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Wondering if you can find your girlfriend on Tinder?

Maybe right now, you’re thinking. “What do you mean? Finding my current girlfriend or my next one?”

Well, we’ll talk about both because:

  1. So if you have a girlfriend and want to find out if she’s on Tinder, stay tuned.

  2. If you want to find a girlfriend to enjoy Netflix with on a Friday night, do like the guy above.

What You'll Learn

    How You Can Find YOUR Girlfriend on Tinder;
  • How to Find A Girlfriend on Tinder;
  • 3 Tips to Increase Your Attractiveness in a Relationship;
  • How to Enjoy Romantic Times with a Partner;
  • extra bonus tips;
Difficulty: Easy

I know what you’re thinking. You probably don’t want to get caught by your girlfriend when you spy on her on Tinder if you have one.

If you’re looking for one, you are wondering if a simple dating app could really change your romantic life for the best.

In both cases, I tell you that this article will help you clarify your ideas, so keep reading.

3 Simple Ways to Find Your Girlfriend on Tinder

If You Want to Find Your Girlfriend on Tinder

It's a day like any other one, only one thing changed. You have a mission to accomplish, and that's discovering if she's thinking about cheating on you (or if she's already doing this for weeks).

You feel mixed feelings towards your girlfriend. You love her, but this tiny sensation of mistrust gets bigger and bigger until you need to take action.

Hey, STOP!

You don't have proof that your girlfriend is on Tinder, so this might just be a mental trip you're doing. Let me tell you why you should do nothing until you are certain she's on Tinder.

That's Not a Love Story.

My Friend Jim and His Girlfriend on Tinder

That reminds me of a story that occurred to a friend of mine. Let’s call him Jim (not his real name), and let’s say that he worked as a photographer.

Jim had a bad day on a rainy Friday afternoon as some friends of his told him that they found his girlfriend on Tinder “just to chat” They even sent him a screenshot proving the nightmare was real.

The problem was that, even though that was her claim, she didn’t even tell Jim about that Tinder account. Why?

Jim called me that Friday night and asked me for advice. I promptly told him to relax as, even though she was on Tinder, there was no proof she was cheating on him.

I knew that to find the truth, there was only one way, and that’s what you should do too if you suspect your girlfriend is on Tinder.

You’ll learn how Jim’s story ended in a moment, now let’s talk about your case so that you can save (or end) your relationship.

How Can I Find-Out if My Girlfriend is on Tinder?

One way to find this out is by hiring a private online detective and giving him all the necessary information about your girlfriend. That way, he'll hack Tinder's servers and find if she has ever registered, who she matched with, and what she said to those people.

I'm just kidding, even though that would work 100% by investing a ton of money. For your luck, this article comes for free, and you won't need to spend $15k on your research. 

Now, I propose to you different solutions based on which one resonates the best to you. They all have their strengths and weaknesses and aren't bulletproof; however, they are very effective.

Method 1: How to Know if Your Girlfriend is on Tinder

One way you can find out if your girlfriend is on Tinder is by being completely honest about your doubts and share them with her.

Usually, the biggest relationship conflicts are solved with an attitude of open communication. If you are the first to talk about that, you might solve the problem in just a conversation.

Before talking with her about that, think about what makes you think if she's on Tinder or not. Ask yourself the following questions to avoid getting on a mental trap:

  1. Why do I have the doubts she's on Tinder?

  2. Is she showing signs of infidelity, or is it just my imagination?

  3. Do I trust my girlfriend or not?

After you've meditated about that, you can see if it's worth talking to your girlfriend about it or not. 

Sometimes we men assume negative things just because we watched a movie about betrayal, heard that someone has been cheated on, or just wander with our minds creating mental realities that have nothing to do with the objective one.

That's why it's important to reflect on why you have the doubt she might be on Tinder, before asking her.

3 Simple Ways to Find Your Girlfriend on Tinder

Method 2: How to Catch Your Partner on Tinder Without Her Knowing

Another thing you can do if the first approach didn't work (or you didn't want to execute on it) is creating a fake tinder profile.

This way, you'll inevitably find her if she's on Tinder. Why?

Because she'll never know that it's you behind this fake account. 

To create a fake tinder account, go over this article.

What if she has Tinder plus and only sees guys that she liked?

Interesting question. 

To be shown into her search results, you must make sure she will like you; otherwise, you won't be shown her profile, bad thing.

Method 3: How to Find-Out if Your Girlfriend is on Tinder 

Another approach would be testing the waters. If you want to find out if your girlfriend is on Tinder without asking her directly, you can subtly prompt her to talk about it and then observe her physiology and body language.

If you ever heard of NLP, you know that there are specific physical cues that reveal what’s going in the mind of a person. 

Look For Her Disapproval Signs

For example, when you ask a question somebody doesn't want to hear, usually that person will scratch his/her nose, touch his/her eyes or cross his/her arms in a sign of disapproval. 

That might be revealing something's going on. Even if that’s not an absolute truth, it’s still a way to see where she’s at. 

The best thing to do is not focussing only on one physical cue but asking various questions that will make her reveal what’s really going on. Then, just like magic, you’ll have completed your puzzle and you will have a better understanding of what’s going on in her mind.

To see that, you might ask questions like:

  1. Hey [Name], what do you think about dating apps like Tinder?

  2. What do you think about couples being on Tinder?

  3. Have you ever tried Tinder?

Ask a Question and Look At Her Eye Movement

Another scientific way derived from NLP to find out if she’s lying or not is by looking at her eye movement as soon as you ask her a question.

According to NLP’s facial studies, the eyes of a person move into a specific direction when they need to retrieve or create some kind of information. This means you can do mind-reading without being a magician.

This image explains it all.

3 Simple Ways to Find Your Girlfriend on Tinder

How to interpret it?

The Left Side

On the left side, we see the Vc, Ac, and K acronyms that stand for Visual Constructed, Auditory Constructed, and Kinesthetic.

Visual Constructed: This represents the images that the mind of the person is creating from scratch, thus not representing something that actually happened in their reality. Those images could be triggered by a question like: "Have you ever seen a pink elephant?" 

 It could be that the person is doing creative visualization or lying when looking at this angle.

The visual constructed area is accessed when the eyes of the person point to the left side upward.

Auditory Constructed: This represents the auditory memory that is not stored in the brain of the person but again is constructed. This could signify that the person is imagining sounds morphing, making up tunes, or even lying by making up words.

This might be triggered by asking the person a question like: "Imagine the sound of the voice of a beautiful mermaid." 

The auditory constructed area is accessed when the eyes of the person point to the left side at the center.

Kinesthetic: The kinesthetic part is related to any physical sensation or emotion that the person's remembering or imagining. This means that that's not a good indicator of a person lying as it might also be recalling real feelings.

The kinesthetic area is accessed when the eyes of the person point to the left side at the bottom.

3 Simple Ways to Find Your Girlfriend on Tinder

Ambrose Bierce

"Women in love are less ashamed than men. They have less to be ashamed of."

I see that many men are afraid to talk about love or express their love for their partners, nothing is more detrimental in a relationship than repressing this powerful feeling.

The Right Side

On the left side, we see the Vr, Ar, and Ai acronyms that stand for Visual Remembered, Auditory Remembered, and Auditory Internal.

Visual Remembered: This area is reached when the person is remembering a picture, an image, or a scene that he personally witnessed, for instance, the view of a panorama. 

A way to trigger this area would be by asking a question like: "How's the view from your balcony?"

The visual remembered area is accessed when the eyes of the person point to the right side upward.

Auditory Remembered: This area is accessed when the person remembers a sound or a song/tune that he/she previously heard.

A way to trigger this area would be by asking a question like: "Do you remember how "your favorite song starts?"

The auditory remembered area is accessed when the eyes of the person point to the right side in the middle.

Auditory Internal: Finally, we have this possibility occurring when the person is listening to his or her inner voice or talking to herself.

A way to trigger this area would be by asking a question like: "Listen to your inner voice, what does it tell you?"

The internal auditory area is accessed when the eyes of the person point to the right side at the bottom.

Basically, if you ask her a question and she looks on the left side of her face, she's probably constructing something that doesn't exist, apart from the kinesthetic area where she could be both remembering and constructing something.

Instead, if she looks at the right side of her face, she's probably remembering something that is in her memory bank. 

Use it as a tool in conjunction with the first one to get a clearer perspective of what's going on as if you base your verdict only on that, you might commit the huge mistake of believing the wrong thing.

I say probably because even though those are general patterns, they don't reflect with 100% accuracy what's really going on.

In the next section we’ll move on to you, looking for a new girlfriend on Tinder so that you can become like the guy above, preoccupied with being cheated on and forced to learn the NLP practices to catch her lies.

Can I Find a Girlfriend on Tinder?

Of course you can. However, you need to take care of a couple of things before this happens, as your profile needs to be maximized.

One of the first things you should do is remove those shitty pictures from your profile where you fake to be who you’re not.


Well, if you just wanted to get laid, I’d have told you to leave those pictures there, however since you want to find a girlfriend, you can’t show to be a person that you’re not.

3 Simple Ways to Find Your Girlfriend on Tinder

If you want to find a girlfriend on Tinder for the best possible relationship, don’t fake to be someone you’re not. Be who you are, shown in the best way possible.

Below, you’ll find some tips that will help you maximize the chances that you find a girlfriend on Tinder. 

Method 1: How to Find a Girlfriend on Tinder

The first thing you should think about is knowing what type of girl you’re actually looking for.

The reasons for this are mainly 3:

  1. You are clear on what you want (women love that);

  2. You only like the girls that reflect what you want;

  3. The Tinder algorithm will not penalize you from always swiping right

To do this effectively, you should ask yourself questions like:

  1. How should she be from an aesthetic point of view?

  2. What character & personality would best fit mine?

  3. What hobbies would I like her to have?

After you do this, you’ll have come up with a prototype of your ideal girlfriend. If you want, you can ask yourself even more questions than those if you want to make your research more effective.

Method 2: How to Find a Partner on Tinder

Another thing you should take into account is your profile pictures. Since your goal is to find a girlfriend with which you’ll surely spend more time than with a fuck buddy that you just see sometimes.

For that reason, you shouldn’t only include the pictures showing how cool you are, or how fit your body is.

That would surely attract some women, but for a potential girlfriend, that would not be enough. 

For that reason, you should also include pictures showing other sides of you, for example, the hobbies you have, what you do for work and generally what you like about life. 

That’s essential as she needs to know what kind of man you are in the case she decides to stay with you. Think about a girl that’s into trekking and art, but you don’t give a f**k about those things and care about movies, travels, and business. 

I don’t think there’ll be too much feeling as even if you’re not entirely the same (that’s better), at least you should have some things in common.

Method 3: How to Find Love on Tinder

Finally, you should probably rewrite your bio (or write one if you didn’t do it so far.) The typical man writes such a kind of bio in Tinder:

3 Simple Ways to Find Your Girlfriend on Tinder

As you can see, this sucks, especially if you want to find a girlfriend (but even if not, this still sucks).

Why? It conveys nothing apart from that he speaks En/Ru and a little of PL. 

"Wow! That's exactly the man I dreamed of" she will think. Very bad bio, but at least he thought about writing one, so let's give this guy a 3/10.

What if you communicate something more interesting about you like those guys:

Send me Your Playlist

3 Simple Ways to Find Your Girlfriend on Tinder

That one not only shows that he doesn't care about you sending him nudes but also shows that he's interested in music and is open to discovering the woman's tastes. 

Surely a decent one even if not really good, so let's give this guy a 5.5/10

Be Authentic

3 Simple Ways to Find Your Girlfriend on Tinder

That one is even more interesting than the first as he shows that doesn't really care about looks but something beyond that.

Paradoxically, this will attract more hot women as they'll feel ignored by such a guy. However, also other women will appreciate that bio as it's different from the classic ones men put. It's an original bio and pretty honest, so let's give this guy a 7.5/10.

That would be a good bio for somebody looking for a girlfriend, by the way, as it shows your real intentions.

If you want to make sure your profile communicates boyfriend material, apply here to get a free profile review. This way, you will automatically eliminate those women that are there only for sex.

You can be Authentic and Still attract beautiful women.

The Realization

Now it’s time for the last general tip that you should apply whether you have a girlfriend and want to make your relationship stronger or if you want to find one to keep with you for as long as possible.

Work on Yourself

That’s the best advice I can give you because, at the end of the day, your perfect partner will be a reflection of who you are. 

If you are a mediocre person, you’ll rarely attract an extraordinary partner. If your goal was just to sleep around, that would have been even acceptable; after all the day after you have sex, nobody will want to see each other. 

However, your girlfriend, whether current or future, should be a person with which you like to stay, this being valid for her too. 

That’s why working on yourself is the best way to go for it. What should you work on? Below are some areas you can consider. Start with the ones that need to be improved the most in your life for best results:

  1. Your Dating & Social Skills 

  2. Your Career & Finances

  3. Your Health & Fitness

  4. Your Emotional Mastery

  5. Your Intellectual Development

  6. Your Hobbies & Passions

I promise you that if you work in those areas, you’ll significantly improve the chances you’ll find the right woman for you. 

If not, you can come to find me and beat the shit out of me with a baseball bat. Before you do this, however, make sure to have worked on at least 3 areas out of the 6 mentioned above.

How The Story Ended

What happened with Jim and his girlfriend?

We create a fake tinder account

In the end, I asked Jim to talk about it with his girlfriend, but he didn't feel like doing it. So we went for the more invasive option and created a fake tinder account. 

We put a picture of one of my friends (with his content) that was the kind of guy his girlfriend would have swiped upon, a dark-haired guy with intellectual glasses looking smart yet adventurous.

During the night, we went within the 1-kilometer radius from where his girlfriend lived and set the tinder account settings to search within the minimum range possible (that is 3 km for Tinder).

We didn’t set any filter for the age as she might have put a fake one in her account (some girls say they’re 85 when they look like 20)

She Appears, and Jim Starts to Seriously Worry

We then started swiping and after 15 minutes… she appeared, making Jim feel heart palpitations. 

I told him to calm down and to understand why she was there more than coming to early conclusions.

I suggested he super-liked her so that she would notice him, so he went on, despite his negative feelings. 

We went back home to avoid getting caught and waited for her to answer. In the meantime, she was talking to him, like nothing happened. 

He was so into asking her what the fuck she was doing on Tinder, but he knew that the game was on and couldn't do this. 

After one hour, she still didn't answer the super like, and so we went to each other's homes to sleep.

She Likes Us Back and We Start to Chat

The day after, I got the notification on my phone that she had accepted the super like (we created the account on my phone to avoid getting him caught on Tinder and thus, making him pass for the bad guy.

I texted Jim and told him to meet up at my place in the afternoon. When he came, we started to talk with his girlfriend, that seemed open to conversations.

After some quick chat, we asked her what she was doing on Tinder:

Us: "What are you looking for here?"

Her: "Just to chat."

Us: "Okay why?"

Her: "I was bored and wanted to try this app that a friend of mine told me was cool"

Us: "Okay nice. Well, you seem really nice and cute. Want to hang out next Monday? I work at [place] and get off around 6…"

She: "I have a boyfriend, and as I told you I'mI'm here just to chat"

Us: "Yes but he'll never know that"

She: "Look, I don't really care as I was just curious about this app. That's it. You're a cute guy too, but I love my boyfriend. Hope you understand"

Us: "Yeah, are you really sure? Even for a quick coffee? :)"

Then she didn't answer.

Everything Turned Out to Be Ok

My friend Jim had his expression changing every 5 minutes, looking like a bipolar psychopath. 

However, the end expression was clearly of happiness and trust again on her girlfriend. He acted normal as before as he knew she was sincere with him.

By the way, two days later, our chat with her disappeared like she had deleted her account (or unmatched us) whatever the case, things seemed to be under control.

That was Jim's story, but that doesn't mean you should be all flowers and unicorns. Do the necessary investigations if you believe your girlfriend is cheating on you to really know what kind of relationship you are.

Honest Self-Inquiry can help you solve your problems At the root.

Bonus Tip!

Do Self Inquiry

Another way to tackle the issues you might have concerning your girlfriend (current or future) is by doing some honest self-inquiry.

  1. What are the reasons for making you doubt your girlfriend? 
  2. Do you really think that finding her on Tinder will solve your problems (if she is there), or is there something else to talk about?
  3. What are your real goals in a relationship, and how would an ideal one look like to you?
  4. Are you happy in your current relationship? If not, what would you change?
  5. Is there something you’re not admitting to yourself?

Pondering those questions is more important than acting out on something as what comes first is always self-awareness.

Take your time to think about those and let me know what you’ve come up with.

Now, if you want to maximize your chances of success in a relationship, realize that a healthy one can only work only if both partners do their parts in it, without one being too much involved rather than the other. 

That’s what will make a relationship satisfying both in the short and in the long term. That’s what I teach in my Online Dating Domination Bible, by the way.

Wizard Takeaway

Don't come to conclusions too early and Try to keep yourself grounded.

What I learned from this is that we humans come to conclusions too early sometimes, potentially making bigger problems than the ones that could already be there. 

Before coming to conclusions, do the necessary research, and you'll see how, most of the time, it was all in your head. However, keep yourself as grounded as possible because anything can happen in human relationships.

That's something you can learn more in-depth in my relationships reinforcement course.

Now it’s time for you to enjoy your time with your girlfriend or to find the one that’s really good for you.

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