Maybe you’re not getting enough matches, and you’d like to double or even triple them. I understand. In fact, most women will judge you based on the pictures you have, especially on Tinder.

This means that, unless you build a powerful profile, you will never be able to attract the women you like to you.

Maybe you think that in this article, I’ll give you the classic tip of “not posting a selfie” or “putting a picture where your face is clearly visible.”

What if there are better ways to create a Tinder profile that makes noise?

That’s what you’ll learn in this article, along with what’s outlined below.

In This Article You'll Learn

    3 Picture Tips to Make Your Profile Stand Out;
  • The #1 Reason why Women Swipe Left;
  • 3 Openers that Will Improve Your Tinder Profile;
  • 3 Insane Bio Ideas to 3X Your Matches;
  • Practical Example of Good & Bad Pictures;
  • Extra bonus tips.
Difficulty: Easy

Typical Scenario

It's one of those days where you want to chat with some new girls. You open Tinder and start swiping right and left, based on what you find attractive or not. 

You keep swiping until, 30 minutes in, you see that nothing relevant has happened. Indeed you only get a couple of matches.

That makes you think that it is probably time to update your Tinder profile. After all, you notice that you don't have the best pics ever and that the competition is probably stealing all the matches you deserve to have.

So you started your online search for useful tips until you got here.

That's Not a Love Story.

Noob Profile = No Matches.

That same thing happened to me when my Tinder profile looked so noob I was ashamed of it myself. 

Even if women generally consider me to be pretty attractive, I was not getting all the matches I potentially could.

The reason lay in my overconfidence in my looks instead of focussing on the quality of my profile. In fact, there was a lot of untapped potential in it that I didn’t exploit, especially by adding specific types, as you’ll learn in a moment. 

The not surprising fact was that after taking care of my profile, I started to get more matches. How many more?

You’ll find this out in a moment. Now it’s time to take care of your Tinder profile pictures.

5 Tips to Make Your Tinder Pics Stand Out

Below you’ll find 5 powerful picture tips that will make your profile better than half of all the men users worldwide. 

I say this with confidence as very few people know what I’m about to share with you. Let’s go!

Tip #1: Create a Profile Theme

The first thing you must do to have a competitive profile is creating one that stands out on its own and is easily recognizable.

How can you do this? By adding a theme to it. 

A theme is a unique character your profile will have. Just like every movie has its own theme actors, songs, and ambiance, your profile should have the same.

That’s fundamental to give it the structure it needs. Once your profile is themed, you will naturally attract the right type of girls. Those girls will generally be ones with which you vibe out well.

There are different types of profile themes that you can choose from. For example, you can choose the theme of:

  1. The Adventurer

  2. The Businessman

  3. The Freelance Entrepreneur

  4. The IT Geek

  5. The Fitness Man

1: The Adventurer

This kind of profile focuses on displaying risk-taking, adventures, and outdoor activities mostly. 

That’s the kind of profile I decided to focus on as it reflects my type the most and helps me attract the right women to me.

[Insert Profile Pic]

By adding more than 3 photos of adventures, your profile will take on this theme. This kind of profile will usually attract dynamic and feminine women.

2: The Businessman/Investor

That’s a profile that most men resort to when they have no idea of what to do with their Tinder pictures. 

However, to truly work, one must already have this lifestyle, or it will be forced to rent a private jet simulator to shoot pictures.

[Insert private jet picture]

To seem like a legitimate businessman, you can upload pictures while in luxury hotels, driving expensive cars, traveling the world, being with another bunch of businessmen, and so on. 

That’s the typical businessman profile look:

[Insert 4 pictures]

As you can see, this profile is very costly. For that reason, it’s better that you appear genuine as that’s very hard to fake; unless you’re only looking for a One Night Stand.

This profile will inevitably attract hot girls, amongst which there will often be gold diggers. 

3: The Freelance Entrepreneur

That’s another profile I was using before I went to the adventurer one. That’s a good profile to attract tourists in your city or match with other similar girls if you’ll be traveling around. 

This category is made up of Coaches, Online Consultants, IT Specialists, Copywriters, Advertisers, Graphic Designers, video editors, and everybody working with a laptop. 

Think about the typical Instagram influencer that travels the world while making bucks with his laptop.

[Insert 4 pictures]

Those pictures will make her understand you’re that guy. My lifestyle is very similar to this; I also added those types of pictures. 

This kind of profile will usually attract digital nomads, more open-minded, and independent women. 

4: The IT Geek/Smart Man

Even if you might believe the contrary, every IT Geek has its own attractiveness factor. According to scientific research, women tend to be more attracted to male partners smarter than them.

That’s probably because smart and ingenious men in the past had greater success at hunting animals and building effective attack & defense strategies.

That’s why the IT Geek can come off as very attractive, especially if he knows how to tease a girl over text. 

That’s how a smart profile would look like this approximately.

[Insert pictures]

This profile will usually attract women in career, independent girls, smarter women, and more ambitious ones.

5: The Fitness Man

Finally, we have the last profile prototype. That’s probably one of the most famous ones, thanks to profile pics that look like this:

[Insert Muscles]

Unfortunately, I’ve been guilty of having the worst stereotype of this profile. Look at my older pics:

[Insert Pics]

Yes, that’s me. 

Honestly speaking, I am getting much more matches now than when I had a profile focussed only on how my body looked.

For that reason, I’m here to warn you that this profile won’t generally work unless…

Unless you carelessly show your physique, just like it should be done with your financial abundance. You should not look to try hard like your body is the only important thing you can offer to a girl.

If she sees that 8 pictures out of nine are shirtless mirror selfies, she’ll wonder what’s in your mind apart from the gym. 

Will you lift her up when in bed instead of working out? I even heard of some guys avoiding having too much sex because the cardiovascular activity made them lose muscles. 

C’mon! That’s why most women refrain from dating a Johnny Bravo man. 

However, if you can show your six-pack while looking natural, you’ll be an advantage over other men on Tinder.

Oops, I meant a picture like this. 

[Inset My Pic]

That’s one of my latest pictures. As you can see, that’s just a picture of me canoeing, but of course, I’m shirtless here. That’s why it looks much more natural than what I used to do before. 

That’s another example that will work well. 

[Insert Unsplash Pic]

Now it’s time to move on with other aspects of your profile. By the way, to get more profile prototype ideas, download my 7x Matches Multiplier. 

[Insert Form]

3 Tips to Boost Your Tinder Pics: 3X Your Matches Effortlessly

Justin Timberlake

I have 20,000 girlfriends, all around the world.

I only had 2 girlfriends in my life.

Tip #2: Show Value

The next step would be building a profile that shows what kind of man you are. 

That will be an essential evaluation factor for many women out there, especially for the most status-conscious.

Women are biologically attracted to a high-value man from ancient times.

That’s because being with a high value long back meant higher survival chances for her and the children.

Since women are still driven by the same instincts, they’ll naturally tend to discard men showing low-value signals. They will go for the ones that possess higher value traits.

Remember that attraction is not a choice but a process that happens unconsciously and will be beyond her control.

That’s why you must add pictures in your profile that doesn’t leave her a choice but be attracted to you.

How can you spark attraction through your Tinder pictures?

Basically, there are 3 ways with which you can do this:

  1. Financial Stability

  2. Social Status

  3. Preselection

1: Financial Stability

Without any doubt, having an abundance of financial resources will make almost any woman be attracted to you right away.

Many politically correct people will tell you that money doesn’t count when it is vital to accomplish many things in life.

Girls will subconsciously associate you with a more successful man if they believe you to be rich. That’s why it’s always a good idea to add this value signal to your Tinder pictures.

How can you do this in practice?

Being blatantly obvious about it won’t help you as it will be seen as a try-hard behavior from girls.

However, if you can sneak in financial well-being into your pics, then it will get the job done. 

[Insert Pic]

As you can see in the example above, this guy shows no problems with money.

Remember that you don’t necessarily need to be rich to look rich. What’s important is that you convey an aura of serenity with your pictures, as that’s what girls will perceive.

2: Social Status

That’s another fundamental aspect to consider when attracting girls. For the same reasons explained above, girls will be susceptible to a man’s social status.

A significant portion of it is influenced by your social connections and your place in the socio-sexual hierarchy. 

That’s what she’ll be looking at when assessing where you lie within the social realm. 

3: Preselection

Finally, by showing girls that other women are interested in you, you will immediately attract them. This will happen because of the principle of preselections, being particularly influential in female mammals.

In a few words, if a girl sees that you’re surrounded by women wanting to mate with you, they’ll infer that you are good genetic material and, thus, a good choice also for them.

How can you show preselection? By adding pictures of you with other girls. Those pictures don’t necessarily need to be intimate, but they can also be pictures while you’re in good company. 

No need to look like Dan Bilzerian, but if you can look like you have some girls attracted to you, all is to be gained.

We’re just scratching the surface here. In a moment you’ll learn more on how to boost your Tinder profile and triple your matches.

3 Tips to Boost Your Tinder Pics: 3X Your Matches Effortlessly

Tip #3: Show Your Hobbies

Another simple yet effective way to attract women with your Tinder profile is by showing what you’re interested in life. 

Your hobbies will be a direct reflection of your personality, character, and personal values. This means that they can be a smart way to filter out women that are not good for you from those who can be a good fit.

The reason is that most relationships (including intimate ones) blossom when two people share the same or similar values.

In fact, that’s what will ultimately make those girls resonate with the type of man that you are. 

I remember when I first didn’t care much about showing my hobbies & passions in my Tinder pictures. 

That lasted until I realized that I couldn’t simply throw the net and hope for the most fishes to come in.


What if I narrowed down my profile to a few girl types that reflected what I really wanted? That’s what I started doing, and by magic (not really that magic), I began to get more and better matches.

What hobbies can you show? There’s an infinite choice here, and I’m not going to limit you if not encourage you to find the right ones for you like:

  1. Fitness
  2. Painting
  3. Hiking
  4. Acting
  5. Traveling
  6. Wine tasting 
  7. Programming 
  8. Photography
  9. Dancing
  10. Playing Chess
  11. Building Things 
  12. Reading
  13. Writing
  14. Singing
  15. Fishing/Hunting

Those are just some examples to take inspiration from. Of course, there are 100 more hobbies you can add.

Now it’s time for the last tips. Those will get your profile in the 90% percentile of attractive men worldwide so, stay tuned.

In one way or another, penetration Must occur.

Openers to Improve Your Tinder Profile

Have you ever thought about some conversation starters that would also help you in improving your profile?

That’s a great idea, especially if you don’t always know what Tinder openers to use when messaging a girl. Below you’ll find some of those that will get you the feedback you need to improve your profile quality.

Opener #1: If I tell you...

The Opener

“Hey [Name], If I tell you what are my best pictures, will you do the same to me?”

That’s a great opener to exchange opinions with the girls you’ll match with. After all, what’s best if not getting some feedback from the very type of girls that will see your profile?

Moreover, women are very curious to know what you think about them. For that reason, they’ll go to great lengths to discover what’s in your mind.

[Insert Opener]

I tried this opener many times, and it has always turned out to be a great idea, as you can see from the pictures above.

Opener #2: What caught your eye in my profile?

The Opener

What caught your eye in my profile [Name]?

This opener has also worked well for me to understand what girls thought about my profile. That’s great because, like in my case, girls might point out that it was your bio to convince them about your profile. 

[Insert Example]

That made me understand what I was doing right and wrong.

Opener #3: “What’s the first impression I gave you? Honestly.”

The Opener

“What’s the first impression I gave you [Name]? Honestly.”

That’s another general opener that will make them talk about the general vibe you conveyed them. This will reveal if you did a good job in deciding your profile theme or not. 

[Insert Example]

As you can see, that’s the impression I’ve given.

3 Insane Bio Ideas to 3X Your Matches

Now it’s time to make your bio as compelling as possible. As strange as it might sound, women read bios more than men do.

This happens because their brains are wired differently from ours. Women are more sexually triggered when you give them the information they need to assess the type of man you are.

Knowing this, it’s better that you start writing your bio like a pro.

Bio Idea #1: The Brave & Bold

The Bio

“When I was [Age], I liked [x].”

Now I’m [Age], but I still do [x] sometimes.

Apart from this I like [x], 2024 and [z].”

Sounds like a riddle to solve? Not if you’re creative enough to fill it with your own ideas.

Real Example

“When I was 7, I liked making girls scream by scaring them out .”

Now I’m 27, but I still do make girls scream in a better way.”

Apart from this I like surfing, fitness and knowing fun people.”

Very pushy and good for ONS or FWB. I don’t think this will work well if you’re looking for your soulmate. However, you can always try!

Bio Idea #2: My Life Is

The Bio

"My life is [x].

For that reason, I thought about 2024!

1: [a]

2: [b]

3: ©

If you're [z] enough, come join me!"

Real Example

"My life is pretty boring.

For that reason, I thought about doing some crazy shit!"

1: Climb Mount Everest

2: Fight a snake

3: Jump from a plane

If you're adventurous enough, come join me!"

Bio Idea #3: The Drug Dealer

The Bio

“My grandma thinks [x], that’s 2024 in her mind.

The reality is that I work as [z] . I’m into [a], [b] and ©.

If you want to [w], swipe right.”

Another riddle? Not if you keep reading.

Real Example

“My grandma thinks I sell drugs; that’s how I pay for my trips in her mind.

The reality is that I work as an online entrepreneur. I’m into martial arts, karaoke, and exotic restaurants.

If you want to come to sell drugs with me, swipe right.”

I just love those bios where the grandma is mentioned.

How The Story Ended

Double - Triple

In the end, by applying the tips you just learned about, I managed to get more and more matches just within the first 2 days. 

Then, after fixing my bio and swiping system, I got even more matches until they Tripled. I think this happened because Tinder saw that more and more girls deemed my profile as relevant and worth showing.

Moreover, having created a focussed profile helped me get the matches that I desired. This means more and better dates as I teach in my Integral Text Game Course.

Bonus Tip!

Whom would you like to sleep with today?

Bonus Tip: Whom Girls’ That? 

Before you go, here’s a bonus tip for you. 

As crazy as it might sound, putting the word “whom” in your bio will increase your matches by a whopping 31%. 

Is this real or a joke? Whatever the case, that’s what science tells us, so better using the word "whom" in our bio.

I really did it.

[Insert Bio]

Since I discovered this today, I’ll tell you about my improvements in the following weeks through an update.

Wizard Takeaway

Women like guys who stand out. Make some noise with your profile and you’ll attract them like bees.

Now you know how to make your Tinder profile competitive.

If you believe this post was helpful, please share it.

If not on your social media at least with ONE friend of your best friends that absolutely needs to read it.

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