15 Best Tinder Openers That Will Make Hotties Reply 77% of Times (Proven Examples) 

 November 27, 2020

By  Sal Romeo


Are You Looking For the Best Tinder Openers

That Will Make Hotties Reply?

That's awesome.

According to Statista, Tinder's revenue has been increasing year after year. 

This means it's an essential element in everybody's dating game.

Unfortunately, more than 97% of openers that men use on Tinder are ABSOLUTE TRASH.

Instead, look how this one (statistically crafted) immediately engaged her.

"I Slept with 20 Guys"

(More openers like this below)

When I worked in Ibiza in PR, I always used this line to attract models and bartenders.

One afternoon I was by the beach at a party and I saw this stunning brunette girl serving cocktails. 

I looked at her and she looked at me and I immediately felt that rush of emotions and excitement all over my body.

Luckily I had my secret line that helped me open sets like those effortlessly. 

So I went in front of her and the first thing I told her was:

The Line: "You look like one of those bartenders that likes Italian men, red wine and good massages."

I'll tell you what she answered me later in the article.

Maybe you don’t know what to say when you match with a new hot girl that arouses you.

So you end up thinking so hard that your brain explodes.

I understand you.

In fact, I used to waste 15 minutes before sending 1 single message to girls.

After having tested 71 openers on 945+ girls (mostly in the US and UK dating markets) I know what works and what doesn't.

Now it takes me 3 seconds to pick the best one and get her to answer me.

Here I want to be honest with you brother.

Unless you make an excellent first impressionyou'll lose girls on Tinder.

Bad first impression = no girls = forever alone.

Now, I don't want you to make the same mistakes I made and lose tons of amazing opportunities with beautiful women.

Don't be the average boring man.

I promise that you’ll get at least a 73% reply rate with those openers.

Those openers will help you get beautiful naked girls on your bed, even if you're not a natural.

In fact they helped me get girls like those (yes, that douchebag is me)  

The craziest thing happened with the brunette girl on my right.

I met her while on holiday using a powerful opener to attract her (#7 on the list)

More about this story below...

In This Article You'll Learn

    15 Powerful Openers Girls Can’t Resist;
  • The ONE THING That Keeps Girls Engaged After The Opener;
  • How To Use Her Bio To Craft A Powerful Opener;
  • a Secret opener that most girls can't handle (#5 on the list);
  • Extra bonus tips;
Difficulty: Easy

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Typical Scenario

It's one of those days where you feel like talking to hot girls, so you log into your Tinder to see what's going on. 

You notice new matches, and that makes you excited!

However, when thinking about the opener, you probably feel doubtful, like a man that tries to swim for the first time in his life. 

-"What should I tell her?" is the first thought that crosses your mind. 

-"Will she like this line or think I'm an idiot?" 

-"What if she doesn't text me back?"

Those are what most of my clients think all the time, (me included at first).

That's Not a Love Story

My Tinder Rejection Times

Some time ago, my online dating success rate was ridiculously low.

So low that probably Tinder’s team had to make new models to calculate the average no-reply rate to first messages.

That’s why after having been ruthlessly rejected so many times, I had to learn something or keep having solo fun with my right hand.

That’s when I began to study what openers could get a girl’s attention, based on female psychology books, dating consulting, and personal experience. 

I found out that what many people were preaching didn’t turn out to be good openers, especially on hot girls that are always bombarded with messages.

So I started to craft my own openers scientifically until, step by step, I managed to learn how to make women reply to me while being interested at the same time.

Those openers got so many replies that I decided to share them with my friends, who also got similar results. 

Now it's time to learn those Tinder Openers! 

Tinder Opener #1: You know what...

The Opener

“You know what's the first thing I thought when I saw your pictures [Name]?”

Reply Probability

From my experience, this will work more than 85% of the time.

Opener Description

This is one of my favorite openers. It leverages women’s curiosity to know what a man thinks about them, a weak point for many. 

The purpose of this opener is to prompt her to ask you what you think about her pictures. 

That’s an excellent opportunity for you because you could answer in many ways. 

For example, by:

  1. Giving a compliment
  2. Teasing her 
  3. Doing push & pull

The approach to go for depends mostly on the type of girl you’re texting with. In the case below, I decided to go for a push & pull as I thought this to be the best move with that girl.

Works Best With

That’s a general opener that will work well on the majority of girls.

Tinder Opener #2: You look amazing...

The Opener

“You Look Amazing [Name]! What is your IQ?”

She Has The EQ & Can Cook. Not Bad!

Reply Probability

From my experience, that will work more than 77% of times. 

Opener Description

Pretty stinging.

That’s a teasing opener that will make most women think: “What?” 

This opener is packaged with a push & pull, subtle irony, and a qualifier. 

That’s going to give her a psychological slap from where she can only recover if she’s confident enough. For that reason, you can’t use this opener indiscriminately.

In the example below, I used this with a beautiful girl that also looks smart.

Works Best With

This Tinder opener works best with attractive women. However, there are two types of attractive girls: 

  1. Attractive & Smart

  2. Attractive & Stupid 

Attractive & Smart

Suppose you use this opener with a girl that considers herself to be attractive and smart.

In that case, she will probably feel more attracted to you because she will notice you’re honest yet selective regarding women.

Since, in that case, she’s confident about her intelligence, you can expect the interaction with this girl to go smooth and be lighthearted.

Attractive & Stupid

Generally, those will believe your first compliment, “you look amazing,” and will be more susceptible to the qualifier about their intelligence. 

That’s because of the stereotype of attractive girls being more stupid. This will make them want to prove to you that they’re indeed smart. 

She’ll also feel some resentment towards you if she believes to be stupid and compelled to gain value in your eyes, giving you more authority.

Billie Holiday

A Kiss That Is Never Tasted, Is Forever And Ever Wasted.

Sublime like a refined glass of wine.

Tinder Opener #3: Can You keep a secret?

The Opener

You: “Can you keep a secret [Name]? 

Her: “Tell me.”

You: “I’m afraid of squirrels.”

Reply Probability

From my personal experience, 95% of girls will reply to this opener.

Opener Description

This funny opener has two purposes:

  1. The first is grabbing the woman’s curiosity by telling her about this “secret”;
  2. The second is giving for you to build rapport with her.

Practically speaking, at first, that will create enough suspense to make her go: “What’s that secret?”.

That's the principle of mystery in action, as explain in my Integral Text Game Domination Course.

When she asks you about it, your comeback will be funny/absurd, breaking the tension created before. 

You can substitute the word “squirrel” with anything else you find funnier or more appropriate for the context.

Doing your own experiments will help you fine-tune your message to the girls you like the most.

She Couldn't Believe It

Works Best With

This opener works well with all types of women.

Imagine how good it will be when women will start chasing you.

You’re about to learn other powerful openers that will increase your reply chances by a lot. Keep reading to find them out.

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tinder opener #4: i want to penetrate your...

The Opener

“I want to penetrate your… mind [Name]”

Reply Probability

From my experience, using this opener on girls that look for something serious will roughly get you a 65% reply rate. 

However, if you use it on more open-minded girls, you can easily get to a 79% reply rate.

Opener Description

I know, this can sound a little bit pushy.

However, those ambiguous openers have their purpose too.

Especially with the girls, you want to have as Friends with Benefits or experience One night Stands with.

Since this Tinder opener will make you start the interaction in a more spicy way, it will be easier for you to sexualize the conversation later.

That’s also a great way to tell if a girl likes you over text.

This means more probability to get a date and, of course, to bring her to your place.

An Empty Mind

Works Best With

Sexually open girls that look for Friends with Benefits or One Night Stands are the perfect target for this opener.

in one way or another, penetration must occur.

Tinder Opener #5:I'm sure you have...

The Opener

“I’m sure you have a good side and a bad side within you [Name], but not sure which one I should know first.”

Reply Probability

With this Tinder opener, you’ll get a reply rate of at least 85% from my experience.

Opener Description

This opener will work wonders on most women as it will touch them very deeply in their psyche. This will happen as every girl has a good side and a bad side within her. 

In psychology, this is represented by the apparent self and the shadow self, two parts making up the whole of the human psyche. 

That’s why this opener will deeply resonate with many girls of different kinds. 

Suppose you can leverage her ability to recognize those parts of herself.

In that case, you’ll make a substantial impact from the very beginning. 

Moreover, you can later talk about her bad side, drifting the conversation into sexual topics as smoothly as drinking water.

If you want to learn more on how to get laid with this technique, check this out.

She Can Show Me Her Bad Side On Mars

Works Best With

That’s a general style opener that works well with every woman.

You learned many things about starting conversations with girls, however you’re still missing some of the most important tips. Keep reading to learn them.

Tinder Opener #6: I'm divorced with 5...

The Opener

“I’m divorced with 5 children. Is it a problem for you [Name]?”

Reply Probability

With this opener, girls will reply to you 81% of times from what I’ve seen.

Opener Description

This funny opener shows the girl that you don’t care that much about what to say and that you’re taking things easy.

That’s good as it shows low investment from your side and total lack of neediness.

That will attract more girls to you like a magnet. Why? Because girls can’t stand needy guys.

Why Do You Think I Would Dated You?

Works Best With

This works best with girls with a good sense of humor, which can take things easy.

Now it’s time for the last openers suggestions that will make you become a pro at starting conversations.

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Tinder Opener #7: I was wondering if you liked...

The Opener

“I was wondering if you liked more giving or receiving.”

Reply Probability

With this opener, girls will reply to you 80%+ of the time from my experience.

Opener Description

That's the opener I used with the Brazilian girl in the picture above.

That worked amazing.


With this double meaning, that opener will create conflicting reactions on girls.

In fact, thanks to its openness to misinterpretation, it will open up various ways for exciting conversations.

It’s neither sexually explicit nor boring; that’s the magic of it.

A good aspect of this opener is that it will make you understand what kind of girl you’re talking to.

In fact, if she’s open to something more sexual, she’ll take the bait.

Otherwise, she will be more conservative, and you’ll know where things can go with this girl.

However it goes, scientific proof shows that girls like giving by nature.

We're lucky.

She Doesn't Know

Works Best With

This Tinder opener can work well with any kind of woman.

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Tinder Opener #8: I wanted to say that…

The Opener

"I wanted to say that you look like my next girlfriend but then realized I'd look as dumb as Chip did in the movie Hitch.

That's why I'll be a nonconformist and tell you that you look exactly like my grandmother."

Reply Probability

This one gets an 82% success rate.

Opener Description

This opener is impressive because it has many facets to it.

Let's analyze it together.

The first part makes her acknowledge you're aware of the classical opener used by almost any guy. 

The second one includes a movie element that can be useful when discussing romance (since the movie is Hitch). 

The third part is designed to make her laugh while also seeding some doubts in her.

This opener is going to break the ice as it will open you to many different scenarios.

Works Best With

Confident girls as insecure ones might get disturbed even by the joke that they look like your grandmother.

Tinder Opener #9: i hope you don't look...

The Opener

“I hope you don’t look like my grandma without makeup [Name]”

Reply Probability

With this opener, you’ll roughly get a 79% response rate.

Opener Description

This opener can sound stingy to some girls. However, this can work wonders with two types of girls:

  1. Attractive chicks with high self-esteem;
  2. Girls that don’t use makeup.

Attractive Chicks With High Self-Esteem

Those girls will usually respond well to this opener because of their strong psychological foundations.

You’ll notice that they’ll just laugh at it or even exaggerate their response by saying that they look even worse than your grandma without makeup.

If you feel the girl you’re about to text is of that kind, go for it.

Girls That Don’t Use Makeup

This opener will not offend girls that don’t use makeup or that use not much of it for obvious reasons. In that case, it won’t be as effective as in the second, but I have a counter-attack for you.

Let’s suppose she’s the girl that doesn’t use makeup, and you drop the opener:

“I hope you don’t look like my grandma without makeup, Marie.”

“I don’t use makeup, Sal!”

“Then I hope you don’t look like my 10 years old cousin.”


You’ve reversed things, and instead of putting pressure on her being too ugly without makeup, you twist things by implying she can look too young without it. That’s when she’ll feel like qualifying for you.

She Claims To Be Cute

Works Best With

This works best with confident girls most of the time.

Tinder Opener #10: i'm really good at one thing...

The Opener

"I'm really good at one thing in life [Name], and it's done with the tongue. Can you guess it?"

"What's it?"

"Speaking many languages!"

Reply Probability

With this opener, girls will reply to you 77% of the time approximately.

Opener Description

That's another funny opener for those of you that like teasing girls over text. This opener will make girls imagine a pleasurable oral sex experience with you. 

If done with the right ones, that will make them potentially feel aroused, even from the beginning of the conversation. 

Another useful aspect of this opener is that your comeback has nothing to do with something sexual. That will release the pressure from you but still make girls think about it subconsciously. 

That's great as it will prepare the ground from the beginning for the sexualization phase as I teach in my Integral Text Game Course.

Sexualizing conversations with girls is essential to get solid dates with them. This opener can prepare the ground for you in a practical yet non-invasive way.

She Wants Language Classes

Works Best With

This works best with open-minded girls that are looking for Friends with Benefits or for One night Stands.

Tinder Opener #11: 2 Truths and a lie...

The Opener

"2 Truths and a Lie:

1: I'm a virgin

2: You seem interesting

3: One of those statements is not true."

Reply Probability

With this opener, girls will reply to you 89% of the time approximately.

Opener Description

That's a great opener to put some fire in your conversation from the beginning.

Many girls are bored when guys can't be sexual with them, that's why having a spicy opener in your arsenal is always a good idea.

"I Slept with 20 Guys"

I think it was true that she slept with 20 guys. Want to know what she replied me? Drop me a message!

Works Best With

Girls that are kinky yet they don't want to openly show it.

Tinder Opener #12: I feel we have...

The Opener

"I feel we have many things in common [Name]"

Reply Probability

With this opener, girls will reply to you 87% of the time approximately.

Opener Description

With this opener you will immediately start creating rapport with most girls from the very beginning. 

In fact, psychology teaches us that building rapport with a person is essential to stimulate higher attraction.

Works Best With

Girls that are deeper and less superficial than the average.

Tinder Opener #13: I feel We've known...

The Opener

"[Name] I don't know why but I feel we've known you for years..."

Reply Probability

That's a bomb and girls will reply to you at least 90% of times with that one.

Opener Description

That's a great opener to start leading the conversation towards past lives topics. That's amazing to create a powerful connection with the girl, right from the beginning. 

I remember one time I told this to a girl and she immediately told me that she had the same feeling.

That's funny but... who cares?

What's important is that it works.

Works Best With

99% of girls will love this opener.

Tinder Opener #14: Did you ever

The Opener

"Did you ever fake orgasm during s3x [Name]?"

Reply Probability

Not many girls will reply to this opener, but the ones that will do, are the pearls in the ocean.

consider this probability to be a 40%, however those will convert later to more intimate closes.

Opener Description

Most girls don't like having sex topics right from the beginning of a conversation. 

However there are a few that like having fun like that. Those are the ones you should be targeting because their mindset allows for such an expression.

This opener sets the frame for a conversation that's never going to be platonic.

This means:

  1. More fun;
  2. Higher conversions;
  3. And, most of all... amazing sex.

Use this when you don't wanna lose time with girls that are not intentioned to go beyond.

Works Best With

Open minded girls that are willing to have one night stands or friends with benefits.

And The Story Ends like this

Girls Finally Answered

In the end, I effortlessly managed to make girls answer to me on average, 8 times out of 10.

How do I know those numbers?

Because on a sample of 100 matches, roughly 80 answered me by combining all the Tinder openers above.

That's a good improvement, considering that little more than half of them used to answer me before crafting those opening lines. That's what I consider tangible progress. 

The girl from Ibiza eventually told me that it was the first time she heard such an opener, and that she liked it!

Eventually we met later in the night for a dinner at my place.

My friends also improved their results by an enormous gap; that's what finally convinced me to share those openers with Attraction Truth's followers.

That said, make fair use of them.

Before you go, I have another opener for you. This is one of my favorites; that’s why I wanted to leave it for the end. 

Bonus Tip!

By Saying You Don't Look For Sex, You'll Lower Her Psychological Defenses.

Bonus Tinder opener #15: You inspire me 3 things...

The Opener

“You Inspire me 3 things [Name]. The first is protection, and the second is fun times.

“What is the third?”

“I’ll tell you that later.”

Reply Probability

With this opener, girls will reply to you 77% of the time.

Opener Description

This Tinder opener is like music to girl’s ears, from what I’ve noticed. 

It works wonderfully because it will make girls desperately want to know about the third thing.

Moreover, the first two aspects that you’re “inspired” from are elements that all women worldwide like in a man. 

Being protected makes them feel safe with you and having pleasant conversations is what they need to assess if you can be the right partner for them. 

This happens because girls are more aroused by talking to a man than seeing him as this helps them get a better picture of him.

The third aspect that you should talk about later is “fun adventures” or “naughty things.”

As I explain in my Integral Text Game Domination course, you must move the interaction on without letting her know about the third aspect unless you’re already in the sexualization phase.

That third element, revealed at the right time, will make her even enough aroused that she’ll want to meet you.

So What's The Third Thing?

Works Best With

This works with virtually any woman, so don’t refrain from using it.

Wizard Takeaway

Every Woman Is Different. Calibrate Your Opener On Their Types And You’ll Be Successful. 

Now you know how to start conversations like a pro.

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Content Summary

15 Secret Tinder Openers that Will Make Hotties Reply 77% of Times (Proven Examples)

  • Tinder Opener #1: You know what's the first thing I thought when I saw your pictures [Name]?
  • Tinder Opener #2: You look amazing [Name]! What is your IQ? 
  • Tinder Opener #3: Can you keep a secret [Name]?  
  • Tinder Opener #4: I want to penetrate your... mind [Name].
  • Tinder Opener #5: I’m sure you have a good side and a bad side within you [Name] but not sure which one I should know first
  • Tinder Opener #6: I’m divorced with 5 children, is it a problem for you [Name]?
  • Tinder Opener #7: I was wondering if you liked more giving or receiving...
  • Tinder Opener #8: [Name], I hope you don’t look like my grandma without makeup
  • Tinder Opener #9: I’m really good at one thing in life [Name] and it's done with the tongue. Can you guess it?
  • Tinder Opener #10: You inspire me 3 things [Name]. The first one is protection and the second is nice conversations.

Sal Romeo

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Sal Romeo

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