Online Dating

Text Game Domination Course

5 Modules 17 Lessons

About this course

1: Learn how to text women to real dates.

2: Bring them to Your Place

3: Enjoy! 

Course Structure

4 Lessons

Module 1: Texting Mindset & Attitude

In this module, you will learn the fundamental mindset & attitude principles to apply for a successful online & life interaction.

Once those will be installed in your mind, you will attract women naturally and consistently.

Lesson 1 - Introduction: Why Texting Techniques DON'T Work.

Why using texting technique doesn't work?

Most men believe that using canned lines with women will get them lucky.

The reality is that is a false promise that the dating industry has fed you with to sell useless courses.

What if the real attraction factors were beyond slimy techniques?

Find this out in this introductory class.

Lesson 2 - Finding Your ONE Purpose

Do you know your dating purpose?

Knowing what you want out of your dating life is the primary element to ensure great success.

Without this element, you'll be like a crazy boat driven by the high waves of the sea.

In this lesson I'll show you 3 typical dating goals men have.

Then you'll decide which one is for you.

Ready? Let's go!

Lesson 3 - The 9 IRON Mindset Rules to Attract HIGH-QUALITY Women

How strong is your mindset in your dating life?

You have to realize that more than 80% of your dating results will be influenced by your mindset.

This means that before trying to succeed with girls, you have to reprogram your subconscious mind in a way that serves you.

In this lesson, you'll learn 9 powerful mindset rules to install in your mind to attract the women you want.


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Lesson 4 - The 6 Perfect Attitude Principles

How do you behave when you're around women?

Having the right attitude once the game is on is essential to maximize your wins and reduce your losses.

This includes how you handle both success and rejection from the opposite sex.

In this class you'll learn the 6 most important attitude principles so that you can keep playing the game like a pro.


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5 Lessons

Module 2: Opening & Sparking Attraction

Here you'll learn how to effectively start any conversation with the majority of girls and what to target to spark solid attraction on them.

This will make sure you won't get friend-zoned and will result in you being a potential sexual candidate for her.

Lesson 5 - The 3 Types of Women

What type of woman is the best for you?

  1. The Conservative?

  2. The Primadonna?

  3. The Authentic?

In this class you'll find out which one you should go for (they can be more than one) and how to behave with each type to attract them naturally.

Lesson 6 - Effective Opening Principles

Do you use killer openers to start your conversations?

In this class you'll learn the effective principles to start any conversation with any woman.

This will boost your response rate and consequently, the probability of you getting a nice date.

Fasten your seatbelt and let's go!

Lesson 7 - Sparking Real Emotions

Are you able to catch the attention of girls after you start a conversation with them?

In this lesson you'll learn exactly what to do after dropping your opener.

By applying the principles I'm about to share with you, you'll be able to generate massive level of attraction by sparking women's emotions like a real casanova.


Lesson 8 - The 4 Steps Seduction Cycle

Are you aware that seduction occurs in cycles?

In this lesson you'll learn the 4 steps cycle you need to go through to attract and seduce the women you like.

This will prepare the ground for the next classes where you'll already be in the middle of the game.


Lesson 9 - Sparking Authentic Attraction

Would you like to learn how to attract women via text?

In this class I'll teach you the fundamental attraction principles so that you can start using them with your favorite girls.

They'll find themselves glued to you, like bees to honey.

Ready? Let's go.

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Module 3: Connection Building & Sexualizing Convos

It's fundamental that you learn how to connect with girls and how to sexualize conversations.

That way you can solidly close thanks to the powerful momentum wheeling behind you.

Lesson 10 - The 4 Layers of Connection

Did you know that connecting emotionally to a woman is the key to go into a solid sexualization phase?

Women are emotional creatures and they need to feel understood by a potential partner.

That's why you must establish a heart connection with them if you want to max our your results.

This is what you'll learn in this class.


Lesson 11 - 9 Effective Ways to Sexualize Conversations

Would you like to learn how to make a girl aroused over text?


That's one of the most important parts of the entire course.


When you'll be able to spark an erotic arousal within her, you'll be way closer to having her.


However, there are some good ways to do this and some bad ways.


In this lesson you'll learn how to sexualize conversations like a pro.


Talk soon and enjoy.

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Module 4: Closing to Dates & Sex

In this final module you'll learn how to properly set solid dates and how to manage your mindset during them, so that you can effortlessly bring girls to your or their place.