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Get instant live feedback and improve faster than with a typical online program.

Permanent Change

Bring the skills you learn during the immersion with you for the rest of your life.

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Learn the secrets to cold approach any girl you like, flirting with her & closing her like a pro.

Are Your sabotaging your success with women?

I know, it sounds familiar. 

In fact, that's the main problem haunting the dating lives of many unconscious men. Exactly like the ones that in the past years came to me asking for help.

Maybe you'd like to Get a Girlfriend with which to watch Netflix on a Saturday night, feeling respected, loved, and desired. 

Perhaps you want to Date Multiple Women,  feeling confident and free close the ones you want, so that you can get more experience and, one day, settle down with the one you love. 

The problem is that, this will never happen until you get rid (even by yourself) of the Self-Sabotaging Mechanisms that are preventing you from getting the dating life you dream about.

I Understand How You Feel, I Was Still a Virgin at 21.

I guess your dating situation makes you feel alone, frustrated or even hopeless. I understand, because one day, I had lost all hopes on getting the dating life I desired. 

First of All let’s make Some things Clear. My Story Is Not the One Narrating of a Guy that was Broke and that became a Millionaire after Years of Hard Work. 

Luckily, I had the Blessing to Grow in a Well-Off Family that Always Provided me with all the Possible things I Could Desire.

I Had Everything in my Life, Except to One thing: I wasn’t born Confident, Outgoing, Sociable or with Good Social Skills. As a result, I Never Enjoyed the Social Life I Truly Desired  because I was Incredibly Shy, Insecure and Unable to Stand Up for Myself.

Imagine that my condition was so bad that, even if I'm generally considered an attractive man, I couldn't get girls for some reason, until when I was 21, the age when I had lost my virginity (with a brunette model strangely enough)

Old School Dating is Toxic

Traditional pickup has proven countless times to be ineffective and even detrimental to the men using it. We can see this from all the complaints on various groups forums and social media published by men into pickup, regardless of where they live.


You might live in New York but I'm not sure a girl will be impressed if you can read her hand to predict her future if, deep down, she sees you're not a confident man that can make her feel like a woman.

The dating industry worldwide, seen the negative consequences that the traditional or "technical" approach to pickup has brought, needs a renovation to thrive in the long run.

That's what Attraction Truth aims to provide as a service to men (and indirectly women) worldwide.

Traditional Pickup Actually Makes Things WORSE! By working on technical skills and not on yourself, you are reinforcing the subconscious pattern that you are not enough. This will make your original problem even Bigger than before.

Are you willing to keep this happening to you or you have a bit of ambition left to get out of this vicious circle?

If you aren't happy with your dating life, you need a Permanent Solution. The most successful people on the planet know that, to make it big, one should Work Smart and NOT Hard

This means that if you ant to improve your results with women, you need to focus your energies in the things that will actually make the difference, and you know those aren't techniques.

What if you could Attract more women with less Effort?

Imagine how it would feel if you could approach, interact and close the women you want into your life. To be confident around them and completely free to talk to any woman you find attractive anywhere you are, anytime.

You Have to Believe.

Now, I can't help you with that, unless you believe, even a little, that you can achieve what you just imagined. However, if this resonates with what you want, then I can show you how to get it.

Some belief I could make it was all I had at the beginning. That simple belief, with the other things I did, made me get amazing results with women that are so attractive I hardly imagined I could get them when I was younger.

The Old Days Crying Because Women Laughed at Me.

It's hard for me to say it but there were days when I cried in my room, thinking that no women would be attracted to me as I didn't feel masculine enough, confident enough and worthy of their intimacy. 

I remember when I hit on them by being nice and looking as loving as possible but all my efforts weren't appreciated.

Worse than that, many women thought I wasn't their ideal man, making me think that probably I just wasn't attractive enough to ever have the women I desired in my life. However, as you'll see later, I was wrong. 

I Even Got Bullied

However, he worst moment of all occurred when I started high school.

I was coming from a small town in the hills of 7.000 people and to go to high school I had to move from my town to the bigger city called Siracusa because there were no high schools where I lived.

I was terrorised to meet those people from the bigger city since they were all looking intimidating to me in my thoughts. 

The problem was that they were not only intimidating in my imagination but also in the real world. In fact, some of them they all made fun of me because I was the shy guy coming from the smaller town in the hills. 

Every day was like hell for me and I started to dread going to school.

Everyday, I went to school with the paranoia that there was somebody ready to make fun of me. Some days some of those mean guys were even bullying me by pushing me or slapping me on the neck.

I still remember that one day, during my first year, one of my classmates put a piece of paper with tape on my back with the sign “Kick Me”, causing people to randomly hit me for no reason.  

I was feeling like a worthless guy, falling into depression and crying a little during my bus commute back to my town.

As a reaction to the shitty social life I had, I started to close myself into the shell of playing online videogames. My real life was sucking so much that I decided to create a virtual life where I could distract myself and find likeminded friends.

I spent the next first two years of my life playing videogames, until my third year of high school, leaving sports, the few friends I had in my town and also losing my mental balance. From time to time I had emotional breakdowns where I cried, like during the day of my 15th birthday for example.

I Thought I'd Never Find The Right Woman in Life

I felt like the rejection of society and didn't feel like socializing with anybody, anymore. At this point I didn't know what to do, so the only thing was suffering, alone in my room while daydreaming about a better life.

I dreamt of marrying a cute brunette woman from South America, or maybe a blonde one from france. 

My dreams were so good that I started living in my imagination more than in the real world. That's how I spent my life between the age of 14 and 16.

Luckily, those are just bad memories for me now as I managed to eradicate the subconscious blocks that were preventing me from getting the life I wanted with women. 

If you want to experience a radical personal transformation there's nothing more I, and my clients would reccommennd you more than joining a comprehensive program like the one I created and perfected over the course of the latest years. 

If you want to change, book a call to learn how We will help you get what you want.


Apply For Your 



And Learn How to 7X Your Dating Life.

My Transformation: From Shy Virgin to Women Magnet

Would you watch a movie of somebody that went from being super shy and unable to interact with women to somebody who managed to overcome his fears, destroyed his demons and become the man he always dreamed of being?

Yes because now I can approach any woman I desire, wether she's the girl next door or a top model working for a TV Program or major company.

What if that story is true? Keep reading because that's my story.

I hated seeing women getting fucked by alpha males and not me

During the next years, things started to go better. The good news was that I was not being bullied anymore and this was a victory for me.


I now had a social life with my nerd friends and with a heavy metal band I had formed but there was still a problem, I had no girls and I was too insecure to even think about approaching one. 

Now the problem was that I kept seeing all the alpha males getting all the girls in my school while I was playing guitar and video games with my friends.

I hated seeing them so happy with their girls or girlfriends and I imagined having such a life too.

The turning point occurred during the end of my fourth year. I was so desperate about looking for women that I started looking up on the internet for some dating advices. I ended up in various forums where certain so called "Pickup Artists" were displaying their success with women.

I was addicted to those forums and I was spending hours and hours reading those amazing success stories from those guys.

I eventually bumped into a post where somebody was recommending a book called “Mystery Method” that was claimed to be the best book to attract women. One day during a family trip to Rome I went to a library looking for a copy and found it.

started devouring it like a man that does not eat for days.

I got rejected a lot of times and Felt like a worthless man

I thought that that was it and I had to accept the fact that I was still a virgin at 21. However, I didn't accept this at all.

Instead I started to fight for what I wanted by approaching women, studying countless books and developing many attraction theories, until I got what I wanted. Now women look at me with completely different eyes.

I wish I had video recorded all the social fails I made during the past 8 years of my life, so that you could see with your eyes that they were the necessary steps to bring me to where I am now. After more than circa 10.300 cold approaches with strangers, I believe to have some valuable knowledge to transfer to you.

In all those years, I had not only destroyed my social anxiety, my shyness, my sense of worthlesness, my various social fears and limiting beliefs but I also managed to become the socially free and competent person I always wanted to be.

Seeing the fantastic results I had, I started coaching my first clients that were shy & introverted men.

Before my coaching, they were super shy and didn’t enjoy any social success. Now they’re fully enjoying their dating & social lives while their shyness is just an old memory. 

This means that even if you’re completely shy but want to become socially confident, there’ s a solution also for you.

What if You Tried a Revolutionary Way to Attract Women?

Attraction Truth's way of operating has unique approach because we go past the common views on social dynamics. 

We are the first dating company ever to perfectly blend Attraction Dynamics, Systemic Neuroscience and Spirituality to bring you concrete results in your intimate life.

Attraction Dynamics

Systemic Neuroscience


By working in those areas, you will Incredibly Maximize your success chances with the opposite sex, and that's based on science, probability and common sense. 

By contrary, when you try to seduce a woman operating only with your conscious mind, you're only using a fraction of your whole potential as a man. This will result in a much less powerful way (if not ineffective) to attract the women you desire.

True attraction is a process that involves authentic emotions from both parts. Unless you learn how to use your emotions (instead of your logic and tricks) to attract women, you'll stay where you are.

That's what the majority of guys out there still don't know. They keep spending hours and hours trying to perfect every little detail of their "Game", not being aware that they're directing their energies in the wrong place.

Why Trusting our Integral Approach

The honest Pro's & con's 


  • Experience permanent Change
  • get More results with less effort
  • Acquire lifetime attraction skills
  • Eliminate subconscious blocks
  • Your Success Probabilities are maximized
  • it Works on the majority of Men 


  • Facing your demons hurts
  • Requires commitment & Consistency
  • Letting go of the Older paradigm's Hard
  • Rejection will be part of the process

What I Understood By Sleeping With Models

At the beginning of my journey, when I started to get the results I wanted with women, I was excited like never before. However, I never thought I could also get women that were in the caliber of hot models. 

That wasn't supposed to happen in reality, but it happened because you can if you want. 

The secret to get consistent results, even with high quality women, doesn't lie in knowing more techniques, more stuff but it lies in becoming so comfortable and confident in yourself that women will be naturally drawn to you, with much less effort. 

The traditional pickup methods brought me that far but only when I changed approach my resutls changed as well.

Sleeping with models taught me two things basically:

  1. You can get to this level if you really desire it;
  2. Models are women just like the others are;
  3. What's really satisfying is not only how beautiful she is but also how well you guys vibe between each other.

That was one of the greatest realizations of my entire life and, luckily, you can experience that too if you desire because I'l offering this opportunity to people like you that want a radical change in their lives.

You can Have the Dating life you desire

even if you believe the contrary.

Ever happened that you were with a woman and felt uncomfortable in your own skin as a man? Maybe you felt Insecure, Anxious or, worse, Unworthy of her. Those feelings will not go away by practicing more techniques or game skills out in the field. You'll get rid of them only with an Integral Approach.

What You'll Get

Faster Results

Get instant live feedback and improve faster than with a typical online program.

Permanent Change

Bring the skills you learn during the immersion with you for the rest of your life.

Open & Close

Learn the secrets to cold approach any girl you like, flirting with her & closing her like a pro.

no more regrets, live your life like a man!

I have personally experienced all the frustrations you're going through with women, and I hope you understood that now tooby reading about me. I know how you're feeling, I know you can'tstand this situation anymore and you want to get out of it.

I know this because I once was exactly where you were, sitting on a computer reading about how I could change my life into something better.

However only reading won't do much. You need to take a decision today if you want to change or if you want to remain the same man you are and then regret not having made the right choice when the opportunity was given to you by life itself.

This moment might not come again as life sometimes tests us to see if we really want what we claim we want. 

I've seen thousands of the worst rejections

I felt shit and like a loser before coming to where I am now. I couldn't talk to any girl I liked and hated when saw other men having fun with them, or worse, stealing them from me. 

I felt like a pussy every time I couldn't make physical contact with the women I desired or when I couldn't kiss them. 

Girls Used to Make Fun of me

I felt bad every time I got rejected or made fun of by girls I liked.

Then I changed and my life changed. Sleeping with attractive women (even models) has been life changing for me. Not because models are the best type of woman you cna have but because it made me understood that if you really want something, you can have it. 

Now all I want is that you experience that too so that you can see what I've been lucky to see and taste with my own eyes and mouth.

I want you to Win As I know how bad it feels not to have women - Feeling alone, unappreciated, undesired, ignored, unloved, worthless, hopeless, not manly enough. That was how I was feeling before going through my transformation journey.

Now, I can't force you to do something, I can only inspire you to become a better version of yourself. Will you let me show the path to a new man you cna be? Do you want me to bring you where you want to go?

Others will never understand you as I do, they'll even think you're crazy or just unlucky. They don't understand all the pain we've been through. However I do and I'll do my best to help you rise above what you deserve. 

This can become your new lifestyle

Live like a boss

Get Attractive Women

If you want to change, book a call to learn how We will help you get what you want.


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And Learn How to 7X Your Dating Life.

your Opportunity to become great, don't lose it.

  • do it to feel Enough as You Are.
    Stop having those feeling of unworhiness that are sabotaging your results wiht women. Take back your self worth and feel always accepting of who you are, with every woman you'll meet.
  • Do it for Your Present and Future Families.
    What kind of man do you want to be in the future? What boyfriend, husband and father do you want to be for your woman and children (if you desire them of course). If not, what do you what impact figuring out this area of your life would have on your current family? It's all related.
  • Do it because it's the Right thing to do.
    Who told you that you have to keep being the same person you used to be so far? Why can't you change and do the right thing for yourself and others? We can only inspire others to shine when we are the first to shine.
  • Do it to claim your manhood back.
    Do you still want to feel those shitty feelings of not manning up when the next opportunity with that attractive woman will present itself? I guess not, if you're a man. Cut out the bullshit and start living like a confident man does instead of an insecure one.
  • Do It To Prove Others That You Can Do It.
    Did you experience people saying that you weren't capable enough, or worse that you would never get a girlfriend like they told me? Prove them wrong by showing them that you can get much more than that.
  • Do It To Have No Regrets on Your Deathbed.
    Do you want to die as a man full of regrets? I don't know, that's your choice. I didn't want to happen to me and I knew I wouldn't bear the pressure of not having lived my life up to its fullest potential.
  • Do it, Because Just Do it.
    Do it as Nike slogan says. Sometimes you have to stop thinking too much and start acting to produce real changes in your life. Stagnation creates more stagnation, momentum generates more energy.
  • Do It Before Others Take Your Spot.
    Other people in your situation are going to join this program because they can see the massive life changing value in it. Realize this is not something you will be able to experience because of limited time and seats. If this resonates with you, even a little then act today before others do.

You Can Have That

With The: "Eagle Immersion Program"

By experiencing the 10 days live immersion you will reach your dating goals in a much faster and effective way than by spending the rest 5 years of your life trying to figure out how to get your ideal dating life.


Your Benefits

  • Destroy Social Anxiety Forever and Enjoy Total Social Confidence & Freedom;
  • Effortlessly Talk to Any Woman You Like, Anywhere and Anytime;
  • Become the Magnetic Man Women Want to Date.
  • Learn the Attraction Secrets Women Can't Resist and Sleep With Hot Girls Consistently.
  • Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind For Automatic Success
  • Defeat Your Shyness & Improve Your Love & Sex Life;
  • Improve Your Social Skills, Charisma & Boost Your Social Influence; 

That's just to begin as you'll get many more collateral benefits during and after participating in this exclusive program, unique in its kind in the dating industry worldwide.

Collateral Benefits

Increase your self-esteem

Feel like a king

Master your emotions

Make new friends

Learn meditation techniques

Success Testimonials

“One of The Best Investments of My Life.”

I’ve always suffered from low self-esteem due to my bad looks. Sal helped me overcome those issues and to completely disrupt my perception of me. I was a virgin before his live program.

The first days were hard, however, after having taught me some techniques and showed me how he approaches women, I immediately felt more confident. I started approaching with him overlooking me and coming in sets every now and then. It was hard, but eventually, I got what I wanted.

I felt socially free, and for the first time in my life, I felt liberated from a weight that was making my life seem like a toll to bear. Thanks, Sal.

P.S. The girl I slept with during the program was just a natural consequence of that. Now I have my own girlfriend here in Berlin, and we’re happy together.

Luigi Torelli
- Doctor

"The bartender. first she rejected me, now she's my girlfriend!"

I came int this program to improve my skills with women so that I could get something more. I had some success in the past but only with average and sometimes out of shape girls. 

During the numerous approaches we made on the 3rd day, I was surprised by a brunette bartender in a club in Barcelona. Sal immediately pushed me to talk to her, and I got rejected in seconds!

We came back to Opium on the 12th night and, after seeing her again, I went to talk to her without Sal pushing me. She was surprisingly open this time and agreed to meeT up the next day for a drink. 

We dated, like each other so much that now she's my girlfriend (maybe because I cook well, but probably not as I feel like a new man now.)

Gennaro Motta
- Chef & Pizza Maker

"Not A Program For Everybody."

“When I enrolled into the program I thought it was going to be just approaching and a little fun with women. None of that.

While the fun and woman part was definitely there (beyond my expectations) what surprised me was the professionalism and discipline with which the whole program was carried. 

It's a mix between a military program and a dance class. Amazing as now I fee like the man I wanted to be."

Louis Hanoun 
- Ph.D Student

Investing on Yourself

"By far the best investment you can make is in yourself.

- Warren Buffet -

Live Basic

9 Days Live Immersion + 4 Weeks Online Coaching

Contact us

  • 1 Hour 1-to-1 Coaching/Day
  • 4 Hours 1-to-1 Infield Training/Day  
  • Free Accommodation 
  • 1-1 Student/Coach Ratio
  • 4 Coaching Calls
  • Infield Videos
  • Resources & Exercises Handbook

Simple, fast and effective flexible move



  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi
  • Free Kitchen

Simple, fast and effective flexible move



  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi
  • Free Kitchen

More Success Testimonials

“That. was. dope."

I want to leave this testimonial because I feel like every man that wants to become incredibly confident and skilled with women would experience this. 

I was mind blown by the Sal's skills in the field and I immediately put a lot of effort into the program. The results didn't last to come. I didn't come to get a girlfriend or lose my virginity if not to have the confidence to express my sexual desire to women unapologetically.

The results have been pretty amazing. I slept with 3 cute girls during the whole 15 days program and now that I'm back home I'm creating my circle of  friends with benefits that I wanted for years. 

Nothing to say, it works but you have to put in the effort.

Isamu Nagano
- Sales Representative

“Do it if you want to feel Desired by women."

I had suffered all my life because women used to make fun of me whenever I sent  flowers with love letters at their homes. I was a kid back then but somehow I never managed to be truly wanted by women and I didn't know why. 

That lasted until the recent years where I found a girlfriend to have somebody that would be next to me in the moments of need. However, I soon realized that even my girlfriend didn't like me for sho I was and so I broke up with her. 

I came into this program to reclaim the masculinity I never felt in me. Sal, thanks to his skills and especially to his shadow work techniques, helped me make that manly part to be discovered, accepted and expressed with women.

Now women look at me with different eyes and make me feel like a true man. I'm not looking for a girlfriend at the moments as I want to enjoy my single life as I never did before.

Rafael Jimenez
- Music Composer 
Sal Romeo

Creator of "Eagle Immersion" 

About the Author

Sal is an Italian Dating & Meditation coach specialized in helping ambitious men that have always been shy, insecure and unskilled with the opposite sex. 

His programs focus on rebuilding the inner foundations of the person while equipping him with a set of tools, techniques and strategies that will enormously maximize his chances of success with women of most kinds.

Program Curriculum

Phase 1: General Assessment & Strategy Definition

During this stage, we will make an accurate assessment of your current situation. After that, I'll advise the best strategy to adopt to make you reach your goals faster thanks to the implementation of systems.

Phase 2: Infield Women Interaction & Corrective Feedback

It's time to put you out in the field to see where you need improvement. The first sets will be done together, after I notice you can go alone, you'll start approaching women by yourselfunder my close supervision.

Phase 3: Subconscious Reprogramming & Inner Work

After I've seen you out in the field, noticed your behavior and received your feedback, I'll evaluate which parts of your inner dimensions to work first. This work will reinforce your self-esteem and confidence.

Phase 4: Systematic Execution & Reinforcement

It's time to spread your wings like an eagle and fly over women with freedom. They will notice a brand new aura coming off from you and will be magnetically attracted to your newborn presence risen from the darkness of your subconscious.

Phase 5: Success Maintenance & System Implementation

During this final part we'll make the final adjustments and build another system that will support the maintenance of the habits, attitudes and behaviors that you have developed during the live program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it Work on me?

When Will I see Results?

Can I Get a Refund if i'm not satisfied?

Where will the program take place?

Where will i sleep & eat?

Where will i pull girls?

P.S.: This is not a program like a video course or something else that you cna purchase whenever you want. That's a live, 1-to-1 program between me and you with limited dates and seats.

Those programs will be done only for a short period of time as in the near future I'll start touring the world presenting conferences and offering group bootcamps with my team of coaches.

Take advantage of this opportunity NOW as it's Rare & Unique

Apply Now!

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