I guess you've been chatting with some women lately and you're not happy with the results so far.

Maybe you started the conversation using great Tinder openers but this didn't get you anywhere close to having her number or a solid date.

That's when you realize that you need a more systematic approach to start getting the numbers of those nice chicks, or it will be time lost.

In this article, you will learn how to get a girl's number on Tinder in three simple steps, even if you’ve been failing hard so far.

That will allow you to get a number better than the competition, in a way that they will love. In fact, it will often happen that girls will leave you their numbers without you asking.

In This Article You'll Learn

    Why girls don't Give their numbers to Most men;
  • the power of the mind movie technique;
  • 3 powerful steps to get almost any girl's number;
  • How to get date without asking for it;
  • Extra bonus tips;
Difficulty: Easy

The tips I’m about to give you will help you get those numbers as easily as drinking water.

Typical Scenario

It’s one of those days when you are matched with a new girl on Tinder.

You are having some chat with her and things seem to go very well.

However, there is a problem.

You want to get her number but you don’t know how to do this.

You try asking her directly and things don’t work. That’s when you realize that you probably need a better strategy to get a girl’s number.

That led you to this article, where you’ll find the answers you need.

That's Not a Love Story

When Taking Numbers Was Hard

When I first started seducing girls online I was a total mess.

I always tried to get their numbers very fast so that I could go on a date with them much easier.

However, I was a newbie, and my strategy to get their number consisted of being very direct with it just after a few lines.

As you can imagine, my success rate was low and this made me feel super frustrated.

I kept failing until I couldn’t anymore. That’s when I started adopting a scientific approach to my online dating game.

This completely changed my results, and girls started to give me their numbers much quicker.

Today I want to share the results I got with you.

Are you ready to learn? Let's start.

Step #1: Spark Her Emotions

Many men make the mistake of trying to get a girl's number just after exchanging a few lines with her.

I know, patience is not a virtue of most men nowadays, that’s why most have no chances with the opposite sex.

This might seem a fast approach, but it’s not functional at all, especially in the long term.

The reason this happens is that the girls have their own time to become comfortable with a new man.

As you can imagine, they are hit up by dozens of guys every week and if they are very attractive, every day.

If you're shooting for the top, you must become better than all those men out there that try to steal from you the girls you love. 

Competition can be harsh and ruthless online, especially on Tinder. That’s why you MUST become an attractive man, and you must do this today. 

You must be unapologetic in the way you play your game that must also be very tight, unique, and authentic.

This means one thing: starting by warming her up.

That is something that most men don't even think about because they don't have patience with girls since they only think about having quick sex.

So, the question is very simple. How can you warm up effectively?

The best way to do this is by sparking her emotions.

You can spark girls' emotions by tapping into their values and making them feel deeply understood.

For example, let's say that she likes ice-skating, thriller movies, and animals.

What you should do is talk about those topics to warm her up. You will see that she will start to become more responsive to your messages and more open to the rest of the conversation.

Talk about something specific, for example, this might be a personality trait she has like creativity, spontaneity, or sensitivity.

That will make her feel understood and that you are an excellent empathetic guy. That’s a very important quality to have nowadays as many men are not that sensitive.

Don’t be fooled by what other people tell you! Some kind of sensitivity in a man can be attractive to women. The important thing is not to exaggerate with it to become too weak.

After that start by sparking or emotions a little bit more with some teasing lines.

You can see how to teach a girl over fast in this article.

You must start to implement those steps in this exact order because that's what will make you attractive much quicker.

Now that you’ve been able to spark her emotions, it's time to proceed with the next step that would be using the mind movie technique.

3 Powerful Tips to Get a Girl’s Number on Tinder (Works Every Time)

Thomas Middleditch

Married life is the same as dating life, except now you have a ring, and the state of California has a vested financial interest in the outcome of your marriage.

is this guy Always that rational with women?

Step #2: The Mind Movie Technique

One of the most powerful techniques that you can use to get a girl's number (like a pro) is making her imagine how having a date with you will be like. 

The mind movie technique is used by expert copywriters worldwide to make people take action FAST.

That's how they can generate millions of sales revenue on most websites just by using the right words.

Indeed, when you can create sentences and lines that spark people’s imagination, that's when you have power over them.

The same thing occurs with girls. 

When you can let her imagine positive scenarios with you, that's when she would perceive you as a guy that can satisfy her; both in her mind and sexually.

That will get you ahead of most of the competition a few times because most men don't even think about making a girl imagine good scenarios.

That would make it easier for you to transition into sex topics, both when you're texting her and when you will meet her in person.

Well done.

Now that you triggered her mind with some emotions and with some cool scenarios that will simulate her fantasy, it's time to get her number like a pro.

3 Powerful Tips to Get a Girl’s Number on Tinder (Works Every Time)

Step #3: The Hint to a Date

Now it's really time to make things happen.

Most men try to get girl’s numbers but fail because they failed to follow steps one and two. That's when they start overtexting her, getting the exact opposite effect.

However, luckily for you, that's not your case since you just learned how to stimulate her fantasy.

So now, it's time to ask for the number in a way that is interesting and smart.

The best thing to do is to let her ask you your number.


So that you will be in a much powerful position by controlling her frame.

One way with which you can do this effectively is by hinting at the possibility of a date.

That's a smooth closing technique that few men know.

In fact, most of them think that to get a date they should explicitly ask for it, completely ignoring that you can just throw the ball and let her ask for it.

The hint technique is also great to let her take the final step. 

When you let her imagine how it will be hanging out with you, talk about the date in an expanded way.

Then tell her that it will be great to experience something like this with a person like her.

When you say “like her” you should base this on the adjectives that you attributed to her.

Finally, see how she answers to this hint, and based on that, calibrate your next move.

This could be just sitting back and seeing her asking you for the number or just telling her to exchange numbers so that you can have this experience together later on.

Not Always men have to start first.

And The Story Ends like this

from hinting to a real date

After hinting at a romantic date on the beach to the girl you saw just above, she gave me her number.

That led to a series of vocal chats on What’s App that eventually made her excited more and more, until she couldn’t resist anymore and proposed to me to go on a date with her.

That was one of the best dates she (and I to be honest) ever had according to her. Just thanks to the hint to a date technique.

Bonus Tip!

Sexualizing conversations is a must if you want to succeed with girls.

Sexualize Convos in 3 Simple Steps and get her number on Tinder

Before you go breaking the ice with girls, I want to give you a bonus tip.

You know how to break the ice with girls and what mistakes to avoid after starting your conversation.

However, what should you do to bring the conversation to a more sexual place?

Follow the steps below for maximum results:

  1. Make Her Laugh

  2. Tease Her

  3. Compliment + Sexual Line

Make Her Laugh

The first thing to do is make her laugh, as this will get her out of whatever negative or neutral state she’s experiencing.

Tease Her

After that, it’s time to provoke her to show that you’re not fazed by her beauty, and you’re confident enough to tease her.

Compliment + Sexual Line

Finally, it’s time to give her an authentic compliment so that she feels desired by you. Once she accepts the praise, you can get into the sex topic by using a sexual line.

Look at the example below to inspire yourself:

[Insert Pic]

That’s what I teach in my Integral Text Game Course, by the way.

After you do this move, you can also ask fore her number. The likelihood that she'll give it to you will be much higher than before.

Wizard Takeaway

Girls are like cats. The more you run away from them after you get their attention, the closer you are to making them yours.

Now you know how to break the ice with a girl over text.

Remember to break the ice and never to break her heart too soon!

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