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You will learn the tips & strategies to boost your matches in ANY dating app. 

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What They Say about the Book

Giulio Pane

“I think that's a great primer to level-up your results with online dating."

Giulio Pane

Tobias Nielsen

“I got 20 new matches in the first week just by applying the tips outlined here.”

Tobias Nielsen


What’s Inside the Book?

Winning Picture Secrets

You'll learn the 7  success principles to craft the perfect pictures.

Crafting the Perfect Bio

Discover the 15 do & don'ts that every man should know when writing a bio.

Matching Hacks & tips

You will learn Other Secret Tips to Give your profile a stronger edge and boost your matches.


About the Author

Sal Romeo


With over a decade of experience in the dating industry, Sal will guide you step-by-step in boosting your Online Presence, even if you're not considered attractive or own a shiny purple Lamborghini. 

Apart from having helped 137+ men worldwide transform their dating lives, he's been featured in numerous prestigious online platforms such as Coach.me Thrive Global, The Good Men Project and Addicted2Success to cite a few.


Get 7 X Quality Matches Today!