best friends sometimes say I'm a jerk.

The only one that doesn't say this is my grandma. She just keeps beating my ass with her wooden stick.

If we go on a date, I won't be a jerk, promise."

Financial Abundance Bio

"The last time I bought a sports car, I crashed it in the first week.

Now I go out with a smart. Sorry for not being posh.

Nice to meet you, I'm [Name]"

Hobbies & Passions Bio

I like helping grannies cross the road on Wednesday evening. 

Apart from this, I play basketball, videogames, and travel for business & pleasure. 

Want to help me help grannies crossroads? Swipe right

Track Record Bio

I won an Olympic medal once. It was on a PlayStation sports game.

Jokes apart, I really won a boxing sports competition, the champion of my city!

Let's hang out.

Tip #4: Keep it Fun

If you like funny things, click the button below:

[insert fun stuff]

That’s what girls like to see on a man’s profile ideally. There are so many boring profiles out there that I realize why women don’t enjoy spending their time on dating apps.

Unfair to blame them!

Would you stay all day watching some boring news when all you wanted to do was seeing a funny south park episode? I don’t think so.

Women are on Tinder to meet a man who makes them have fun, which eventually gets them laid. After all, the old saying still holds: “Girls just wanna have fun.”

[Quote girls just wanna have fun]

Moreover, writing a funny bio will already set the tone for the subsequent conversation you’ll be having with her. 

What best way to start things in the right way?

However, the question remains: How can you make your bio funny?

Follow those principles below:

-Self Irony

-Tell a Fun Story

-Exaggerate things

Look at those examples:

Self Irony

“I still don’t know how to use

I still don’t understand

Tell a Fun/Emotional Story

“When I was 6 years old, I got lost. My grandma was desperately looking for me, desperate. Once she found me, I said I missed her.

One day I recalled why I got lost. I actually ran away from her. She still doesn’t know that, but now I miss her for real.”

How The Story Ended

Female Roommates Tips

Coming back to my story, I had my female roommates that were on Tinder and showed me guy’s profiles.

It was surprisingly incredible to see what they commented on each time a new profile bio came in. First of all, they didn’t like the fact that guys didn’t have a bio, even if they looked decent or attractive. 

Secondly, they hated those short, informative bios that didn’t convey any other thing apart from raw facts. That’s when I asked them to help me rewrite my bio.

Getting More Dates

Surprisingly (but actually not), I started getting more matches and dates, keeping my profile the same. 

I remember going on a date with this brunette girl visiting Rome for a few days. On the date, she confessed that the first thing that caught her attention was my fun story of getting help in my bio from my roommates.

That’s just a small example, but you can imagine how many more dates you could get just by improving your bio, even by a little.

Tip #5: Ask a Question

As a final tip, you can ask questions in your bio to engage girls. That same principle is used by professional YouTubers to make people comment on their videos (just as I do) and bloggers at the end of their posts.

Why not take advantage of this to get girls to answer your question by starting the conversation first? 

Look at this example

[Insert Question-Prompting Bio]

This way, you’ll differentiate yourself from all the other men, not exploit this psychological principle, and engage women’s curiosity simultaneously. An excellent way to kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

By the way, if you want to learn more about crafting amazing bios and improving the quality and quantity of your matches, you’ll find that in my Matches Multiplier Guide Snippet, [Insert The Realization + Quote]

Wizard Takeaway

What I learned from this is that every element is essential to maximize our online dating success. 

Don’t overlook even the slightest things as they can be total game-changers in the way you’ll experience online dating.

Now it’s time for you to get more matches than before by applying those tips. However why not make your profile a timebomb? 

If you believe this article helped you, please share it. If not on your social media at least with your best friends. Thanks!

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