From Shy Virgin to Women Magnet


I don't know what is your current level of social confidence, skill and freedom but I promise you one thing.

If you will decide to be guided by me, you won't be the same person you're today anymore as we're going to completely disrupt your current reality.

It's not going to be easy all the time, acatully it will be difficlt at times but surely it will all be worthy at the end, TRUST ME. I hope you will make the right choice and jump into your transformational journey.

I look forward to help you. 

SAL  Romeo

SAL  Romeo

Not Your Typical Story

First of All let’s make Some things Clear. My Story Is Not the One Narrating of a Guy that was Broke and that became a Millionaire after Years of Hard Work. 

Luckily, I had the Blessing to Grow in a Well-Off Family that Always Provided me with all the Possible things I Could Desire.

I Had Everything in my Life, Except to One thing: I wasn’t born Confident, Outgoing, Sociable or with Good Social Skills. As a result, I Never Enjoyed the Social Life I Truly Desired because I was Incredibly Shy, Insecure and Unable to Stand Up for Myself.

Mine is a Story of a Random and Unknown Guy that Went from Hopelessly Shy with no Abilities to Deal with People, to Socially Confident, Skilled Living an Abundant and Satisfying Social Life.

Do You Still Believe that It Is Impossible to Change Yourself or Your Social Skills in Life?

Well, I have some good and bad news for you. The bad news is that you’re absolutely wrong, the good news is that You Truly Can Change, Yes. 

I wish I had video recorded all the social fails I made during the past 8 years of my life, so that you could see with your eyes that they were the necessary steps to bring me to where I am now. After more than circa 10.300 cold approaches with strangers, I believe to have some valuable knowledge to transfer to you.

Let me tell you something that’s going to make you change your mind about your possibility to change.

My “Shy” Childhood

Since I was a child I had always been labelled as the shyest member of my family, from my family and relatives themselves. When there were holiday reunions with relatives during holidays, I was anxious as hell, because I could not endure those situations with them. 

I just fas too afraid of expressing myself, and as a consequence I was feeling invisible. I still remember my older cousins being loud and funny, always getting all the attention and appreciation from everybody. 

Anyway the real problem with my severe shyness was that this aspect of mine reflected everywhere in my social life. 

no friends, Bullies and video games


My shyness persisted during the first part of my teenage years as well, as I hadn't yet figured out a way to get rid of it.

The worst moment of all occurred when I started high school. I was coming from a small town in the hills of 7.000 people and to go to high school I had to move from my town to the bigger city called Siracusa because there were no high schools where I lived. 

I was terrorised to meet those people from the bigger city since they were all looking intimidating to me in my thoughts. 

The problem was that they were not only intimidating in my imaginationbut also in the real world. In fact, some of them they all made fun of mebecause I was the shy guy coming from the smaller town in the hills. 

Every day was like hell for me and I started to dread going to school.

A Nerd Taking Stupid Selfies

Everyday, I went to school with the paranoia that there was somebody ready to make fun of me. Some days some of those mean guys were even bullying me by pushing me or slapping me on the neck.

I still remember that one day, during my first year, one of my classmates put a piece of paper with tape on my back with the sign “Kick Me”, causing people to randomly hit me for no reason.  

I was feeling like a worthless guy, falling into depression and crying a little during my bus commute back to my town.

As a reaction to the shitty social life I had, I started to close myself into the shell of playing online videogames. My real life was sucking so much that I decided to create a virtual life where I could distract myself and find likeminded friends.

I spent the next first two years of my life playing videogames, until my third year of high school, leaving sports, the few friends I had in my town and also losing my mental balance. From time to time I had emotional breakdowns where I cried, like during the day of my 15th birthday for example.

Moving to the Bigger City

During the third year of high school, my family and I moved to Siracusa. As I became a citizen of Siracusa, some of my classmates started to accept me. I remember a friend of mine, Francesco, coming to me and asking me if I would have liked to hang out with his group. They were kind of a nerdy group of funny but I had no social life after all, so I decided to meet them.

Actually I was very happy! Nobody had ever talked to me and finally there was somebody making me feel noticed. I was having a good time hanging out with them, even if my other classmates were still making fun of me

Only when I started lifting weights and became bigger things started to change, as this gave me the right amount of confidence to make them stop.

Got friends but No Women


The good news was that I was not being bullied anymore and this was a victory for me. I now had a social life with my nerd friends and with a heavy metal band I had formed but there was still a problem, I had no girls and I was too insecure to even think about approaching one. 

Now the problem was that I kept seeing all the alpha males getting all the girls in my school while I was playing guitar and video games with my friends. 

I hated seeing them so happy with their girls or girlfriends and I imagined having such a life too.

The turning point occurred during the end of my fourth year. I was so desperate about looking for women that I started looking up on the internet for some dating advices. I ended up in various forums where certain so called "Pickup Artists" were displaying their success with women.

I was addicted to those forums and I was spending hours and hours reading those amazing success stories from those guys.

I eventually bumped into a post where somebody was recommending a book called “Mystery Method” that was claimed to be the best book to attract women. One day during a family trip to Rome I went to a library looking for a copy and found it.

started devouring it like a man that does not eat for days.

What A Dork!

Approaching women Was hard

The problem was that, even if I had read all the possible things about picking up women, I still didn’t have the courage to approach them. I was spending all my days getting information after information without practicing anything

Some months later I found Anthony Robbins and got into personal growth. When I read his book “Unlimited Power”, I got a completely new perspective on my life andA I knew that action was the one thing that could change my social life forever. Anyway, it was still hard talking to women for me.

I felt stuck again because even if I was learning many things theoretically, I was actually going nowhere as practice wasn't there. I didn’t know how to talk to women and so I had lost all hopes again. Taking action was essential to succeed in this game but I couldn't find the courage.

defeated approach anxiety

The real change occured when I was invited to a birthday party of a friend of my friends. Over there I coincidentally met a guy that was also into dating like me and he told me that there was another guy from our city that was also into this. 

He told me: 

“Why don’t we organise a meeting so that you guys can know each other?”

So I went to this meeting and met the guy that turned out to be the solution to my problems, Angelo

We decided to help each other at talking to girls as we were both on the same boat.

It was easier said than done, because even in 2 it was still difficult to start conversations with new women, especially in the closed minded Sicilian Culture as our fear of getting into troubles was very high.

We both realised that keeping going around the city without approaching wasn't going to lead us anywhere so one night we told each other “We have to do this otherwise we will never learn.”

We made our first approach, then the second, third, fourth and so on. 

The more we talked to women and the easier it became. We continued this way for other 4 months, getting more than 300 rejections as we were approaching almost every day. 

Strangely enough, even though I was failing many approaches with Angelo, I started to see a change in myself. I was becoming more confident talking to people and my approach anxiety and shyness had also decreased a lot. 

That was exactly what I wanted to happen in me, finding a way, no matter how hard, to reduce or get rid of those feelings.

My New life In rome

My New Life In Romeo

After that summer I was ready to start with my college life in Rome. I wanted to reinvent myself over there and be perceived as confident, expressive and with a leader-like attitude that I always felt to have but that was suppressed by my lack in self confidence.

Thanks to all the practice I did with Angelo during those months had defeated many demons in my psyche but the real surprise was that I din’t expect to have become that good with people. 

You know, it’s hard to judge your progresses when you are with yourself everyday unless you have a set-point from where to measure them, just like when you go to the gym. Unless you take pictures of you or use a scale you can’t accurately determine how big the improvements have been.

My college social life started surprisingly well. The very first day I had cold started a conversation with a guy on a line of a help desk, Lorenzo (guy on the right) that is now one of my best friends.

Another day, instead, I saw the guy on the left of the picture and thought "This guy seems cool, I gotta know him" and that's how I became friend with Daniel.

I was introducing myself to as many people as possible becasue I knew how strong the power of first impression was. Because of the law of cause-effect, things were really working out they way I wanted.

Thanks to the social moves I was making and to the good responses I was getting from my colleagues, my confidence levels skyrocketed and this fact made me want to push my my social skills even more so I started to work as radio speaker in my college radio.

Working Aa PR For Top clubs In rome


After my experience as a speaker I decided to go even further. I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone even more and so I started working as a PR for 2 of the best clubs in Rome.  

This was something really hard for me to do since I had to convince people to come to the night events and for a former shy guy this can be a nightmare. 

Do you want to know how it went?

I actually failed big because it was something beyond my current skill level at the time. I was good at starting conversations with people but I wasn't confident yet about selling and I didn’t actually understand what selling was. Anyway it was a good experience as failures can only teach you how to succeed.

Working Aa PR For Top Clubs In Rome
I later had another salesman experience that was succesful this time.

I later had another salesman experience that was succesful this time.

In reality, I didn't like much economics and that's why I put more effort in socialising than in studying. When I had the opportunity, I used my time to socialise with people in and out of y college as this was what was making me happy.

Honestly, I learned much more about myself, people and social skills in those three years of university rather than about economics.

Anyway I eventually managed to graduate as you can see in this picture. I now have a degree in Economics & Business and a master's degree in International Business that I got in Paris but you can take it very easily as a Degree in Social Skills, ahah! 

I hope my parents won't read this part!

The Crazy salesman experience In ibiza


As a way to celebrate the end of my bachelor's degree, I knew I wanted to spend my summer differently, but I din’t know what to do. I kept thinking and thinking until I took probably one of the best decisions of my life.

One day I woke up and I said to myself:

“I'm gonna spend this summer in Ibiza”

I called one of my best friends shortly after and proposed him the idea, he thought I was crazy and refused the proposal.

Anyway, I was determined to go and so I started looking for jobs. What could I do there?

Of course I wanted to go even more out of my comfort zone so I applied as a salesman position for a company selling Night Parties and Boat Parties. You can imagine the everyday crazyness in the workplace . 

This experience was a TOTAL game changer for me as I had to APPROACH STRANGERS in the most crowded beach of Ibiza, "Playa d'en Bossa" and sell them those parties. 

I was approaching so many people daily that both my selling and social skills skyrocketed in just a few weeks. 

This time I was selling a lot and making enough money to support myself and to pay for the crazy parties over there. 

It was one of the best, craziest and funniest experiences of my life ever and probably one of the best decisions I have ever made.

If you can, definitely go to Ibiza. You'll remember it forever.

I'm gonna spend this summer in Ibiza
 I was really open to meeting him again

I leave you with this story of mine. On February 2018 me and my family decided to go on a cruise trip in the caribbean. Destiny wanted that in the same cruise was one of the braggarts from my high school that was making fun of me.

After more than 7 years had passed since he last made fun of me and after all the personal growth I experienced, I wasn’t scared at all. By contrary I was really open with meeting him again. 

We and our families met at the airport, waiting to take the plane for Guadeloupe, where our ship was waiting for us. My friend was with his older brother and another friend of his.

On the 5th night, a carnival dance party on the upper deck of the ship was organised. I was making some approaches already and getting to know people over there. After a while, I met my friend and his friends at deck 9 that proposed to go down to a disco partyat deck 4.

As soon as we entered the disco, I immediately spotted a group of 4 women in the dance floor that were pretty cute. After years of picking up women, I immediately saw a big opportunity as we both were 4 men and 4 women. 

So I asked them:

"Hey guys, look over to those women, let's go they are 4 just like us!" THEY ALL REFUSED.

I know it can be intimidating to approach women cold for many men but what surprised me was such a big fear from one of the leaders of my high school!

Anyway I knew what was right to do and told them:

"I'm going alone guys, as I want to spend my night with a woman".

I went to the group of 4 and started talking to the one I liked the most, a blonde and cute girl that turned out to be brazilian. All of this occurreed in front of the eyes of my friend and of his friends.

I managed to bring her in less than 3 minutes into the sofas of the club where we talked and kissed after about 10 minutes. 

After roughly one hour I brought her to go to my cabin where we spent the night together.

After that I kept having other experiences with various women, always trying to get out of my comfort zone.

Yes, and you should do the same as well. Why?

Because there's no end to this journey, the pleasure lies in discovering more of what you're capable of, not to impress others but to realize your own  potential in this lifetime.

If you broaden your horizons of what's possible, you'll get what you dreamed of, trust me when I say this because it can really be.

Boundaries pushed, diverse experiences with women, comfort zone escaped

If you feel like that's the next step that you need to take to become the man that you wan to be, then take it!

Life gives us many opportunities but never the same opportunity twice as everything is subject to change.

Take what's waiting fro you to be taken and upgrade your dating life to see what's beyond what you've been used to so far.

What if you could really become the man you want to be?

What if you could enjoy amazing experiences with the women you like?

That's possible.

The 1st Experience With An Older Woman

I told you this story of mine to show You that Desire, Belief and Will are power we have and with them you can achieve whatever you want in your life, no matter where you start from.

In all those years, I had not only destroyed my social anxiety, my shyness, my sense of worthlesness, my various social fears and limiting beliefs but I also managed to become the socially free and competent person I always wanted to be

Everybody can change and this means that you can change too, believe me man! As you can see, it doesn't matter the amount of shit life is giving you, like being bullied, rejected, criticised or ignored by people.

All of this happened to me but if you can find the strength within yourself to go on towards your desires, Your PAYOFF will be FUCKING REWARDING

Don't let your life be dictaded by the image other people have created of yourself, start today to unleash your best version and get to your path of personal happiness, fulfillment, pride and accomplishment, AS YOU DESERVE.

Desire belief will limitless power

Now, if you read my story up to here, it's probably because it resonates deep within you. If you find yourself in the same situations where I was before trust me that I know how to help you get out of there as I've been through this myself.

It will be my pleasure to guide you through your Social Improvement Journey in the most effective, steady and most pleasurable way for you. 

To Your Success,

SAL  Romeo

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