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Course Structure

3 Lessons

Confidence Momentum Building

In this first module, you'll start building confidence momentum that will help you get to where you want much faster and effectively.

Lesson 1: The Reason You Purchased this Course

Reveal the driving force behind your course investment in Lesson 1 with AttractionTruth. Uncover insights that empower your journey today!

Lesson 2: Building Your Dream Life Vision

Did You Know that Building a Long Term Vision Will DRASTICALLY Increase Your Success Probability?

That's what the most successful entrepreneurs worldwide do. That's why seeing them get bigger and bigger achievementsis not a surprise.

In this lesson, I'll help you create a life vision that motivates, drives and excites you everyday, so that you can have maximum support to help you reach your goals.

Are you ready to dream big?

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Lesson 3: Find Your Core Values

Do You Know What Are Your Key Drivers in Life?

Every person is unique, this means that everyone will have a unique outlook on what's important in life.

This will be determined by the main core values that a person has in their hearts.

You are also a unique human being. This means that you too have your own core values to discover.

Those core values will shape your present reality and future one.

Knowing what they are, will give you 3 main benefits:

  1. Clarity in your goals;

  2. Faster decision-making skills;

  3. Feeling true to yourself.

That will inevitably influence how successful you'll be in the future.

In today's class, I'll help you identify your main 5 core values so that you can live your life in your own terms.


Let's go!

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Removing Confidence Blockers

In this section, I'll help you remove all the elements that are causing confidence stagnation.

Once that is done, you'll experience freer energy flow without forcing yourself to feel confident.

Lesson 4: How to Use the Mind Movie Technique to 3x Your Confidence

Did You Know that What You Project in Your Mind's Eye Inevitably Influences Your Confidence? Most people don't have control over what they think. This makes them feel like small boats in the middle of a big storm. Of course, this is not good for confidence and achieving results. What if you could become aware of what you think and deliberately envision empowering scenarios? That will 3x your confidence and inevitably change the direction of your life forever. Are you ready to learn this powerful technique? Start your class now!
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Bonus Section: The Secrets of the Subconscious Mind

Explore our featured bonus section for those seeking to enhance sales confidence and success. Elevate your journey with valuable insights and resources.

Bonus Lesson 1: The Secrets of the Subconscious Mind - Part 1

How can you reprogram your subconscious mind for success? How can you use your conscious mind effectively to get what you want in your life? Those are some of the many questions that will be answered in this in-depth video lesson for those who want to really go deep in the rabbit hole fo the mind. Enjoy!