Probably you want to enrich her morning with something interesting that makes her smile.

I understand. In fact, that’s what you should do with your crush.

However, unless you learn how to catch her attention and spark positive emotions in her from the beginning, she’ll be better off texting another guy in the morning (and for the rest of the day).

In this article, you won’t find tips like texting her the typical messages like “Hey Maria, good morning” or “Did you sleep well, Jessica?”. 

Those are dumb ways to start a convo that, unfortunately, many men still use.

However, what if there are better ways to start your morning convo with your crush?

That’s what you’ll learn in this article, and much more, as you can see below.

In This Article You'll Learn

    5 Good morning Texts Your Crush Wants to Hear;
  • 3 You Should Never Send Your Crush;
  • How to Go From a Good Morning Text to a Date;
  • Extra bonus tips;
Difficulty: Easy

What you’re about to learn will help you send the right message to your crush, even if you didn’t have a clue of what to do so far.

Typical Scenario

It's morning, and you'd like to text your crush so that she's happy to receive your message.

However, as soon as you take your phone to send something funny, you realize that you don't know what to say.

That's when you start thinking about the best lines that your best friend told you to use.

However, nothing pops up in your mind, so you decided to look for something on the internet until you got here.

That's Not a Love Story

No Crush Texts

That same thing happened to me when I was younger. In fact, I remember a period when I was talking with a girl I liked a lot.

She was a fantastic brunette with a slim body and semi-curvy body.

For some reason, I liked her a lot. Maybe because of her shining personality or sensitive character. The problem was that each morning I didn’t know what to tell her to sound original and interesting. 

However, I could not text her, and most of the time, I ended up saying things like “Hey baby,” “Good morning lady,” and other stupid text messages.

I realized that I was texting her wrong when she started to become less engaged with me. That was the moment when I decided to learn what texting principles made women click.

So I began texting other girls in the morning, even if they were not my crushes, to see what messages worked best.

In a moment, you’ll discover how my story ended. Now it’s time for you to learn the working principles to text your crush in the morning.

Important Note: Read the article carefully; there’s a special attraction tip hidden inside.

Good Morning Crush Text #1: The Dream

One of the most interesting texts that I like sending my crush (my girlfriend now) is what I call “the dream.” 

I start by telling her if she had a particular dream tonight. If she has (very likely for a girl), I’ll ask her to share it with me.

This creates lots of empathy and communication with her, enough to start the morning positively. 

If you want to build something substantial with your crush, my friend, you must start bonding with her on an emotional level. What’s better than sharing your dreams with her?

Freud knew that dreams are the key to the subconscious mind. Thus if she tells you hers, you’ll get to know her better.

If she isn’t the type of person that she dreams often, you can tell about yours. Mostly if you dreamt of her. If neither of you remembers your dreams, move on to the next tip.

Good Morning Crush Text #2: Today I Feel Like Doing [Activity]

That’s a great way to start the morning proactively. This type of message conveys a desire from your side to do something in particular.

It looks something like this:

  • “Today, I feel like going to the beach.”

  • “It seems a good day to go for breakfast outside.”

  • “Today, I’d like to go for a walk in the park.”

Just choose an activity that sounds good to you and throw it in there. That will give your crush some ideas to do together during the day if she’s in the mood.

Moreover, instead of receiving the classic boring text messages, she’ll get a fresh proposal that’s much more enticing.

If I knew the upcoming tip to text my crush in the morning, things would have gotten much better. 

Good Morning Text to Your Crush: 5 Type of Texts She’ll Love to Receive

Jackee Harry

I don't mind dating younger men now.

Those MILF's What you.

Good Morning Crush Text #3: The Perfect Day

This morning's text is excellent to make her fantasy run wild so that you understand what she's like to do. 

That's when you could ask her what she'd rather do if it was a perfect day for her, like in the example below.

"What would you do today to make this a perfect day?"

That's a great way to know what she'd instead do if her life wasn't as it is. That's useful information for you to use either the day you'll text her or during another day.

In fact, let's say she would tell you that to have a perfect day, she would like to spend a day in the middle of nature and then at the spa.

You could tell her to go with you. After all, life is short, and if you miss the moment, it goes away forever.

Good Morning Text to Your Crush: 5 Type of Texts She’ll Love to Receive

Good Morning Crush Text #4: Share a Picture

I used to start the morning well with my crush by sending her a picture of something we both like.

What I do is go on my Instagram feed and see a picture that might make her smile.

My girlfriend and I follow pages about couples, nature, and travel. 

Since I wake up before her, I always send those pictures to which she always replies positively.

If you don’t have Instagram, you could send those pics on the chat you both guys use.

Simply see what she’s into and share a picture with her. That’s one of the tricks that I teach in my Integral Text Game Course, to engage in conversation with girls after they ghost you.

You can also caption it if you want to add a personal comment on it.

Pictures Always talk more than words.

Good Morning Crush Text #5: The GIF/Meme

Finally, you can send your crush a morning GIF or meme that makes her laugh. That’s not the best way to start the morning with some girls, but some of them will love you sending those funny images. 

Go through your favorite gifs/memes and select a bunch of them that may work with your crush. Then send them in the morning and see her reaction. If she’s into them, bingo! Otherwise, don’t send them anymore. 

Now it’s time to learn the 3 morning texts not to send to your crush.

3 Morning Texts to Never Send Your Crush

Now you learned about the right texts to send to your crush, what about what you shouldn’t send?

As you’ll learn in a moment, those are the texts you should never send her.

Wrong Crush Text #1: Clichè

The first type of texts you wouldn’t want to hear is the clichè ones like:

  1. “Hey, baby.”

  2. “Good morning [Name]”

  3. “How are you today [Name]”

  4. “What’s up [name]”

This looks so horrible I don’t even want to look at it. Be more original as everybody can do this, and she’ll infer that you don’t like her enough. 

It would be much better not to send her anything if that’s the case.

Wrong Crush Text #2: Did you Sleep Well?

That’s another common line men send to their crushes. Even if there’s nothing wrong per se in asking her if she slept well, that’s not one of the most exciting lines you can send.


Because if she slept well, she’d just answer you a simple “Yes, and you?”. 

If she didn’t sleep well instead, the conversation would probably go towards a negative path, making you start the day not in the best way.

Stay away from asking her such questions and start using the other ones for better results.

Wrong Crush Text #3: “Hey, what are you Doing?”

Apart from being quite repetitive and invasive, not every girl will tell you what she’s doing in the morning.

  • What if she’s on her period and she's flushing the absorbent into the toilet?

  • What if she’s with another guy, just having finished having sex with him?

  • What if she’s pooping and peeing at the same time?

Since there are so many unpleasant things that might happen in the very morning, that’s not the best thing to ask during that part of the day. Better to ask this during the afternoon if you really want.

And The Story Ends like this

Morning Excitement

In the end, the majority of girls started to appreciate the morning texts I began sending them and most morning conversations transformed into all day long ones.

A few of them then brought me to have amazing dates with those girls until I found the right ones for me.

It was amazing to see that I could get those amazing results with girls just by changing my texting attitude a little. What’s even better is that you could get those too.

Bonus Tip!

making her text you is always a better idea.

Bonus Tip: Make Her Text You

Another trick you can use to avoid thinking about texting her is texting her last during the night after she goes to bed.

If you do this, she’ll find a morning text from you to which she’ll be pushed to respond as the conversation was left mid-air the night before.

Look at this example.

[Insert answer morning pic]

Here I left her with a message after she went to sleep. The message was one requiring an answer from her; that’s what made her text me in the very morning. 

That way, I had to avoid thinking about what to say, leaving it on her.

Wizard Takeaway

Girls want to be entertained from the very morning. Being bored then is a surefire way to make her vagina as dry as the Sahara desert.

Now you know what “good morning” texts to send to your crush.

Time to send some sweet messages to your loved one!

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