Are you in the mood to find your other half or, maybe, to simple date someone to see if they’re a good fit.

I understand that feeling.

Before getting in a relationship I also was a seeker and tried different paths to attract my other half.

Of course, online dating played a huge role in the improvement of my dating skills. That’s why today I want to talk you about an app that, if used wisely, can help you attract your ideal partner.

Dating.com Review

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You know how sometimes you stumble upon a dating site that seems promising, but you’re not quite sure if it’s worth your time and investment? Well, that’s where Dating.com comes into play.

With its vast user base and unique communication features, it offers a global dating experience that intrigues many.

Keep on reading to uncover the ins and outs of Dating.com, and decide if it’s the right fit for you.

Creating Your Profile on Dating.com

Let’s start with the basics.

As soon as you go to Dating.com, you’ll be asked to create your profile.

Dating.com Review

As you can see, you’ll be asked to select your name, gender, what you look for, and your date of birth + hometown. That’s how I filled it myself.

Then you will be asked to write a bio that reflects who you are, as you can see from the picture below. I suggest you to be 100% honest here, as the bio you write will determine the kind of people you’ll attract!

Dating.com Review

After that, it’s time to put some more filters on the people you want to attract. A way you can do this is by exactly describing the type of partner you’re looking for.

Dating.com Review

Finally, choose your interests and upload your profile picture and you’re ready to go! I literally created my profile in less than 2 minutes, that’s a huge plus of Dating.com.

Key Features of Dating.com

Dating.com’s key features provide users with essential tools to enhance their online dating experience and facilitate meaningful connections. From creating enchanting profiles to engaging in lively chats, Dating.com offers a plethora of options to boost your dating game.

The Email Feature

One of the features of Dating.com is the ability to send your ideal matches an email. After all, back then we all sent love letters to our crushes.

Private Photo

If you’d like to keep some of the pictures secret, you can mark them as private and only members that will start a chat with you will be able to see them.

Dating.com Review

That’s great if you’d like to show more about your life to a selected group of people that you can manually vet.

Let’s Mingle

Feeling a bit shy to make the first move? Let Dating.com’s Lets Mingle feature break the ice for you, ensuring your interactions are fun and effortless.

Dating.com Review

What sets Dating.com apart is its innovative communication tools that cater to all user traits, making sure your conversations are both enjoyable and tailored to your preferences.

Boosting Your Profile

You can also boost your profile and get a 30-minute window of visibility. Like on other dating apps you might know about.

Dating.com Review

Additionally, the platform fosters an inclusive environment, welcoming individuals of diverse orientations.

To make a sound decision if Dating.com is for you or not, give it a try and judge for yourself.

How Does Dating.com Work?

As an online dating website with a global reach spanning over 40 countries, Dating.com operates on a credit-based system. To get started, users create profiles detailing their interests and partner preferences.

While the platform lacks a robust verification process, communication features such as messaging, voice messages, and video chats are available but require credits for access.

Dating.com enforces an anti-scam policy to guarantee a safer dating environment for its users. Always use your intuition and intelligence though and if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Make sure to talk to verified profiles only if you want to use your time wisely.

How Much Does Dating.com Cost?

To understand the cost structure of using Dating.com effectively, it is essential to grasp how the platform’s payment system operates. Dating.com offers free registration with limited features to get you started.

However, for those looking to dive deeper into the dating pool, paid membership starting at $19.99 per month is available. In euro that would be €22.99/month and it includes what yous see below.

Dating.com Review

This membership includes credits for messaging, voice messages, and video chats, following a pay-per-action model. If you find yourself running low on credits, you have the option to purchase more for extended platform usage.

Be cautious, though, as the credit system may lead to additional spending, making Dating.com less ideal for those with budget constraints. Below is a handy table summarizing the cost structure:

Cost ComponentDetails
Free RegistrationLimited features
Paid MembershipStarting at $19.99 per month
Credit SystemPay-per-action model
Additional SpendingPurchase more credits for extended use
Budget ConstraintsNot suitable for users on tight budgets

Understanding these costs can help you navigate the dating scene on Dating.com without breaking the bank.

What Experts Say About Dating.com

Experts have highlighted both positive and concerning aspects of Dating.com, offering valuable insights for users considering this platform for their dating needs.

While some users enjoy the unique features that Dating.com offers, experts caution against potential scam activities and advise users to be wary of encountering fake profiles.

The platform’s high costs associated with communication features have drawn criticism from users, impacting their overall satisfaction.

Concerns have been raised regarding the authenticity of profiles on the site, prompting experts to recommend exploring alternative dating websites like eHarmony for a more reliable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Dating Site Dating Com Legit?

Dating.com is legit but exercise caution due to potential scams, like in any other dating site. Enjoy unique features, success stories, various membership options, and user-friendly experience. Be vigilant against fake profiles. Prioritize safety, utilize effective communication tools, and seek customer support if needed.

Is Date Com a Good Dating Site?

You should consider factors like online safety, user experiences, and profile verification when evaluating if Date.com is a good dating site. Success stories, a reliable match algorithm, and excellent customer support can elevate your online dating journey.

Is Dating Site Legit?

Online safety and user experience are your top priorities when determining if a dating site is authentic. Assure profile verification, robust privacy settings, scam prevention, and reliable customer support. Search for success stories, effective matching algorithms, a user-friendly mobile app, and flexible subscription options.

What Is the Most Legitimate Online Dating Site?

When it comes to finding the most genuine online dating site, focus on platforms with excellent online safety, detailed user profiles, effective match algorithms, diverse communication features, robust privacy settings, success stories, flexible subscription options, a reliable mobile app, quality customer support, and active community engagement.


You may find success on Dating.com if you’re open to exploring connections beyond borders. Despite concerns about fake profiles, the platform’s unique communication options and global reach make it worth considering for adventurous daters.

While the cost may be a drawback for some, the potential for meaningful connections and relationships is there. Give it a try and see where it takes you on your dating journey.

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