Tired of wrong matches and wasted opportunities?

So, you have decided to join the world's most famous dating platform and you want to be perceived as a VIP member.

That's important as showing high status is an essential mating strategy to get high quality girls.

Show everyone around that you are not playing games and get the premium subscription that comes with some special features. 

Today we'll talk just about that, but we'll leave it to you to check is Tinder Platinum worth it?

In This Article You'll Learn

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  • Tinder platinum cost;
  • Tinder Platinum benefits;
  • Tinder Plus, vs Gold, vs Platinum;
  • Tinder Gold Benefits;
  • Extra bonus tips;
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This will help you get laid on Tinder more than you can imagine.

Typical Scenario

It's one of those days when you want to get a high quality girl, no matter what.

So you wonder if using Tinder Gold or Platinum would get you what you want.

However a thought pops up in your mind.

Is it worth it to use those premium services?

That's Not a Love Story

My Experience with tinder gold

The first time I used Tinder gold, I didn't believe it would have helped me get the girls I wanted.

I was wrong.

In fact, just after 3 weeks of using it I matched with a beautiful girl that had captivated me from day 1.

I'm going to tell you what happened next in a moment.

Discover How Much Will Cost You to Enjoy the Tinder Gold Benefits 

Tinder Gold might be a good solution for everyone who's not willing to pay extra bucks for the Platinum experience because all features remain pretty much the same, although you won't be able to text someone before matching.

What Does Tinder Gold Bring to the Table?

When you upgrade to Tinder Gold, you enter the world of opportunities that these amazing benefits might bring you:

You can see who liked your profile, which we all want to know,

Monthly Boost for free so you can be the main man in your area,

Access to Top Picks so you can find just the right girl without wandering around,

5 super likes, so you can show that you really, really, like her.

Tinder Gold Cost - Is It Worth It?

The exact price you'll pay depends on a few factors, such as current promotions and your location.

Besides that, Tinder offers different prices depending on how long you're ready to commit. Tinder Gold will cost you a bit more than their Plus package, but still less than Platinum.

A Short Introduction to Game-Changing Tinder Platinum Features

We get it, although these dating apps are pretty advanced, they are still just that - apps, so nothing is perfect, but Tinder Platinum gets pretty close to it. 

Upgrading your experience to Tinder Platinum brings these two exciting new features that can change the way you use Tinder to find girls:

  • Message before matching - Platinum gives you five opportunities to text one of your "super likes" before they swipe your profile, now all that is left is to come up with a killer opening message she won't be able to ignore.
  • Priority likes - If you're a Platinum subscriber, your profile will be seen before the likes of other users who are not subscribed, so you will be noticed for sure. Also, you'll be able to see all the likes you gave in the past week.

Tinder Platinum Cost - A Small Price for What Could Be a Great Pleasure

Besides that, Tinder offers different prices depending on how long you're ready to commit, of course, the yearly subscription pays off the most, but you can also try it just for one month. 

For example, one month only costs $39,99, pricey isn't it? But on the other hand, if you subscribe for a year, one month will cost you only $12,50. We will leave you to do the math now.

Tinder Gold vs Platinum: Which one is Better?

Joey Adams

Never let a fool kiss you or a kiss fool you.

I fell into that trap.

Find Out How Tinder Platinum Works for You

What's important to know is that Tinder Platinum is not widely available to everyone, that is, this subscription is still not offered in all countries. 

Besides that, in order to be able to see this option on your screen and purchase it, you will have to already be a Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus member.

So, Tinder Platinum is only available as an upgrade for those who are already subscribed and living in certain countries.

Tinder Gold vs Platinum: Which one is Better?

Tinder Platinum Benefits You’re Going to Love

If you went through those steps and managed to upgrade your profile, your Tinder experience is about to get upgraded as well.

You will have the option to use 5 super likes per day and the fact that your likes will be prioritized means that the chances are significantly higher that someone is going to notice your profile.

And if you want to make sure, send a text before you match, because now you can do that. Oh, and let's not forget all the perks of Tinder Gold and Plus that you will still have.

Those super likes will change Your life.

Which Tinder Subscription Is Best?

Choosing the right subscription might seem harder than finding a girl online, but that's online due to so many options and great features you can choose from.

To give you a helping hand, we'll briefly summarize and compare features of Tinder's available subscriptions. 

Tinder Plus vs Tinder Gold vs Tinder Platinum

  1. If you're not willing to spend a lot of money, you can always start with Tinder Plus. This package lets you undo your last swipe, hide your age and location, gives you an unlimited number of right swipes, and a few other cool features. 

  2. When you upgrade to Tinder Gold, you get to see who liked your profile, 5 super likes, and access to top picks. 

  3. And, in the end, Tinder Platinum as the ultimate upgrade brings you the most advantages by introducing two new features we already talked about.

How to Decide Is Tinder Platinum Worth It

If you're already a subscriber, you're probably aware of all the pros and cons of online dating, but if you want to experience only pros, then we say go for Tinder Platinum.

The ability to text someone might be a game-changer and help you get a match you want in no time.

And The Story Ends like this

Maximum Engagement

In the end, we met at a local park in my city where we made out.

That was one of the bets dates of my life, all thanks to Tinder Gold that had revealed this girl liking me.

Bonus Tip!

arousing girls over text is a must if you want to get laid.

How to Arouse a girl over text

Before you go seducing girls, I want to give you a bonus tip.

You know, talking well to girls over text is important. However being able to sexualize them is a more essential aspect.

How can you arouse a girl over text?

Follow the steps below for maximum results:

  1. Custom Authentic Compliment
  2. Tease Her
  3. Sexual Line

Custom Authentic compliment

The first thing to do is give her an authentic compliment so that she feels wanted by you. Once she accepts the praise, you can get into the sex topic by using a sexual line.

Tease Her

After that, it’s time to provoke her to show that you’re not fazed by her beauty, and you’re confident enough to tease her.

 Sexual Line

Finally, it’s time to use a sexual line to move things to the hot topics that will get you in between her legs.

That’s what I teach in my Integral Text Game Course, by the way.

Wizard Takeaway

Girls are like flowers. They open up when you water them with delicacy but persistence.

Now you know if Tinder Gold or Platinum are worth it.

Ready to purchase your subscription and start dating?

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