Does a girl Get Notified When Taking Screenshots on Tinder?

Perhaps you want to attract your beautiful Valentine or you simply want to get easy & fun dates in this 2024.

Maybe she sent you something very sexual, and you want to show that to your best friends. I mean, how to blame you?

I do this every time a girl texts me naughty things, and the comments with my friends about it make the whole thing so amusing that it's impossible to get rid of this vice.

However, is she unaware of what's going on or she actually can see that you've screenshot the conversation?

In This Article You'll Learn

    If Girls Notice When You Screenshoot Their Conversations;
  • When you Shouldn't be screening conversations;
  • How To Screenshoot Safely;
  • A fuc*ed up story of mine;
  • Extra bonus tips;
Difficulty: Easy

That will help you, especially if you’re a frequent "screenshooter" that likes gossiping about how bitchy, yet horny, some girls are.

That's probably what happened to you the first time you had the urge to take a snap of that crazy conversation.

What did you do? 

I snapped my first time and then regretted it as I didn't know if the damage was already done.

Tinder Screenshot Notification: All You Need To Know.

The text you must screenshot

A girl sends you something worth sharing with your friends. Maybe she just said she finds you cute, perhaps she wants you to come over to watch Netflix with you or maybe she said something like this…

Tinder Screenshot Notification: All You Need To Know.

Then the dilemma is as dramatic as a Shakespearean one. To be or not to be? To screenshot or not to screenshot?

That's Not a Love Story

The polish Girl

That’s message above what this woman from Poland texted me some days ago. Basically, she has been pretty explicit to be a woman, and when that happened, I thought it to be a green light to go to her place.

I was in Poland when this happened for a pleasure trip I did with my best friends. It was a few weeks ago, this means that I had already stopped texting women like I used to do before…

Ok, I show it but promise not to show it to my grandma, or she won’t cook for me anymore.

Tinder Screenshot Notification: All You Need To Know.

I Was an Idiot, i know.

As you can see, I sounded pathetic.

Coming back to the polish girl kept texting me hot things until she calmed down. At that point, I wasn’t really sure about what to do. Pushing more towards a sexual topic or keeping things more lighthearted?

I went for the second choice and… it paid off.

She eventually invited me to meet up for a drink in the center of Krakow. I agreed and went.

You’ll learn how this story ended in a moment, for now, let’s clarify what happens when you screenshot a woman’s conversation.

The tinder screenshot

That’s the one million dollar question that many men think about AFTER having screenshotted the conversation they want to send their buddies.

I guess the same happened to you too and now you’re here waiting for me to give you the answer as soon as possible. Things that I’m not going to do just because I want. Ok, I’ll give you the answer.

does tinder notify profile screenshots?

Tinder does not notify her when you screenshot her profile. So you can start having fun making a collection of the hottest women you’ve seen during your day so that you can share it with your best friends.

You can launch a masturbation contest where the one that comes first has to tell the woman that he screenshotted her profile and fapped to it.

Maybe with a woman like this below.

Tinder Screenshot Notification: All You Need To Know.

Tinder Screenshot Notification: All You Need To Know.

James Joyce

"Men are governed by lines of intellect - Women: by curves of emotion"

I guess you got that too.

Can you screenshot conversations on tinder?

Short answer: Yes.

The long answer: “A singularity is a point at which a function, equation, surface, etc., becomes degenerate or just diverges towards infinity. Pa pa L’americano!”

Okay, let me recollect myself.

You can screenshot any conversation you want without incurring in the problem of letting her know (and thus screwing everything up)

This means that now you also can send your friends the craziest screenshots you took from your Tinder journey.

Maybe a Funny One

Tinder Screenshot Notification: All You Need To Know.

Or that sexual line

Tinder Screenshot Notification: All You Need To Know.

The Crazy Confession

Tinder Screenshot Notification: All You Need To Know.

The Unexpected Twist

Tinder Screenshot Notification: All You Need To Know.

The Total Rejection

Tinder Screenshot Notification: All You Need To Know.

Sounds good, right? Now you can make a collection of your best screenshots too and share them with your friends or even with use if you want.

Anyway, that’s not enough as you still need to know a couple more things before you start screenshotting those conversations and anything your phone can capture about the beauties of Tinder.

can i screenshot both on android & iOS?

Yes. Whether you’re a fan of one or the other operating system doesn’t matter as she won’t be able to know that you’ve screenshotted her.

So if the girl of your dreams owns an iPhone, you’ll do just as fine as when she owns one operated by android (which girl doesn’t have an iPhone by the way?)

what about the typing alert?

However, there’s a case where you’ll be caught like a baby stealing chocolate from the cupboard. I’m talking about the situation in which you type to a girl.

Yes. As you can see from this screenshot and video, whenever a girl is typing me, I can see that right away. 

Tinder Screenshot Notification: All You Need To Know.

What does that mean?

It means that if you’re confused about what to tell her and you constantly second guess yourself, then she’ll see those 3 dots staying on her screen forever. 

I hope you answered right. You’ll discover this pretty soon when you’ll receive your results via email.

Now, you can do two things my friend:

  1. Think about what to write for 5 minutes, getting caught and texting the thing that won’t even turn out to be good;

  2. Take my Online Dating Domination Course and know what to text to a woman in less than 15 seconds, without compromising your reputation.

Conversely, you can learn not to give a flying f**k about when she reads your text so that you won’t get stressed over that and turn your hair to white, (or lose them altogether).

Before you make your decision, realize that you will get a typing alert in virtually all instant messaging apps, I’d advise you start taking this seriously (or lighty) and become as fast as a M134 to shoot (not your semen) but your message.

This will help you become better at managing the sexual buildups with girls on any platform.

You have no escape buddy!

The Faster You Can Answer Her The Better You'll Manage The Ping-Pong Of Sexual Buildup. 

why you should take tinder screenshots

To finish off, the last pro tip.

If you want to become really good with women, getting external feedback can be a fantastic way to skyrocket your texting abilities.

That’s so simple yet not every man does it as he is afraid to show his buddies that he screwed up with a girl

Tinder Screenshot Notification: All You Need To Know.

However, getting their brutal advice about your texting skills can be what will save you from making those horrible mistakes.

My suggestion is to screenshot not only the conversations where she tells you she wants to jump on your lap but also the ones where she explicitly wants you to f**k off.

If you’re afraid to show your mistakes to your friends, you can show them to me. I’ll show you where you fell short and give you a custom tip so that next time you won’t make the same mistake.

Did I mention I’ll help you for free? Sure, but don’t overwhelm me with 5 different texts. Just send me a couple of screenshots of the conversation you need help with.

Apply Here for the Custom Texting Helper

And The Story Ends like this

In the end, I met up with that Polish girl. Her name is Ola (I called her Aloha, and she got mad at me every time this happened.

The Date

At The Date, She Was Kind Of Distant At First, But It Was All A Tactic She Was Using To Make Me Invest. Knowing This, I Teased Her With My Incredible Charisma Until She Couldn’t Hold The Mask Anymore.

At That Point, The Match Was Open. I Had To Bring Her To My Place But Didn’t Know How To Set It Up. Then I Thought That Probably In Poland They Don’t Give Too Much Weight If A Guy Invites Them Over Directly As Girls Do In Italy.

So I Went For It.

Me: “Hey, Let’s Go Back To My Place To Watch Some Netflix Later.”

She: “What? Ahaha”

I Didn’t Know What That Meant And Became Red For Something Like 10 Seconds. Maybe I Had Screwed Up Everything. You’re An Idiot, Sal!

I Hit Base 1

Then the revelation.

She: “Okay, I actually want to watch a movie too.” 

Then I looked at her and… to release the tension kissed her.


I had gotten into base 1. 

Getting into the other phases was… pretty straightforward from that point onwards. 

Bonus Tip!

Don't Get Screenshot!

Before I let you go, I want to tell you something else.

Since nobody gets a screenshot notification, this means that you won’t be the only one taking advantage of this feature.

This means that if you say stupid, violent, or inappropriate things over text, this might backfire on you since the proof will be inevitable.

I say this because I see guys that are overly sexually aggressive with women when they’re not yet established comfort. Others that insult them like there’s no tomorrow and others that look very creepy.

Realize that if you send her those kinds of unwanted texts, she will screenshot it 97% of the time and send it to her best friends, making you lose your reputation (in the best case scenario).

I tell you this because I used to text women in uncalibrated ways before, getting known for this in some circles.

Luckily I learned this, even if the hard way. Now I’m serious bro, please don’t get yourself into trouble as the snowball effect that might come out from a simple text message can be huge and uncontrollable sometimes.

I hope you follow my advice.

Moreover, realize that if you want to maximize your chances of success with women, have a long-term vision because that’s the only thing that will eventually make you win in the long run.

 I also teach this in my Online Dating Domination Bible, by the way.

Wizard Takeaway

screenshooting conversations is too fun not to do it.

What I learned from this experience is that you can get  a woman intrigued on Tinder just by sending her GIF’s. Moreover, screenshotting those conversations is one of the funniest things to do as, after all, sharing with friends is caring.

Hope this article helped you, made you laugh or gave you value in some way. I need to go screenshot the next conversations now.

Now it’s time for you to do all the screenshots you can within the next 24 hours. 

If you believe it helped you, please share it. If not on your social media at least with your best friends! 

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