Aren't You getting enough matches on Tinder?

Probably you want to get constant affluence of matches to increase your chances of landing a solid date.

[Insert Pic]

That's normal! Indeed this is exactly what you should do to get the girls you desire. However, unless you learn the Dos & Don'ts of Tinder, girls will swipe left on you ruthlessly.

In this article, I won’t show you the clichè tips like purchasing Tinder Gold or getting a professional photoshoot to increase your potential matches.

Surely those things help but only marginally. What if there are better ways to get more and higher quality matches?

That’s what you’ll learn in this article, and much more, as you can see below.

In This Article You'll Learn

    7 Mistakes Preventing You From Having More Matches;
  • How to Get 35+ Matches a Week;
  • The First Thing Girls Look on Tinder;
  • 5 Copy-Paste Lines to Send Your Fresh Matches;
  • Extra bonus tips.
Difficulty: Easy

What you’re about to learn will help you get more matches even if lately this guy gets more than you.

Typical Scenario

It's the day you decide to go on Tinder to look for new attractive girls. You launch the app and start swiping right and left, hoping to grab the attention of some attractive chicks.

You give a super-like the hottest one you've seen so far, yet she doesn't accept it. However, you keep going, being unfazed by the difficulties.

After 30 minutes of swiping right 50+ girls, you log out of the app and distract yourself with other things. 

The day after, you go back to your Tinder app, and that's all you see.

[insert 0 matches pic]

Or if you're lucky, this.

[1 Tinder match]

That's when you realize that you probably need a boost in your Tinder profile pictures and elo score, or you'll forget to get the girl of your dreams.

This pushed you to this online search until you landed here, the right place to find the truth about attracting girls.

Whether you play on Tinder or Bumble, those tips will eventually increase your attractiveness and get you new matches by hacking tinder algorithm.

That's Not a Love Story

Zero Matches per Day

You read that right.

Indeed that’s all I got when I first started out with Tinder. This made me hate the app so much that I deleted it at least 15 times before.

However, during an empty period of my life (moving to a new city, I had no girls), I decided to give it another try. This time, putting effort into improving my Tinder game.

The results?

I went from 0 matches a day to more than 35 a week. 

This happened thanks to a combination of powerful techniques that I’m going to share with you today.

Moreover, there’s something else I found out along my Tinder journey that was a total game-changer.

You’ll learn about it in a moment. First let’s find out what you can do to improve your matches. By the way, there is one method with which you can message girls on Tinder  without matches.

Important Note: Read the article carefully; there’s a special attraction tip hidden inside.

The 7 Mistakes Killing Your Tinder Matches

Many men out there are losing so many opportunities with girls that if they’d be given $75.000 per girl lost, they’d be multi-millionaires by now.

You don’t have to go through the same injustice, so here are the mistakes you must avoid at all costs to avoid losing matches, dates, and girls.

Why you get no matches on Tinder #1: Lack of Value Signals

When budding an online dating profile (whether Tinder or not), the first mistake guys make is not showing value signals to girls.

Value signals are those traits that girls look for in a man before making a mating decision. 

There are many value signals that a man can show on Tinder. Today we’ll go over some of the most relevant are:

  1. Social Status
  2. Providing Ability
  3. Genetic Health

Those are usually some of the most important traits a girl looks for on a man. Of course, some won’t care much about this, but they’re a minority, to be honest.

That’s why if you want to improve your Tinder results, I encourage you to drop any negative prejudice against those ideas and read my functional tips below.

1: Social Status

That’s by far one of the most important traits you should show in your Tinder photos.  

If you want to get many matches, the first picture is the most important of all your Tinder account as it will convince women on Tinder that you are one of the best males in the whole dating site.

This will help you start getting more matches, be liked by people on tinder and eventually get laid.

Women have for millennia been dependent on a man for their survival and reproduction. That has wired them to associate and trust the highest status men because they were the ones that could ensure higher social security.

That’s why a girl will subconsciously look for those traits in a potential partner. The same thing occurs anytime an attractive girl sees your pictures on Tinder.

To exploit the power of status, upload pictures where you show yourself being around friends, and better, women.

This way, you’ll also exploit the power of preselection, one of the most potent attraction switches for girls.

2: Providing Ability

That’s another powerful attraction switch similarly because of the reasons explained above.

Since women, representing the female aspect, are responsible for holding the male seed and making it evolve into a healthy child, they need to be careful about getting pregnant.

That’s because in the past, having a baby from a man that was a better provider than another ensured higher survival chances for the girl and the baby. 

In today’s world, this translates into having material possessions and finances available. That’s why most women are attracted to wealthy men. They subconsciously know that the man can effortlessly raise their children while also guaranteeing everybody a good life quality.

This means that the more you show girls that you have provider status, the higher their attraction will be.

To show that status, you can put pictures in wealthy places, dress in good brand clothes, or own anything of value.

I know this can seem pointless to you, but many girls value that a lot. Don’t do this if you want to attract a simple girl that doesn’t give those things much importance. However, beware as usually, the most attractive girls will look at your provider ability.

You have to make a choice in the end but don’t forget that you always get what you offer to the world.

3: Genetic Health

To start getting matches, your genetic health will also be determinant in attracting girls. It would be non-scientific to say that looks don’t matter, but they do matter.

From a biological point of view, symmetrical faces are usually considered more attractive by people, and better-looking people are usually more successful than those that aren’t considered attractive. 

If you don’t have great looks, do what’s possible to improve them like going to the gym, losing weight, dressing & grooming better. 

Taking care of those aspects will be enough for most men to be considered good looking and smashing the competition.

Apart from this, shoot pictures in a way that excites the best part of you and suffuse the worst. That way, you’ll present yourself much better than not. 

If you think you’re cheating by doing this, realize that 99.7 of girls do it; we’re all in the same boat, my friend.

No Getting Matches on Tinder In 2024? 3 Possible Reasons and Mistakes to Avoid

Anne Robinson

I am dating, but it is hard to find someone quick enough and funny enough. I am quite demanding.

Being demanding is an attractive quality.

Match Mistake #2: No Storytelling Pictures

The second biggest mistake that men make is uploading pictures that don't communicate anything.

Communication is essential in business, intimate relationships, and online dating as well. Don't think of communication only as verbal speaking. Indeed there are many other communication channels like the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

Considering that online dating is mostly made of pictures (and writings in the bio), those are the main communication channels you should think about. 

We'll talk about crafting attractive bios in a moment. For now, let's focus on your pictures and how you can improve them.

In this article, I won't tell you not to take selfies or add enough lighting before shooting your pictures. Everybody knows those things today.

I'll tell you will be more concerned with every picture's intrinsic aspect: that's emotion. Every picture should convey one (or more) emotions to the girls looking at it in a few words. 

That's fundamental because emotion is the element that will make her feel attracted towards you when looking at your profile. Look at this picture:

[Insert Non EMO Pic]  

As you can see, it doesn't show much intensity; indeed, we'll probably forget about it in a few hours.

Look at this picture now.

[Insert emo pic]

That's the kind of picture that will spark emotions in the girl, making her remember you even after she swipes you right.

Those are the types of pictures that marketing companies choose to make people buy their products.

Consider you're like a product when on Tinder, thus sell yourself as best as you can.

The First rule to get matches on tinder (10x them)

Wondering what the main thing that women want from you on Tinder is? 

In one word: value.

And that doesn’t happen only on Tinder. In fact, value is what everybody searches for in life, as I teach in my Integral Text Game Course.

The thing is that we all give value to different things. That’s what distinguishes us; however, we all look to extract benefits from whatever activity we do, studying, reading, working, getting professional help, dating a girl, and so on.

That’s why you have to start thinking of your profile in terms of a value providing entity that should ideally give girls what they want.

Wondering how you can do this? Reading the next tips to find it out! In fact, we’ve only just scratched the surface here.

No Getting Matches on Tinder In 2024? 3 Possible Reasons and Mistakes to Avoid

Why Men don't get any matches #3: No Bio

If you're not getting any matches, the cause could be the lack of a powerful bio. Women are very sensitive to the life details of men for biological reasons.

In fact, a man's bio can reveal a lot about his track record, current lifestyle, hobbies, and more. 

Since women are primarily aroused by a man's status and his ability to provide, they'll subconsciously look for as much information as possible about him.

That's why you see many girls that are professional stalkers. They do so to understand what's going on behind a man's pictures.

For that reason, fill out your bio with more details about you, for example:

  1. Your hobbies & Interests
  2. Your future plans
  3. Something about yourself

That way, you'll use your bio to support your pictures in explaining who you are and to enrich your whole profile.

That's a good example of a bio for that purpose:

[Insert bio]

Now it's time for the last tips that will help you boost your matches even more.

Use your bio to your advantage by showing your value.

Match Mistake #4: Too Much Swipe Right & Selfies

When you swipe too much right, Tinder’s algorithm will penalize you and make you appear less frequently to search results. That could be why you're getting no matches.

This happens because Tinder’s algorithm will catalog any profile swiping right to every girl as “socially desperate.” 

Are you surprised by that? 

The reason behind this algorithm programming is that a man’s swiping behavior online will usually replicate his acceptance/rejection behavior in his real life. Also too many selfies will inevitably kill the greatness of your profile.

A man that has plenty of options socially will usually reject more girls and only accept to date a few ones. 

The same would happen to a man’s online dating behavior as his psychology is what orchestrates everything behind the screen.

This means that the less you swipe right, the higher value tinder’s algorithm will attribute to your profile. With a higher score, you will be shown to more girls, be positioned higher in the search results, and you’ll also be shown more attractive girls that would match your quality.

Try it to believe it.

Match Mistake #5: Insufficient App Usage

Finally, the last most common reason preventing you from getting the matches you want is that you’re not using Tinder with enough frequency.

As Tinder’s blog said, the most important metric they use to make a profile rank is how much that profile is active.

In a few words, the more you use Tinder and the higher you’ll rank on the app. This time pure meritocracy goes to our advantage, my friend! 

And The Story Ends like this

35+ Matches/Week

In the end, I managed to skyrocket my matches count by so much that I had to select the girls to talk to, or I didn’t have any more time to work. 

My whole dating life changed just by understanding what women were looking for in a potential partner and by tweaking my profile according to the female-to-male attraction principles.

You can get the same results as well, go implementing the tips on your profile, and you’ll see results in less than 3 days. I Promise.

Bonus Tip!

Having creativity is always a plus in seduction.

3 Copy-Paste Lines to Send After you get more matches on tinder

Opener #1: The Disney Movie

"My favorite Disney movie is Snow White. I love it when she does kinky stuff with Prince Charming."

It's always a good idea to mix cartoons with something sexually explicit. I don't know why, but it works wonders with most women. Probably because it has the right balance between innocence and malice.

Opener #2: First Thought

"You know what's the first thing I thought when I saw your pictures?"

Girls are so curious by nature that they will beg you to let them know what you think about them, especially if it's something concerning their looks. 

Opener #3: Angel & Devil

"I'm sure you have a good side and a bad side within you, but not sure which one I should know first."

I think a good idea would be to get to know them both. However, starting from her nasty side in bed is probably going to attract you more.

Wizard Takeaway

Working hard on something will most likely provide you the results you want.

Now you know why you’re getting no Tinder matches.

Time to get some. Good luck mate.

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