Maybe she texted you first but then didn't reply, or perhaps she always texts you first and then doesn't reply.

For that reason, you might be staring at your phone screen, waiting for her to give you the reply you deserve.

Whatever the case, I understand. When I had the same problem long back, I always thought that girls weren’t receiving my messages.

The truth was that they were actively ignoring those messages as they didn't want to talk to me. I immediately realized I had one of the most common syndromes that men have today.

It's the "No-reply Texter Syndrome"

You heard that right. The name comes from the famous emails we sometimes receive where it's written "No-Reply" on their subject.

That's exactly what I was doing when texting women. I was screaming at them, not to reply to me with my pathetic messages.

That's one of them:

What to do When She Doesn’t Text Back? 3 Simple Strategies to Make Her Answer You.

I look like a doormat, as you can see.

Yes, and I'm puking just at the sight of how I used to manage relationships with women long back. Imagine how girls used to puke at my messages long back…

However, if you've been ignored like never before, it's time to make things change for you. 

You'll make this possible with this article where you'll learn:

In This Article You'll Learn

    The 3 Mistakes To Avoid When Texting A Woman;
  • 3 ways you can get her to text you back;
  • 5 Strategies To Re-Engage Her Once She Stops Texting You;
  • A Secret Tip To Go From Being Ignored To Setting A Date;
  • Extra bonus tips;
Difficulty: Intermediate

I’ll help you even if you tried them all, like:

  1. Begged her to answer you;

  2. Invited her for a super expensive romantic dinner;

  3. Sent her 50 beautiful flowers;

  4. Made her jealous by swearing you’d hit on her best friend;

  5. Told her you truly love her like nobody else.

What to do When She Doesn’t Text Back? 3 Simple Strategies to Make Her Answer You.

Moreover, you’ll learn how to get her to text you back even if you believe to be a hopeless texter and even if you didn’t get any chances with women so far over text.


Because most of my clients had such problems (like me) before, yet they learned and applied what I taught them, getting girls to answer them, with pleasure.

Typical Scenario

You are excited.

After all, you’re texting a girl you really like.

When you started talking to her, things seemed to go pretty well, until the moment she stopped answering you.

Then things got pretty annoying.

That's Not a Love Story

Neediness On Spring Times

That’s what I used to experience long back when I was a clueless man, disrespected by most of the women I met.

I still remember one particular case when I went the extra mile with my neediness and piety. It was spring 2019, and I matched with a very hot girl that was traveling to my city.

Here’s my conversation with her:

What to do When She Doesn’t Text Back? 3 Simple Strategies to Make Her Answer You.

That looks so pathetic that I want to punch myself as Conor Mc Gregor did with Jose Aldo in their final match.

That story tragically didn’t have a continuation, however, after applying my techniques to another woman, something crazy happened. You’ll discover this in a while.

Basically, after I crashed and burned with the woman above, I started to think of how I could make myself look more attractive in the eyes of the next ones, squeezing my brain like I used to do with the big bootie of my ex.

I tried everything and thought of any way I could get those women to text me back and didn’t come up with anything solid.

Then I matched with another one a few hours later. She was also a tourist coming to my city for only 3 days.

We started chatting, and things began to go well. However, I was sure that sooner than later, she would get bored of me if I didn’t render the conversation interesting.  

That’s why this time I leaned back and started to think about what was the root reason of why my texts weren’t engaging women.

She Didn’t Text Me Back, Again.

Then I got caught up from the impulsive emotions and texted her back, a text to which she didn’t respond, exactly what I tried to avoid so far.

So now my problem was how to re-engage her so that I could go on this ‘effin date with her. I’ll tell you how this story evolved later in the article.

For the moment, let’s go over the most common mistakes a guy makes when trying to re-engage a woman online.

Mistake #1: Asking Why She Ignored Your Text

That’s by far the biggest mistake guys make when trying to re-engage a woman they talked to, and that doesn’t respond.

Women are like cats most of the time, meaning that the more you try to hold them close to you, the more they’ll run away from you.

What to do When She Doesn’t Text Back? 3 Simple Strategies to Make Her Answer You.

That’s probably the biggest reason why they’re not answering you anymore. That’s one of the worst things you can do to try to save a conversation so… SCREW THIS IMMEDIATELY.

The Real Reason Why She Stopped Texting You Back

The real reason why women stop answering you isn’t only limited to the fact that she doesn’t want to know you better. 

Why? Because there are multiple reasons why this could happen.

Here are a few. Some of them are out of your control, while others can be improved. Let’s go over the things that are out of your control for now:

  1. She’s on her period and wants to kill everybody;
  2. She has met a guy that she likes more than you;
  3. She just found out she is lesbian;
  4. She is sick and doesn’t want to talk to you;
  5. She simply forgot answering you;

As you can see, many of those are beyond your control, so... why worrying? In a while I'll show you other reason why they might not text you back.

Mistake #2: Getting Mad Because She Ghosted You

That’s what I used to do when I was in high school, and women wouldn’t respond to me. Actually, I did this also during college times, even if I thought to be a grown-ass man.

If you get mad at the woman that deliberately (because that’s what 95% of times they do) decided not to answer you, that’s not good for you.

First of all, because this would put you in a state where you are full of anger, and probably you will answer like an angry baby, a fact that will turn her off immediately.

What to do When She Doesn’t Text Back? 3 Simple Strategies to Make Her Answer You.

Moreover, this shows the little awareness you have on social dynamics.

Men that get angry at other women that ignore them do it probably because of ego insecurity rather than because the anger comes from a genuine place.

Next time she doesn’t answer you, take a breath and realize that you need to respond to her appropriately rather than reacting to her.

We’ll see how to best answer her in a while, before let's go over other common reason why they don't always text you (and me) back.

  • She lost her phone;

  • Her best friend told her not to answer you;

  • She’s too lazy to answer you;

  • She wants to test you:

  • She watched a movie against men, and now she hates every man included you;

  • What to do When She Doesn’t Text Back? 3 Simple Strategies to Make Her Answer You.

    Frank Sinatra

    "I'm supposed to have a Ph.D. on the subject of women. But the truth is I've flunked more often than not.

    I'm very fond of women; I admire them. But, like all men, I don't understand them."

    I love that quote because it reflects the awareness of a man that, even though had had his positive and negative experiences with women, still doesn't understand them.

    Mistake #3: Pissed Off Joking Because She Stopped Texting

    Another common behavior I see amongst men is that they try to joke around the idea that she didn’t respond but in a pissed-off way.

    This veiled sarcasm (that she’ll probably notice) will only lead you to be rejected even more. Why?

    What to do When She Doesn’t Text Back? 3 Simple Strategies to Make Her Answer You.

    Because she will notice you’re making the fact that she didn’t respond such a big deal to cover it up with a joke instead of being honest.

    Spitting everything out would be a much better option rather than covering your anger with lies driven by the neediness or insecurity of losing her.

    However, that’s not enough as you still need to know what are the right behavior to adopt if you want to have her warming up your bed.

    Now that you know what not to do when a woman doesn’t text you back, you can start implementing the right actions. 

    Coming back to us, let's learn about the best solution you can implement to make her text you back.

    Solution #1: The Funny Gif

    One of the things you can do to re-engage the girls you’re talking to is sending them a funny gif that, at the same time, shows low investment and neediness. 

    Probably she just forgot answering you or didn’t feel like, so sending her this GIF will serve as a way to test the waters while at the same time make her laugh and give her positive emotions.

    What kind of gifs can you send?

    On Tinder, many of them will work well. Avoid using the suggested ones (unless appropriate) because it will look like you randomly sent one not only to her but also to other girls.

    If you want to use pretty unique GIF related to making her answer you back, use the ones below by typing the following words on the Tinder GIF Finder:

    GIF 1: Type: “answer” and pick the one with Nicolas Cage

    What to do When She Doesn’t Text Back? 3 Simple Strategies to Make Her Answer You.

    GIF 2: Type “abduction” and pick the one with the ufo. 

    What to do When She Doesn’t Text Back? 3 Simple Strategies to Make Her Answer You.

    Then write her: “Let me know if you’re alive and if aliens are funny.”

    GIF 3: Type “disappeared” and pick the one with the girl undressing. 

    What to do When She Doesn’t Text Back? 3 Simple Strategies to Make Her Answer You.

    Then write her “You could have taught me that trick at least"

    With those GIF’s you should already be able to get those stubborn girls to text you back.

    Now it’s time for the last tips that will give you the final edge over your texting skills with the women you like.

    A Simple Shift In Your Mindset Can Produce Great Changes In Your Texting Results With Women.

    Solution #2: A Picture Of You Doing Something Cool

    Another way with which you can re-engage her is by sending her a picture of something you're doing at this very moment, provided it's an activity showing something interesting for her.

    You see this?

    That guy is undoubtedly doing something worth sharing that will make her wet as a sponge soaked in the desert's dust. 

    What to do When She Doesn’t Text Back? 3 Simple Strategies to Make Her Answer You.

    After all, throwing photographic lenses into a waterfall has never been so sexy.

    If you're a normal man, you must have at least one hobby that you can show her during those spare times.

    Maybe you collect shells, perhaps you study the evolution of insects, or perhaps you try to solve Rubik's cube with your eyes closed. 

    Whatever the hobby, just share it with a cool picture for god's sake. 

    Pro Tip: If it's a hobby, she might like too, share that to improve your success chances.

    Maybe you're bowling with your friends, playing pool, going on a trip, being at a party and so on. 

    Instead of texting her the standard message, try sending her one of those pictures, and you'll see how she'll be much more interested in talking to you.

    That's me doing something cool, for example:

    What to do When She Doesn’t Text Back? 3 Simple Strategies to Make Her Answer You.

    Oops! Wrong picture, I actually meant that one.

    What to do When She Doesn’t Text Back? 3 Simple Strategies to Make Her Answer You.

    If you have such pictures too, show them to her and you’ll see that it’s a much more powerful approach than texting her the classic cheesy lines, just as those below.

    Fake Solution: The Fucked Up Pick Up Lines

    If you want to keep being perceived as a dumbass or, have lost all hopes in her answering you back, use the following bad lines.

    You can also use them to see that when I say that girls hate neediness, I am actually saving your ass from the disgrace.

    P.S. Use them at your own risk.

    1. "My dear love, please answer me!"
    2. "Hey, don't you like me anymore?"
    3. "You're not answering me because there's another man you like, I bet."
    4. "I missed you those days."
    5. "Hey, can you answer me back, please?
    6. "I think I love you a little, do you?"
    7. "Hey, are you there?"

    If you have to use a line to make her answer you, I guess you know that you shouldn't sound like Mr mercy. Show some confidence, humor, and boundaries when you text her, and you'll see that she'll text you back.

    Solution #3: Working Lines

    If you don't want to apply some of the steps solutions above, you can instead try one of those 7 re-engagement lines that I've designed for you. The first ones will usually work better than the last ones. 

    In the end, everything is subjective to the woman you're talking to, so don't give too much weight to the line itself and go with the one that looks more appealing to you.

    1. "As my grandma said, silence is the best answer sometimes!"
    2. "Hey, there's something good you need to hear."
    3. "If you don't know what to answer me, you can consult google. It's free."
    4. "If you're shy, I understand; I was shy too before."
    5. "Can you answer me before I get married, please?"

    Thy those lines, and you'll see that the majority of women you'll text will answer back to you as nothing happened. If this doesn't work, you can write an article on the NY Times depicting me as the worst dating coach in the entire world.

    And The Story Ends like this

    What happened with the tourist in my city?

    Reframing Her Idea Of Me

    In The End, I Kept Thinking Of How I Could Make The Tourist In My City Perceive Me As Exciting And Came To An Interesting Conclusion. 

    I Started To Think That The Reason Why She Didn’t Text Me Back Was That She Didn't Believe I Had Anything Valuable To Offer Her Per What She Wanted.

    So I Started To Think And Reframe The Interaction From One Where I Was Trying To Seduce Her To One Where I Did Everything Possible To Give Her Good Vibes. 

    That’s When Things Started To Change.

    If Before, My Usual Conversations Looked Pushy And Technical, Now By Changing The Approach With Women, The Vibe Itself Started To Change Too.

    Texting Her Back With A New Mindset

    I texted her back, only worried about making her day a good one. Surprisingly, she changed too after I treated her as a person more than a sexual conquest. 

    I enjoyed talking to her even more than before and, thanks to that, managed to set up a date with her the day after that went so beautifully that we went having dinner together in a nice typical restaurant in my city.

    Spirituality & More...

    Then we went for a walk and to drink something else, only to come back to her place to have another glass of wine and talked about spirituality and conspiracy theories. 

    Strange conversations for a date with a stranger, however, that created more comfort between us, things that eventually led the night to the conclusion it deserved. 

    I never thought that such a simple shift in my mindset could have produced dramatically different results.

    That’s why I strongly suggest you change your mindset first if you want to get better results at texting women.

    Bonus Tip!

    Honesty Can Solve Your Problem If You're Open To Practice It.

    The Honesty Approach

    Here you must just express everything that you feel about the situation. This means showing your vulnerabilities and authentic emotions of the fact that she didn’t answer you.

    Those emotions can include sadness, anger, resentment, doubt, insecurity, and everything that you genuinely feel.

    This solution is not guaranteed to give you the result you want. Still, it will surely make you feel better, so don’t think I’m an idiot if she won’t answer you as that’s totally possible.

    That’s the last resort where you are completely transparent about how you feel and completely authentic with her.

    For most men, this will be very hard as they’ve been taught only to pick up women in a rational and technical way, without taking into consideration that honesty, authenticity, and vulnerability have their powers too.

    Wizard Takeaway

    Change Your Mindset, Make Her Invest And Enjoy Success At Texting Women.

    As you can see, sometimes something as little as changing one’s mindset can produce significant changes in a person’s life, not only in the realm of the relationship but also in many other ones.

    That was one of the moments where I started to completely shift my mindset towards my relationships with women, which eventually brought me to other amazing discoveries. 

    You can find those in my Text Game Domination Course by the way.

    If you believe it helped you, please share it. If not on your social media at least with your best friends! 

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