My name is Salvatore Damiata and I’m a Dating & Confidence coach from sunny Italy. 

Through my 7 years of experience working as a dating coach and 12 being in the dating world, I’ve seen them all. 

At first, I was in the exact situation where you are now. 

I wanted to improve my dating life but didn’t know where to start. 

I read books and spent countless hours in online forums, trying to find the “secret” to succeed.

I wanted to improve my dating life but didn’t know where to start

It was well before the advent of AI. Imagine that Tinder was not even born. 

That made things a little bit more difficult.

I was the typical shy guy that women stayed kilometres away from.

That's clearly noticeable from this picture of me that I hardly put out.

What A Dork!

Nowadays the dating scene has changed a lot. 

We have countless dating apps where we can find partners of any kind, for short or long-term experiences.

However, while the world has changed a lot, there’s one thing that didn’t change in those 12 years.

Through my solo experience and also as a coach, I’ve seen that one of the biggest problems people had was not knowing the right thing to say to their crush.

My First Super Awkward Approach

I remember when I had to approach the first girl on the street. 

She was a slim brunette with a pink dress and a sensual vibe that made me forget about the delicious dinner I had booked at the restaurant.

My body froze. 

I felt my gut crunching as if a lion was wanting to attack me. 

My brain also froze. I looked like a sloth, not even being able to make 2+2.

But I liked her too much. So I summoned some courage and went towards her.

Then I awkwardly mumbled a few words. 

“E-e-e-excuse me”, poking her right shoulder.

She turned to me, looked at my scared face, made a disgusted look, and went away.

I felt like the scum of the earth. 

At this point, I didn’t know what to do. 

That’s the situation most men (and also some women) find themselves in when talking to their crush. 

Having the joke ready is a charismatic quality to possess when in person. But that’s a talent not everyone has and needs to be cultivated over the years.

It’s not even a big deal to possess this quality to succeed romantically. 

Online Dating Success Requires A Great Profile & Lines 

However, while this might not be the primary thing when talking live, it is a big deal when you play online!

Think about it.

Your crush can only judge you by the quality of your profile and by what you write.

If you don’t have a charismatic and enticing way to talk, you can lose him or her forever. 

You don’t want this to happen, right?

Me too.

That’s why I and my best friend (an expert in AI) created Attraction Truth. The first AI-powered dating service that will make you master online dating. 

With over a decade of experience in the dating world, after approaching thousands of girls, and coaching hundreds of clients worldwide I know what works. 

I don’t want to sound arrogant but simply look at my results 👇

2 is better than 1 😎

2 is better than 1 😎

French girls definitely like baguettes 🥖

French girls definitely like baguettes

Cougars have always something to teach...

Cougars have always something to teach

Do I have your attention now?

Great. Because that’s just the beginning.

With my expert input and my friends’ skills, we created the best AI solution for your love life that you can currently access worldwide.


Our AI Will Instantly Generate the Best Lines to Attract Your Crush

Because from today you don’t have to think anymore about what to say to your crush, ever. 

Yes, that sounds too good to be true.

Our intelligence will automatically calculate the best sentence to write to him or her, based on your and her interest and your personality.

In a few words, you’ll be able to tell your crush exactly what he or she wants to hear. 

That way you can surprise your friends with how good you became!

They’ll be so shocked that they will want to learn from you.

We have tested this on a few clients and they were astonished too. 

Look at the testimonials here 

Now, we live in a new world where AI can’t be stopped. 

You can either decide to surf the trend or to lose while other people take advantage of this intelligence.

Platforms like this are the new gold and we’re going to receive multi-million funding soon. 

This means that you have limited time to get on the train before we 20x the price of this service. 

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From today, you'll have the opportunity to jump in at only $9/mo. 

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If you see the value in this and want to do something good for yourself and for the people you’ll meet, then we’re aligned!

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Sounds like a crazy deal?

We are being that generous with our launch price as you have the luck to see this project in its early stage. 

Anyway, let’s not lose time as that’s the most precious resource we have.

Click on the button below to get started and get awesome dates with the people you love!

May you live your life to the fullest,

Salvatore Damiata

Salvatore Damiata