Maybe you’re new to this app, and you’re wondering if you should keep spending your time on it or delete it like those ugly selfies you snapped last week.

Whatever the case, I understand how bad it feels not getting any matches on Bumble as I was one of those guys before that only got one match with it.

No Bumble Matches? 5 Simple Tips To Attract More Girls

Sad Bumble Story 

The problem is that Bumble seems to be much more competitive than the majority of the dating apps out there, like Tinder, Hinge, or Badoo

That’s why you absolutely need to learn how to make your profile stand out against the competition. Unless you’ want to keep holding your cold pillow in the bed will be instead of a warm lady.

That’s precisely what you will learn in this article, along with the cool things below.

What You'll Learn

    How to Look More Attractive in Your Bumble Pictures;
  • How to Organize Your Pictures to Max-Out Your Matches;
  • A Trick to Double Your Matches on Bumble;
  • How to Get Matches that Will Convert Into Higher Dates;
  • A Bonus Tip to Make Your Bio Look Better;
Difficulty: Lower Intermediate

If you’re about to close this page because you believe that this won’t work on you, you’re free to go but this way you’ll do two bad things:

  1. Disappoint Billy Jilly;

  2. Miss-out on Boosting Your Matches;

Are you wondering why?

Those tips I’m about to give you will work on you even if you're not considered to be attractive and/or even if you’re not rich as Ronaldo.

No Bumble Matches? 5 Simple Tips To Attract More Girls

The Sad Truth

You open your Bumble app after having swiped at least for 30 minutes the night before. 

You expect to have earned at least 10 matches. After all, you have a great profile and swiped right on a lot of women, I guess. 

Well, even if that’s the case, you’re immediately put down by the sad truth. 

Zero matches.

Now things are getting pretty annoying.

That's Not a Love Story.

I Know Something About That

That was the same for me when I first started using Bumble as I wasn’t aware on how to best use this app. 

That kept going until I understood the mechanism that governed it, until I (and a big portion of my clients) came out not only as survivors but also as dominators on Bumble.

At first, Bumble kind of pissed me off due to the high amount of information you are free to provide. Not to talk about the fact that you can only upload up to 6 pictures, contrary to some other dating apps.

At first I overlooked all those features, then, after a week of swiping, I saw that I was getting not matches at all and started questioning my strategy & profile. 

That’s when I started to study the app and how to hack it like I did with the other ones, until I got to some interesting results, like getting 7 dates on the first 10 days, out of which 1 turned into a lay and another 2 into a “half lays.” 

I’m not going to talk about the lay as it was a regular pull. However if you want to know what happened subscribe to my private mailing list where I share the craziest sex stories that happened to me, my friends and clients.

Basically I matched with this Colombian woman on Bumble that was in Barcelona for vacation where I found myself for vacation purposes too. 

She started the interaction by answering one of my conversational prompts I had written on my bumble profile, the one about the “desert island” stuff.

No Bumble Matches? 5 Simple Tips To Attract More Girls

Imagine getting lost in this island with a girl you like. what position would you try first?

She commented that statement I wrote in a way that made the whole conversation a perfect launching platform for sex.

I’m going to tell you the rest of the story at the end of the article. For now, let’s dive deep into boosting your Bumble matches like a real pro.

Tip #1: Choose Highly Communicative Pictures

As you've probably seen, we can only upload up to 6 pictures on our bumble accounts. 

Even though this is an advantage from a neatness point of you, it can also be detrimental if you have pictures that don't convey who you are with enough strength. 

If on Tinder, you use 9 pictures to convey 100% of your image (supposedly), then each picture would have a weight of 11% on the whole profile. 

This means that on Tinder, you can use pictures that have at least 11% of "Communication Intensity."

Since you only have 6 pictures on Bumble to convey your status, lifestyle, and personality, each individual picture must be more powerful.

No Bumble Matches? 5 Simple Tips To Attract More Girls

 Amelia Earhart

"Mostly, my flying has been solo, but the preparation for it wasn't. Without my husband's help and encouragement, I could not have attempted what I have.

Ours has been a contented and reasonable partnership, he with his solo jobs and I with mine.

But always with work and play together, conducted under a satisfactory system of dual control."

In fact, to convey 100% power with only 6 pictures, you should upload each picture that has at least 17% of "Communication Intensity."

What does this mean practically? Simply put, you should communicate more with less.

This means that every single picture must be packed with more than one element to positively increase your attractiveness.

Attraction Elements Examples

The scenarios below represent typical examples of situations that usually occur socially. Of course, a variation of them is welcomed as long as the main message is kept.


  • A picture of you while you drive your cool car or stand on it dressed in a cool way. Alternatively, a picture of you playing golf (do you really play golf? Fuck out the way!)
  • A picture while you give a speech of whatever kind (as they won’t be able to know what you’re saying, even if you talked about starting a small revolution in your local boy scout club). 
  • The picture of you during your graduation day or, alternatively, a picture capturing you working, preferably if in a leading position.

Social Proof/Preselection

  • A group picture where you talk and your friends (males and females) listen to you with attention;
  • The gala party where you got drunk and got raised by your best buddies (post a decent picture please);
  • The favorite restaurant where you go every Friday, eating sushi while your best female friend hugs you tight (or steals your food as they always do);

Interesting Lifestyle

  • A picture of you scuba-diving nearby the reefs, holding a starfish (or a fake one bought on amazon if there are no in your area :P);
  • A picture of you performing one of your weekly activities salsa, yoga, go-kart;
  • A travel picture or simply the outdoor hiking you go every Sunday.

Masculinity & Risky Attitude

  • A picture of you doing extreme sports (Racing, Skydiving, Surfing, Fighting, Skydiving, Reef Diving);
  • Any masculine activity (playing drums, shooting, repairing things, playing poker, fighting bears);
  • Masculine posing like a powerful model (not like this guy though);

Vulnerability is one of the most important elements generating attraction in the majority of women.

The Realization


  • The classic puppy picture that every expert online dating coach advice (It really works);
  • A picture of you curing plants (green thumb is attractive), dancing, playing piano, classical guitar or violin (ehm...violin?), or simply looking more authentic.
  • A picture while you hug your friends, volunteering or showing emotional connection;

Even though those elements alone would be fully effective in an app where you can post more than 6 pictures, they won’t be such in Bumble as the impact of each picture will be dispersed. 

For that reason, you must combine more than one of those elements in every single picture to get the best possible results. Let’s see how together.

Combined Attraction Elements Example

Those are some examples of some great combinations you can apply. As you can notice by the scenarios, more than one element is present in each instance that I describe in the parenthesis (status), (lifestyle), (social proof), and so on.

Status + Lifestyle

  • A picture while you drive your cool car (status), in an exotic location (lifestyle);
  • A picture in suit & tie (status), about to take a plane for your next business trip (lifestyle); 
  • High-end (status) leisure activities (lifestyle) like Horse-Riding, Flying Planes, Golfing, Racing Cars.

Lifestyle + Social Proof

  • The Italian trip (lifestyle) you did with your friends where you look cool as f**k (social proof);
  • The pool party (lifestyle) you’ve been invited to where you play with your female friends' unicorn inflatables (social proof);
  • The volunteering activity or conferences you attend every Sunday afternoon;

Lifestyle + Preselection

  • A picture of you working out with your female friends and helping them out with the exercises;
  • The day you got a “selfied” from those girls you randomly met at the bar;

Get it or lose matches

By the way, I went even further with that and created a template to craft the perfect picture, where you will artfully combine all the above-mentioned elements to get maximum results. 

Each picture will just be such an atomic bomb of attractiveness that you’d just need 3 of them to succeed in online dating.

However, since we’re bad boys and want to brutally destroy the competition, I’ll give you 5 ideas of those power pictures.

To know how to craft those pictures, check out my Online Dating Blueprint Guide. If you follow my guidelines attentively, it will get you 3+ quality dates every single week, guaranteed or your money back.

Tip #2: Verify Your Account

Another common mistake that I see the majority of guys making is that they don’t even bother verifying their accounts, as if it didn’t matter. 

Of course, it does! First of all, on bumble, there’s the option to only view people that have their accounts verified. 

No Bumble Matches? 5 Simple Tips To Attract More Girls

Guess what? Women are increasingly suspicious those days when it comes to online dating. 

This means that the majority of them will happily use this feature and remove from their feeds all the men that haven’t been verified. That’s bad news for you unless you verify your account, of course.

Another reason why you should verify your account is that Bumble will rank you higher if it sees you are a real person.

That’s also pretty straightforward as being verified will entail that you are real and more committed to using the app. 

Since those apps make more money if users stay logged in for more, it makes total sense. That’s something related to the next tip I’m going to give you.

Tip #3: Be Active

Many dating apps have programmed their algorithms so that they reward the most active users; Bumble is one of those as well.

If you're getting no matches on Bumble, one of the reasons can be that you're not active enough. 

Again, that makes total sense as if Bumble only promotes the most active users, it will also promote their long satisfaction because a natural consequence of this approach will be more matches.

The majority of the other dating apps work this way, so make sure to log in on them every day (at least until you get so many women around that if you delete the app, you'll still have what you want.)

In a few words, if you match with a lady, she will be more likely to chat with you and vice versa. That's why it's advisable you contact your matches right away, or Bumble will penalize you.

Wait, if you're a man, you can't reach out to them first! Ok, that doesn't apply to Bumble, so just relax and think about matching as much as you can.

You learned some great tips to boost your matches. However, that’s not enough as you still need to know a couple more things before you go and have fun with your matches.

If you’re really serious about becoming a pro in online dating, you should book a free consultation call where I'll help you out improve your profile in just 30 minutes and get you 3X matches right from starting from tomorrow.

You can thank me with a Netflix subscription for one year to watch with my female "friends." 😉

Tip #4: No Politics, religion & star sign.

Even if Bumble gives you the option of filling out your political, religious, and star sign information, I wouldn’t personally do so, unless you’re looking for a more serious relationship.

Many women could be generally turned off by the tiniest thing in a man, for example, knowing that you have a pre made ice cream for breakfast while wearing a shitty shirt like this one.

No Bumble Matches? 5 Simple Tips To Attract More Girls

"oh! how much i'd like if this were a p**Sy"

This means that even if you haven’t highly polarized ideas in politics or religion, the simple fact of stating that you’re liberal, republican, moderate, catholic, Muslim, Buddhist, etc. can turn some of your opportunities away.

Sad but true.

Unless you’re looking for a long term relationship where after sex you’d be talking about politics and religion, I wouldn’t advise you to write down that info. 

That way, you’ll avoid spoiling some of your matches and give those women the chance to know you in person rather than building a distorted image of you based on an online appearance.

Moreover, do not put your fu#k!ng star sign on Bumble as women that broke up with their ex that have the same sign as yours can simply get you a swipe left just because you’re Leo, Virgo or Capricorn.

Tip #5: Ask Smart Questions

On Bumble, you can add prompt conversational questions to make it easier to connect with the women you will match with. 

Even though the app gives you suggestions on how to answer all those questions, it’s better that you type down unique answers that she’s likely to have never seen before. 

By doing this, you won’t look like every other boring dude that to the question: 

“after work, you can find me…” answers “drinking something with friends.” 

Well, that’s what 80%+ of men do after work. Don’t waste this opportunity; you have to convey something more exciting about you. 

Tip #6: beware of your first picture

Another reason why you might not be getting the matches you want could be that you've ordered your pictures in the wrong way. 

In fact, your first picture should be the most powerful yet simple one, as that's all you need to give your first impression. 

If you fail to make your first picture so compelling that she swipes left as soon as she sees it, you've lost your opportunity. 

Those are some tips to apply to your first picture.

Be The Star

In the first picture, it should be just you and your clearly visible face. This means no group pictures, and no sunglasses as women want to see what your gaze looks like from your very first picture. 

Still, if you keep wearing those sunglasses (even if they're cool), they won't be able to see your eyes, they will be pissed off by that and will be more likely to just swipe left.

Show The Left Side of Your Face

It has been proven by numerous psychological studies that the left sides of our faces are perceived to be more trustworthy and thus attractive.

This happens because that part of our face is controlled by the right side of our brains that is the one that produces emotions and drives spontaneous behaviors. 

During your shooting, when the photographer will be in front of you, slightly tilt your head to the right so that your left side gets exposed more and… BAM! Your perceived attractiveness will naturally soar up.

Wear Something Red

Red is the color of love. Another scientific research showed how women will perceive you more attractive if you wear red clothing. 

You can wear something as simple as a red shirt, jacket or even a scarf. What's important is that you give a touch of red to your outfit.

Think about the women you see in red clothing. Aren't they more attractive?

Of course, they are, almost the same thing happens to a woman when she will look at you wearing something red as it will trigger in her a mental association to sex.

Now it’s time for the last tips so that you’ll have a full set of tools to get the most out of your experience with Bumble.

No Bumble Matches? 5 Simple Tips To Attract More Girls

Tip #7: no low -value information

On Bumble, you have plenty of space to fill out your personal information. However, there are cases where you shouldn't fill out any information. Why? You'll discover this in a moment. 

Job & Education

One of these spaces that you don't have to fill out necessarily is your job and education field. 

If you have a very crappy job or a low education level, don't put out any information in this field as women are very status conscious and, whether you like it or not, they could be turned off by the simple fact that you do a particular job.

In that case, you gain more points by leaving everything blank, I leave the idea of what a crappy job or education level is to you.

Sharing Spotify Music is a Double-Edged Sword

If I were in you, I wouldn't necessarily bother about connecting my Spotify account to show what music I like, unless again, I would be looking for a stable relationship. 

In that case, sharing your musical preferences can be a good idea as it will create more rapport between you and her.

In the case where you just want to have fun instead, better not to put anything. After all, do you really care about the music she listens to or is more interested in how likely she is to look for some adventures? 

Link to Instagram Only If It's Decent 

Finally, I'd suggest you link out to your Instagram profile only if you have a decent one, and when I say decent, I really mean a decent one. This guy over here surely didn't read this article and is probably wondering why he has no Bumble matches.

No Bumble Matches? 5 Simple Tips To Attract More Girls

That guy won't get laid on bumble.

Ask your male (or better female) friends if your profile looks decent enough to be sure, or you’ll end up like this guy. However, you don’t need this, as almost anybody can recognize a presentable Instagram page. 

tip #8: don’t get buried in the dust

If you are a moralist person, you’ll hate this tip; however I have to talk about it because otherwise, you’ll get no likes on Bumble. 

The majority of women exaggerate their features when it comes to online dating to the point that, in their pictures, they are one thing while, in reality, they are a totally different one. 

However, women are not only the ones who do this!

It has been seen how the majority of men lie about their height, weight, and even their job position to look more attractive than they actually are. 

Now, if you present yourself exactly as you are, you might get some matches, but be aware that there are some guys well below your level of attractiveness that will be perceived as attractive as you just because they played it smarter. 

That’s why I advise you to pump things up a little bit and to increase your perceived value in the eyes of those beautiful ladies. 

After all, it also matters how you feel with each other in real life, and not only what appears behind a screen.

Tip #9: Craft A Compelling Bio

Now that you mastered the art of taking emotional sparking pictures, it’s time to learn how to write a compelling bio so that she’ll go “Wow, this guy is so exciting! I want to meet him.” as soon as she reads it.

First of all, should you even use a bio? According to research, men who fill out their bio get up to 5X more matches on average. Your choice, buddy.

Let’s start by saying that there‘s no standard bio that will max-out your results as the perfect bio for you will need to be based on those 4 factors:

  1. Who you are;

  2. Who she is;

  3. What you want;

  4. What she wants.

If I give you a random bio to write, you might get some matches. Still, they won’t necessarily be the matches you actually want. That’s why we gotta make things more professional. 

Look at this bio, for instance:

Bio Example 1

Smart Man (my grandma & boss say)

Here to find a woman that is funny and caring. 

I’m not looking for hookups unless WW3 breaks out.

Swipe right if you like peace & love —>

That’s not a bio just to get laid and won’t suit every man’s goal on a dating app. Anyway, it will do the job most of the time as it can get you f**k-buddies or even a girlfriend.

If You Want Casual Sex with Many Women (Hookups)

Bio Success Checklist


  • Your Bio is Unique;

  • It’s Funny & Lighthearted;

  • It Conveys Positivity.


  • Challenge her;

  • Spark Curiosity with Mystery;

  • Use a Call to Action;

  • A hint of being Socially Desired;

  • Set Social Boundaries;

  • Create a Connection.

Example 1


Let’s make a bet. (Challenge)

I will make you laugh without saying a word. Promise. (Mystery/Curiosity)

If I lose, I will show you my worst selfie. If you lose… let’s see! 

Swipe right if you like to laugh.


Example 2


I’m here to give the first kiss of my life. (Fun/Self-Amusement)

The girl I lost my virginity to ate way too much garlic that night. (Social Boundary + Preselection)

Swipe right if you hate garlic too. (Connection + CTA + Hint to Kissing)

Moreover, this bio tells a story of a guy that had a bad experience with a woman that ate too much garlic.


Example 3


If you are still waiting for Prince Charming, good luck.

If you just want to have authentic fun, swipe right.

P.S. I’m not a catfish.

Those bios will get you much more results than what the majority of people write because women are bored to the bone of reading clichè bios.

I wouldn’t recommend you using the same ones as you see here since this article is going to be read several thousand times and many men would just copy those bios. 

However, if you want to make sure to have a set of bios that only a selected number of people have, head over here and get 15+ unique & completely customizable bio models that will be better than the competition and, thus, will get you laid.

Get 15+ Customizable Bio Models

How The Story Ended

Now it’s time to tell you how that story with the two women ended up. 

She was kind of a weirdo during that first date since she wanted to go check out an artwork that was being exhibited in Barcelona. 

The Date

We went there in the mid-afternoon and got to know each other much better, talking about art, politics & exotic locations.

Even if she had given me the impression to be kind of an intellectual girl at first, things changed, and she really opened up as a crazy and spontaneous woman. 

Eventually, we went to take something to eat in "El Borne," a nice block in Barcelona full of bars and Restaurants.

We had dinner, we laughed, we teased each other until she told me to come to her place as she wanted to "relax" after that day full of movement and maybe watch a movie. 

To Her Place

We went to her place and started to eat some of the biscuits she had left out on her table. The apartment was only for her; "Excellent!" I thought.

Then we took her laptop and sat on the sofa, choosing the movie to watch. We eventually went for "The Tourist" with Angelina Jolie & Johnny Depp. 

The movie started while we kept eating those irresistible biscuits. After 10 minutes or so, I began to take her hand and to hold it. 

Then she looked at me, and we kissed passionately while the movie kept going. I was just looking forward to makING love with her and licking her little papaya.

I took her and put her above me, we kept kissing passionately, and so I started to undress her. 

The Unexpected Rejection

The moment I had to undo her bra (that was containing some solid & well-rounded tits), she stopped me and said that we were going too fast and that she had a boyfriend. 

I kind of ignored her and kept kissing her, and we did. Her bra had fallen off now, and I could see her tits in front of my face. I was hard as a rock. 

I started to lick them like a mad man when she stopped me again, this time moving away from me and taking her bra from the floor. 

I didn't know what to do at this point, she really felt guilty for her boyfriend. I went to her and kissed her again, then she hugged me and said that it was better if I went.  

That's all guys. I went with a bitter taste in my mouth, and we never saw each other again.

That's the first story. If you want to read the second half lay, subscribe to the private members' stories section to read it fully, no censorship guaranteed.

Bonus Tip!

Use a line break on your bio to make it look better.

Bonus Tip!

If you’ve noticed, you can’t create spaces on Bumble between one line and the other. This can make the readability of your bio really bad and strenuous for women’s eyes that can’t read compressed text.

No Bumble Matches? 5 Simple Tips To Attract More Girls

What if you use a line break to make your bio look more polished like this one?

No Bumble Matches? 5 Simple Tips To Attract More Girls

You can do this by simply going here https://apps4lifehost.com/Instagram/CaptionMaker.html with your phone, it will just take 30 seconds!

Now you have a killer bio with a killer readability worth of a true copywriter. BAM!

Wizard Takeaway

As you can understand, playing it smart in online dating is as important as doing in live, also because there’s a lot of competition out there.

I hope you learned something useful from this article, for example, that no matter how good looking you are, but if you’re a douchebag that doesn’t show any sign of uniqueness, you’ll be buried into the dust of online dating crap.

Realize that attractive men are everywhere, just as attractive women, and since the majority of women can have access to high-quality men, they get tired of them if they have nothing more to offer than a cute face.

That’s where you can come into play by showing a multidimensional character, both online & offline.

However, buddy, there’s much more to learn to succeed with online dating. 

If you’re really serious about upgrading your game, I suggest you download my Online Dating Blueprint Here. It will get you to a level you’ve never seen before.

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