wondering how to Get "Swipe Right" pictures in your Tinder?

I know, probably you heard a million times that unless you have good quality pictures that portray you at your best.

This seems so obvious, however some men don’t seem to understand it, like this guy over here.

Pretty badass, right? 

The problem is that unless you upload great pictures of yourself, you will enjoy little or even zero matches.

Why? Because as bas as it might sound, online dating is 90% based on appearance.

3 Easy Steps to Have the Best Pictures for Tinder

“Life is short, and if we enjoy every moment of every day, then we will be happy no matter what happens or what changes along the way.”

- Gretchen Bleiler -

Anyway do not worry. We’re here to help you stand out from the competition and get quality matches consistently. In fact, in this article you will learn:

What You'll Learn

    How to Create Profile Pictures that Get You Laid;
  • The 3 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing Your Pics; 
  • What are the Working Principles of a Good Tinder Profile;
  • What I did to Double my Matches;
  • A Bonus Tip to Increase Your Matches.
Task Difficulty: Low

The cool thing is that you’ll manage to get way more matches. 

That will happen even if you aren’t generally considered attractive or even if you aren’t rich like Jeff Bezos.

By the way, before I tell you how to look freaking amazing, I think you’ll like my guide on how to get more matches.

Check it out here, you can thank me later.

3 Easy Steps to Have the Best Pictures for Tinder

That's Not a Love Story.

It Happened, Again.

It’s late night. You’re bored. You get on Tinder and start swiping for some minutes. The day after you wake up and immediately get on the app to see who liked you. The result?

Zero Matches.

You start wondering what’s wrong with your profile, with your looks (or even with you in general.) Then you come to realize that probably there’s something wrong with the optimization of your profile and that you’re totally fine and psychologically sane.

This leads you to some google searches until this post that was waiting for you just like the girl I slept with last week was waiting for me.

Sounds Familiar to Me Too

I met her on Tinder, after 5 minutes of swiping left and right. She is a Polish girl from Krakow, my perfect type I’d say. Brunette & slim body with well-rounded forms, a bijoux as one of my best friends would say.

What’s most important is not how good it that night with her but how it all started. After I dropped my opener she commented one of my pictures where I show an adventurous side of me.

Here’s the picture:

3 Easy Steps to Have the Best Pictures for Tinder

That simple picture made the whole difference with that woman as she was magnetically attracted to it. 

You’ll learn how we went from that simple comment on my picture to having had great sex on her large bed. Before you discover that let’s take care of your business. 

Realize that each image you will upload into your profile will convey its own specific message and give her a single impression of you. However, the sum of all the pictures you have will express the central message of your profile (profile theme.)

Your profile theme is the after taste the woman will feel after having scanned for all your pictures and read your bio. Simply put, it's the general impression that you'll give her and a way to let her see your identity.

It's also the essence of who you are, composed by the following elements:

  1. Your Character & Personality
  2. Your Social Status & Role
  3. Your Lifestyle, Hobbies & Passions

After having gone through all the pictures, she should automatically be able to get an idea of how being with you should feel for her.

3 Easy Steps to Have the Best Pictures for Tinder

 Amelia Earhart

"Mostly, my flying has been solo, but the preparation for it wasn't. Without my husband's help and encouragement, I could not have attempted what I have. Ours has been a contented and reasonable partnership, he with his solo jobs and I with mine. But always with work and play together, conducted under a satisfactory system of dual control."

Examples of Profile Themes

Your profile theme should represent who you actually are and not be a distortion of you. To give your profile a theme, you should upload more than 1 picture of you representing that theme and no more than 3 pictures. 

The right balance to say enough about you but not too much, otherwise, you won’t leave room to show other aspects of you.

The Businessman

If you define yourself as predominantly business-minded, then you might give your profile such a theme. Those are 3 examples of pictures you might upload:

  • A picture of you getting out of your cool car with your work outfit;
  • A picture of you in a dinner with other businessmen;
  • A picture of you busy with your business activities in a hotel hall.

The Fitness/Healthy Freak

If you define yourself as predominantly a fitness guy, then you might give your profile such a theme. Those are 3 examples of pictures you might upload:

  • A picture of you doing squats with that girl over you.
  • You performing any kind of sports (Swimming, Snowboarding, Gym);
  • A picture of you eating that healthy chicken salad;

The Party Lover

If you define yourself as predominantly a party guy, then you might give your profile such a theme. Those are 3 examples of pictures you might upload:

Lifestyle, Hobbies & Passions Theme

  • That night at the bar with friends drinking beer/wine;
  • The club where you always go on Friday nights;
  • The famous concert you went with your friends.

Uploading 3 pictures where you show your essence will be enough to represent who you are as a person. Those are only some themes a profile can have; of course, if you don't feel like belonging into any of those categories, go for your own. 

What do You Want To Communicate?

Pictures are a way to communicate, just like words, and each picture will inevitably talk by themselves. 

Pictures communicate, just like words, and each picture will inevitably talk by Itself. 

The Realization

Remember this: each image message should be a micro message that will serve to compose the whole macro message (profile theme).

Don't make the mistake of conveying something you're not (like being a badass dude riding a Harley Davidson, bench pressing 300 pounds and eating squirrels for breakfast) if that's not who you are deep down. 

Why? Because even if you might get some matches by conveying something else, once you'll go out with her, she'll perceive an incongruence between your online profile and the real you. 

However, you can exaggerate your image just enough to make you look more of what you already are. After all, that's exactly what women do by putting makeup or dressing in a smart way to make them look more beautiful or thinner than they already are.

Don't give a false impression of yourself but give your profile a substantial boost that's congruent with who you already are, and you'll get the job done. 

Sell yourself well as there's a lot of competition out there and realize that also other men are positively distorting their image too.

Anyway, applying this principle won’t be enough for you to succeed. That’s why you need to learn the next ones that will bring you from amateur to intermediate in a few days.

However, if you’re really serious about becoming a pro with online dating, you can check out the snippet my Online Dating Blueprint and Destroy the competition the blink of an eye. 

3 Easy Steps to Have the Best Pictures for Tinder

Step 2: Do Something

Ever seen those "alpha" men's pictures standing still like a bronze statue looking at some undefined object on the horizon? I have, and those pictures are generally the best that 70% of men can do. 

[Add Real Shitty Pic Man]

The problem is that women see hundreds of those pictures every day, imagine how horrible it can be for them to encounter those pictures over and over.

There’s enough scientific evidence showing how women’s brains are wired differently than men. This means that what you think is cool, for them isn’t generally and vice-versa.

That's why you gotta be different and show dope profile pics of you while you do stuff; cool or different stuff for god's sake. Now you might be asking yourself, "Sal, how can I make my pictures outstanding?" 

Well, this depends on your passions and on your hobbies. As a rule of thumb, choose activities that convey high value or that are quite uncommon to see from a woman's perspective.

Putting out pictures where you do something interesting versus a picture where you are just looking at the camera like if it was the holy grail, will make a big difference on the quality and quantity of matches you will get.

Now it’s time to give you the last tip so that you can reap the benefits of those advice today.

Step 3: You’ll Love This One

If you scroll through the typical online dating profile of a man, he will blast onto his profile everything that’s possible to imagine about him, without leaving room for the woman to get curious about you.

That’s a mistake.

Women aren’t like us where the more information we have about something the better we feel towards that thing. Their attractiveness towards you will be inversely proportional to how much obvious you are. 

That’s why you have to give them some pieces of the puzzle about who you are and give her room to find the other pieces and put them together. Never give her the complete puzzle or she’ll get bored as a cat does when it knows he can have the ball of whool.

Ideally, you should start sparking her curiosity already from your first picture so that she will have the desire to keep swiping and know more about you.

How The Story Ended

Now you know how to make your profile stand out enough to give you some matches. 

Eventually, I went on a date with that woman after having spoken about our interests. Between a drink and some food we got more attracted to each other while connecting.

[Add Date Picture]

After that we went to her place where we started cooking some things for dinner until we started kissing. Then I miraculously found myself on her bed without pants. I leave the rest of the story to your imagination.

Never Ask Her Out on a Sunday Night Because She Might Flake.

Bonus Tip!

A great advice that I received from one friend of mine is to post pictures that show that you have social proof while you do something interesting/cool at the same time with your male & female friends.

Now you might be asking: “Well, how?” 

Let me show you some concrete examples of what I mean:

  • A Group Picture While You Sing at Karaoke

[Add Picture]

  • That Day You Played Bowling With Your Buddies

[Add Picture]

  • A Picture that  Your Female Friends Snapped at that Halloween Party

[Add Picture]

Quick Note: Remember to be the one with the highest possible status in the picture, otherwise it will do you more harm than good.

This means that If you have a picture of you with some good looking girls you will get much more points. However avoid pictures where you show that you’re with women as a try hard as this will turn women off. 

[Add Try Hard Picture https://www.flickr.com/photos/f_mafra/3223383570]

Conversely, if you have pictures where women are having a good time with you, it probably means you’re not a creepy guy and that they can also enjoy their time with you.

Don’t go overboard with this where you show yourself with a group of girls like Dan Bilzerian or where you are only with one woman otherwise they will think you’re either a pimp or engaged with that single woman.

Make sure also that in the group picture you’re not like the guy in the corner that nobody sees, that’s just going to make you look worse that you actually would alone. That must be applied both if you’re with your male or female friends-

If you can, let the women take the picture so that it shows that they want to be in your company more than you want. That’s outstanding social proof and attraction skyrocketing for the woman that will see it. Never put pictures where you are the one leaning on women like a desperate pussy chaser. Be the one who’s chased.

Wizard Takeaway

As you can understand, playing it smart in online dating is as important as doing in live, also because there’s a lot of competition out there.

Unfortunately, unless you become competitive you’ll be outweighs by men who are already putting those advice at practice.

If you want to crush your competition and get the women you truly want, click here and download my Online Dating Blueprint today. 

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