You can.

According to Statista, 44.2 million people use online dating to find their ideal partner in the US, and this number is projected to 53.3 million by 2050.

This means you can also find your loved one online, and learning how to tease her is essential.

However, teasing girls over text is both an art and a science.

7 Powerful Ways To Tease Hot Girls Over Text (15 Real Examples)

And it will work ONLY by following the 7 golden attraction principles.

7 Powerful Ways To Tease Hot Girls Over Text (15 Real Examples)

Those girls got excited thanks to the teasing formulas you'll learn in a moment.

7 Powerful Ways To Tease Hot Girls Over Text (15 Real Examples)

The good news is that you can do this too.

And get a beautiful naked girl on your bed, even if you're not a natural.

The bad one is that it will take some practice to make this happen.

Luckily, I've done the hard work for you.

All you have to do is applying the advanced teasing principles that 97% of men don't know.

After that, she'll invite you to come over.

7 Powerful Ways To Tease Hot Girls Over Text (15 Real Examples)

And it's gonna be as easy as drinking water when you know the tricks of the pros.

Don't be the average boring man.

Be the one girls will be proud of.

I have to be honest with you brother.

Unless you learn how to tease girls over text, you won't get hot dates.

No dates = no girls = forever alone.

I know this as I spent most weekends home alone when I sucked with women.

Then when I worked in the best Ibiza clubs, I had learned something about women.

You can see that everything changed from the pictures below.

The times I doubled down...

7 Powerful Ways To Tease Hot Girls Over Text (15 Real Examples)
7 Powerful Ways To Tease Hot Girls Over Text (15 Real Examples)

The most adventurous I had, on a cruise.

French girls don't only like baguette 😏

7 Powerful Ways To Tease Hot Girls Over Text (15 Real Examples)

In This Article You'll Learn

    7 Powerful Ways To Tease Girls Over Text;
  • The ONE THING To Do When She Doesn’t Answer You;
  • How To Tease Her while Controlling the Frame;
  • How To Make Her Chase You Over Text;
  • Extra bonus tips;
Difficulty: Intermediate

A Typical Scenario

It's a day where you feel like talking to hot girls.

You start some convos but, after some time, you realize that you didn't make the girl interested enough. 

So you try to tease her, copying & pasting some pickup lines you found online.

You drop the lines, but you don't get very positive answers.

Simply put, girls ignore you.

That's Not a Love Story

They Brutally Rejected Me

That was the typical treatment I used to get from girls when I tried to tease them.

The reason I got rejected so brutally had nothing to do about them.

It was my attitude that prompted them to reject me. 

That's when I realized that if I changed my behavior with women, they would have changed with me. 

However, how could I do this?

Teasing effectively wasn't my best skill. I had to learn how to do it.

So I began to study more about women psychology and started experimenting with different types of teases. 

Most of the times I failed.

Then I learned very powerful tricks to tease any girl over text. 

You’ll learn how my journey ended in a moment.

Now it's time for you to learn the 7 teasing tips.

Teasing Tip #1: make her self-conscious

Science shows us how women are mostly driven by the hypergamy principle.

This means they're always on the lookout for a man with the best social position & genes to ensure their children's survival.

If women value the men's status so much, it means that they also value their own.

What could be the effect of teasing about a girl's status on her psychology?

She won't feel enough for the man and will try to overcompensate to gain his attention.

This means that the man will gain more influence over her.

How can you tease a girl about her status effectively?

Teasing Example #1

7 Powerful Ways To Tease Hot Girls Over Text (15 Real Examples)

As you can see, this had a positive effect on the interaction.

Of course, you don't have to insult a woman.

However, if you can make her more self-conscious, you'll gain power over her and tease her effectively, even over text.

Teasing Tip #2: play with her

Playing with girls is another way of proving that you don't really care about their reaction.

That's a good way to tease her while having fun at the same time.

Girls love playing and science proved that too.

Do you remember the times when you played with your female classmates at elementary school?

For example doing some banter or annoying them by pulling their ponytails?

That's the same kind of tease you should do, just that is done over text in this case.

Teasing Example #2

7 Powerful Ways To Tease Hot Girls Over Text (15 Real Examples)

As you can see, I played with her by joking playfully. She (a feminine woman) liked the approach and let herself be teased.

Just be a little cocky with her without trespassing her boundaries, and things will be really fun.

I wish I knew before what I’m about to tell you as that’s one of the most powerful ways to tease girls over text.

7 Powerful Ways To Tease Hot Girls Over Text (15 Real Examples)

Joe Rogan

If You Can Lie, You Can Act, And If You Can Lie To Crazy Girlfriends, You Can Act Under Pressure.

I'm sure the MMA commentator knows his deal about women.

Teasing Tip #3: Sexual Tease

That's the kind of tease that most men are afraid of putting in practice.

However, that's one of the most powerful teases you can use because it will trigger a massive emotional reaction in her. You have to understand that the vibe you convey us the most important element when it comes to success with women.

That's because when she can see that you're comfortable expressing yourself sexually, she will feel that you're a confident man who can say what he wants without the fear of being judged. 

And as I teach in my Dating Academy Program, a girl loves when a man knows how to touch the deepest parts of her mind. 

Most men's problem is to tease a woman in person, and I can understand that this can be hard.

However, teasing a woman over text is very easy.

So why not trying the example below

Teasing Example #3

7 Powerful Ways To Tease Hot Girls Over Text (15 Real Examples)


Her mood changed completely when I showed the balls.

You can do the same.

Imagine how your friends will look at you when you'll have hot girls chasing you.

7 Powerful Ways To Tease Hot Girls Over Text (15 Real Examples)

Teasing Tip #4: Push & Pull

That’s one of the most refined forms of tease that you can do to a girl.

In fact, many of the proven openers I crafted have an element of push & pull within them. 

The push and pull technique is like art that, if done correctly, will make her melt like ice in front of  your superb skills.

However, to master the art of push & pull, you need practice, fantasy, and a great sense of equilibrium between a compliment and a disqualifier.

Indeed that’s what a push & pull line is made of, after all.

You start by giving her a compliment or appreciation about something. 

Then withdraw your good manners to inflict a ruthless disqualifier onto her, making her lose all the ego boost she had gotten from your compliment.

That sounds good in theory, but how do you do this in practice?

Look at the examples below.

7 Powerful Ways To Tease Hot Girls Over Text (15 Real Examples)

That was really powerful for her and it seems like it worked.

Push & Pull Can Be A Devastating Technique If Applied Correctly.

Teasing Tip #5: Use Mystery

As strange as it might sound, women love not being told everything about something.

When you text with them and reveal every detail of your life, you won’t have such a strong effect on her. 

That’s because women are wired to keep thinking about riddles they can’t solve, especially if the mystery is a man. 

Have you always answered a woman’s question directly, without putting some mystery element into the answer?

7 Powerful Ways To Tease Hot Girls Over Text (15 Real Examples)

I guess so.

What if you could talk to girls so that instead of satisfying their curiosity with simple answers, you make them thirstier than before?

That’s how you should talk to those girls.

Trust me.

Or, at least, trust Psychology Today saying that mystery can be one of the most powerful attraction switches. 

It will make a considerable difference.

You’ll also land a more dates as I teach in my Integral Text Game Domination Course because it will increase the probability of making it happen.

Never tell the full story.

Now it’s time for the last tips.

Those will give you the final edge you need to tease girls like a pro.

Teasing Tip #6: Challenge her

As guys don’t like easy women, they don’t like easy men.

Have you ever been in a situation where a girl was interested in you, and you fell into her flirtatious moves?

What happened then, when you showed her that her interest was immediately rewarded? You probably lost her, am I right?

7 Powerful Ways To Tease Hot Girls Over Text (15 Real Examples)

Unfortunately, this happens, and I totally understand how you feel. However, there’s something you can do to avoid this from happening.

That’s challenging that girl and making her see that you’re not an easy bone that can be gotten like every other one on the market.

When a girl sees that you are the one that’s challenging her into proving herself to be better than she seems, you will raise your social value and make her much more attracted to you.

Moreover, she’ll have much more fun talking to you in that way.

Teasing Tip #7: Evaluate Her

Most men are afraid of the idea of showing their interest to a girl, let alone doing her work for your attention.

However, that's one of the best ways to tease her because most of them aren't used to being treated like ordinary people.

7 Powerful Ways To Tease Hot Girls Over Text (15 Real Examples)

Indeed, I believe half of the girls believe in having a sense of entitlement towards a man, thinking they're so important that the man is the only one that needs to do the work.

That's why it's time for you to get down in the field and show those girls who's the real deal.

A way to do this is by not falling to her flirting attempts too quickly. 


Because in most cases, even when a girl flirts with you, it's for 3 main reasons.

  1. She really likes you
  2. She wants to make somebody jealous
  3. She likes you, and she wants to test how mentally strong you are

It's this third, insidious case that creates the most problems with men of all kinds. I also had the same problem when this occurred, but soon you'll find out how I overcame it.

Coming back to you, there's one thing you can do to avoid being sold like cheap candies, and that's making her sell herself to you.

How can you do this? Reversing the frame.

As you can see, by changing the script, I managed to tease her enough to make her more attracted to me.

Don't be afraid to push that way; you can do it too.

P.S. If you want to learn how to get laid with online dating, click here.

And The Story Ends like this

I Got My Revenge

In the end, I realized how to tease girls effectively, but I didn’t know what to do when they started to tease me back.

Indeed, most of the time, when girls teased me, I thought they were 100% interested in me. That wasn’t the case, however.

In fact, as soon as I gave in to their flirting attempts, more than half of those girls lost their interest in me. 

It was as if all they did was test my mental toughness in front of their beauty and seduction power. 

That was another trial for me. So I stopped giving in too quickly when girls started to show me sexual interest.

The result? I attracted them even more to me. That was the final tease I learned that was an ultimately game changer for me.

Bonus Tip!

Be Like A Disciplined Master. Withdraw Pleasure At The Right Time.

Bonus Teasing Tip: Give pleasure & stop

Before you go, here’s another teasing trick you can use with all girls to get fantastic feedback from them.

That’s the give & stop technique.

Basically, it consists of flooding her with copious amounts of dopamine, the hormone responsible for the pleasure response (and more) in our bodies.

When you can give her dopamine boosts by teasing, complimenting, or making her laugh over text, you’ll give her a fair amount of this hormone.

However, to make this technique powerful, you must stop nourishing her with it, and you must stop. 

Then wait for her to come back to you, thirsty for how you made her feel. That’s an effective technique you can use to control her like a toy, as I also teach in my Integral Text Game Domination Course.

Legal Disclaimer: That’s an effective technique. Use this morally and not to harm anyone. You’re the only one responsible for the consequences of your actions whether you’d decide to use it. 

Wizard Takeaway

Girls Like To Be Teased; That’s What Makes Them Feel Alive. However, You Must Do It With Mastery.

Now you know enough information on how to tease a girl.

Go tease them like a pro then!

Sal Damiata
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