Maybe you’re chatting with a girl you really like, and you’d want her to like you back so that you can cuddle together like in a romantic Netflix series.

Perhaps, you’d just like to learn useful skills to apply when the occasion comes. Whatever the case, in this article, you’ll find what you need.

Don’t worry, my friend. Here I won’t give you only the already heard advice of giving her compliments or making her laugh. Even if this can work if done well, it’s not the best you can do. 

What if there are better ways to make a girl like you over text? That’s what you’ll learn in this article, along with what’s outlined below.

What You'll Learn

    5 Powerful Techniques to Make Her Like You Over Text;
  • The ONE LINE That Will get You Disliked;
  • 3 Attraction Principles that Work Every time;
  • 7+ STEALABLE Lines that Will Get You Liked;
  • Extra bonus tips;
Difficulty: Easy

That will get you to be liked even if girls treated you like doormat so far online.

Typical Scenario

It's one of those days where you're texting girls in the hopes of being liked by them. You start texting, but what you tell those girls doesn't seem to have any particular effect on them. 

Maybe it's because they're not in the mood, probably because they're not your type, you think. However, a part of you tells you that there's something you should improve in your texting style.

This brought to your online search for great tips until you landed here.

That's Not a Love Story.

When Girls Disliked Me

I can relate to this as if I were in you. For a long time, I didn’t know how to be liked by women over text. I was so bad at entertaining them with my phone that I often got the opposite effect of what I wanted, being brutally rejected even by average quality girls.

I couldn’t stand this situation anymore, so I decided to learn how to be liked over text, even if this would have taken me months of practice.

Thus I started my self-improvement journey that was full of ups and downs. However, the results didn’t last to come, and soon women began to become more interested in me.

You’ll learn how my texting skills have evolved later. Now it’s time for you to learn the tricks required to be liked over text.

Trick #1: Find Common Values

The surest way to get into a girl's white list is by making her see that you have the same or similar values.

That's because we as humans relate to each other when we see that we have the same goals, interests, and passions.

This happens because that's a survival instinct developed along the years of our evolution.

To ensure our species' survival, we have been wired to hang out with people that are similar to us.

That's why you often see similar people reuniting in social circles.

Now, even if we're talking about texting a girl, the same dynamics apply.

For that reason, you must show those girls what you're interested in to be liked.

Nice theory, Sal, but how can I do this in practice?

By asking her this simple question: "What's really interesting for you in life [Name]?"

You might think that's a general question, but don't be fooled as it can get intense to understand a girl's psychology.

Look at the example below:

[Insert Picture]

As you can see, she answered me with specific things she likes about life.

That's powerful information we can use to get her on her knees as fast as a western shooter.

[Insert Western Shooter]

What to do now? Simple, my friend, talk with her about the topics she just mentioned and, voilá!

She'll start to like you. Now let's go on with the other tips.

Trick #2: Don’t Judge Her

Many men don’t succeed with girls because they keep judging them, both on a conscious and subconscious level.

Bad judgment comes in the form of criticizing a girl for the hobbies she might have, even if they’re very bizarre.

That’s a bad attitude to have because it will make girls close off. This will make her less available to sleep with you.

A much better approach would be to let them be, and if something good happens, all good for both of you!

After all, judging a girl from the few online information we have about her is not a smart move to do.

Judgment over text can look like this sometimes.

[Insert Photo]

What if you approach the conversation in a more lighthearted way, like this?

[Insert Photo]

As you can see, the decision not to judge her had opened more communication routes for me.

Hope you got it. Less judgment = be liked more = more and better sex.

Those tips are not enough, keep reading to find out more on how to be liked over text.

5 Powerful Tricks to Make a Girl Like You Over Text (7+ Real Examples)

Matt Prokop

When you're young and dating someone, just play it safe and don't try so hard.

Don't try hard.

Trick #3: Honest Compliments

Most men give compliments to women only to get something in return from them, like sex most of the time. 

They do this because they understand that women can be very vulnerable to flattery messages and easier to get. That’s when they use compliments as a technique, hoping to get what they want.

The problem is that women have a very developed instinct that tells them when a guy they’re interacting with is the real deal or not. 

This instinct has been developed along the millennia to increase their survival chances. In fact, back then, a woman should have relied on a man’s behavior to understand if that man was a strong or weak one. 

Strong men meant higher survival chances for their children. Thus she was always on the lookout for those types of men. 

Weak men instead, used to lie and manipulate women to get what they wanted. That’s because deep down, they knew that they couldn’t get what they wanted if they revealed themselves.

That often ended up in exploiting those girls until they ended up paying the price for it. 

That’s why, as a natural selection process, women developed a more acute instinct than men and can understand the lies he tells them most of the time.

Why am I telling you all this scientific stuff?

Because if you want to give a compliment to a girl, you’d better give an honest one. That’s when she’ll truly feel you’re being authentic and will start to like you back. Moreover, saying sincere compliments is much better than spitting lies.

[Insert Compliment]

That’s a win-win scenario.

Now it’s time for the last tips. Those will be like the cherry on the cake that you need to be liked more than the other 90% of guys.

5 Powerful Tricks to Make a Girl Like You Over Text (7+ Real Examples)

Trick #4: Be Unique

Girls are flooded with messages from many more men on average than me. This means that they’ll be used to the same approaching styles and lines, like this from example.

[Insert Cliche Opener]

Do you think they like guys that approach them like this? I don’t think so.

That’s why you should start adding a personal touch to how you communicate with the opposite sex. This is the core of what I teach here at Attraction Truth.

Using copy-paste lines might help you at the beginning of your dating improvement journey. However, it will stifle your development in the long run, making you get fewer results than you could.

Starting from today, make a commitment to talk to girls by expressing your own uniqueness. Instead of always saying what somebody told you to say, begin by adding a touch of your own personality in your messages.

[Insert Real Message]

Do this little by little until the external behavioral influences become less and less in your texting attitude.

Here’s an example of a unique way of relating to girls, contrary to what the general public might agree upon.

I’m not saying that you should start expressing 100% of what you feel unless you think you’re ready for this. But trust me that if you act differently from the masses, you’ll look much more attractive as you’ll be the rare piece in a world full of clones.

Uniqueness can't be Purchased. Be a man of unique value.

Trick #5: Make Her Laugh

Finally, the last tip to be liked is to make her laugh. As cliche as it might sound, this is an essential tip to apply to render your interactions the most pleasurable you can have.

I’m sure you already heard of this tip but have you made an effort to apply it in your conversations? 

If you didn’t, it’s probably because you weren’t sure how to do this properly. Well, you’re in the right place as I’m about to teach you the best way to make a girl laugh over text.

First and foremost, you should understand what type of girl you’re talking to. Many girls are not amused by certain kinds of jokes because of their value system. This links to trick #1 we have discussed before.

Her value system will determine what is a pleasure for her and what’s pain. Knowing this, a way to make those girls laugh is by making fun of things they don’t deem valuable. 

That’s because putting down a thing that she already considers unworthy will make her feel good. 

Look at this example.

[Insert Value Fun]

Look at this other example now.

[Insert other value.] 

If that sounds complicated to you, just drop a funny GIF. That always works. 

[Insert Gif]

However, try to drop a meme that doesn’t go against her value system, or you’ll lose points at her eyes.

How The Story Ended

I Was Finally Likeable

In the end, after interiorizing all the techniques we’ve just spoken about, girls started to look at me in a completely different way. 

It was surprising how simple habit changes could have produced such a drastic change in how the opposite sex perceived me. 

I later brought out those behaviors when I met girls in person. This has also proven to be a much better approach than merely doing what everybody else was doing; mechanical techniques come from a fake place.

He who tries the most, has the Most to lose.

Bonus Tip!

Bonus Trick: Don’t Try

Before I leave you to text women like a crazy horse, here’s a final tip for you.

What if I tell you that the best way to make a woman like you over text is by not even trying to be liked?

That’s easily explainable because girls despise guys who are needed to be liked and seek constant external validation.

That’s precisely the one thing that will get you disliked over text, trying to be liked. As paradoxical as this might sound, there’s not much you can do to avoid this from happening.

That’s why the best approach you can start taking is to stop needing to be liked and begin to be yourself, whatever the outcome will be. That’s what I teach in my Integral Text Game Course, by the way, going deep into the right mindset that should be used to attract girls for real.

Wizard Takeaway

Every woman is different. Some will like you for who you are, others won’t be compatible to you. Be yourself and you’ll attract what you truly deserve. 

Now you know how to make women attracted to you over text.

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