Probably you want to make a woman feel good with a compliment so that she’ll be more attracted to you. Probably getting a result similar to this: 

[Insert Good Version]

I understand. In fact, that’s precisely the reaction you should be getting from women on a constant basis. 

In fact, unless you learn how to compliment a girl during the attraction & connection phases, a door slammed on your face will be the only close you get.

In this article, you won’t find the typical compliments to give a girl like: 

  1. “I love how beautiful you look.” 

  2. “Where did you get eyes like that?”

  3. “Do you have any flaws? I’m trying to find one and can’t.”

Those compliments are for LOSERS!

What if there are better ways to make her wet through the power of compliments?

That’s what you’ll learn in this article, along with what’s outlined below.

In This Article You'll Learn

    How to Compliment a Girl Through Text;
  • How to Know The Right Time to Compliment Her;
  • 3 Steps to Move From Compliments to Solid Dates;
  • 1 Powerful Flirty Question to Ask Her Over Text;
  • Extra bonus tips;
Difficulty: Easy

That will help you make her go from this.

[Insert Pic]

To make her aroused and ready to be seduced. 

[Insert Pic]

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Typical Scenario

You’re chatting with a girl you like, but you don’t know how to move things forward with her. You probably spoke about many topics, including traveling, music, and even touched on geopolitics!

However, you didn’t give a compliment yet, because of a lack of courage or ideas. That’s when you decided to get help with your crush until you landed here.

That's Not a Love Story.

Afraid of Compliments

I had the same problems with girls before. In fact, I didn’t give them too many compliments because I was afraid of looking too needy, desperate, and try-hard. 

That’s what many dating coaches out there claimed when talking about complimenting girls in person and via text.

But is it really like that? How come some men can get laid while also complimenting girls? That was the question that ran through my mind.

So I decided to go out, both infield and online, and give all the compliments I felt like sharing to girls.

The results surprised me and forever changed the way I gave appreciation to girls. 

That’s what you’ll learn in a moment. Now I want to share with you the 7 powerful compliments you can use from today to make women blush.

How To Compliment a Girl Through Text

To be successful at complimenting girls via text, there are some rules of thumb you should followThe first rule of thumb to follow is to never try to compliment a girl just to get her validation.

Compliment #1: I Could Talk to you even after sex

Let’s start with an over the top compliment. For many guys, that would be an off-limits one. However, those are the very compliments that will cause a strong reaction in her. 

[Insert Compliment]

Women like boldness and despise men who can’t express themselves when relating to a girl they like. 

This compliment contains a subtle but powerful element apart from being bold. In fact, it basically tells the girl that you like her both for her looks and for her mind. 

That’s what girls want to hear! Not the same compliment about their beauty, completely disregarding their personalities.

Important Note: Use this compliment only after having established enough comfort with her.

Compliment #2: You seem to have the right balance between confidence and sensitivity

That’s a compliment that girls won’t receive very often; it can be precious for that reason. 

Every girl has both feminine and masculine essence within herself. By tapping into both of those aspects, you’ll touch those chords that will make her feel like a well-rounded girl. 

She’ll associate this feeling with you, and for that reason, your success probabilities will be much higher.

[Insert Compliment]

As you can see, since this is a very balanced compliment, a significant part of girls will likely like it.

Important Note: You should use this compliment with girls that seem balanced to you. Don’t say it just to impress them because if they don’t believe in being confident and sensitive, they’ll think you’re lying.

You can also change the “confident” and “sensitive” adjectives into something else if you feel that’s a better suit for the girl.

How to Compliment a Girl Through Text: 7 Powerful Lines That Make Her Blush

Chris Pine

Dating someone on the opposite end of the happy spectrum teaches you an incredible amount of patience.

Let's all date depressed girls!

Compliment #3: There's something about you...

Many love songs use this sentence in their lyrics. However famous this phrase is, it’s still very powerful.

The reason is that there’s a mystery element in this line that will make her curious about what’s that “something” you found in her. 

[Insert Compliment]

Transitioning the conversation from this sentence into something more intimate is going to be easy. In fact, you can talk about her personality and that it makes you feel very good. 

That good feeling creates an alchemy of attraction towards her that’s more powerful than what you usually experience.

That will drive her crazy, especially if she already likes you.

We’re just scratching the surface of compliments here. Keep reading to find other powerful compliments that will make almost any girl excited to talk to you.

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Compliment #4: I don’t usually say this but you’re really fascinating

This compliment will give you lots of credibility while making her feel like an attractive girl. The first part of it, "I don't usually say this," serves to reinforce the idea that you don't usually give compliments for free.

This will make her perceive your compliment as more valuable. A consequential effect of this is that she'll become more receptive to the same praise as well as to your future compliments. 

[Insert Compliment]

Important Note: You must keep using the "exclusive compliments strategy" until the end. Otherwise she'll perceive incongruence in your behavior.

Be hard to get and girls will chase you like cats.

Compliment #5: I like something about you but I don’t know what it is

That’s a twist of the previous opener, more explicit thanks to the word “like” yet even more mysterious because you say, “I don’t know what it is.”

This opener will make girls tremendously curious to know what’s going on in your mind. They’ll be so interested that you can expect them to ask you 200 questions in a row, like in the case below.

[Insert Compliment]

I know answering all those questions will be a daunting task, but what can we do, my friend! Girls become very tender creatures when it comes to their beauty.

Treat her like a little puppy, and she’ll be loyal to you.

Compliment #6: I fell in love with your mind and... butt.

Not all compliments have to look smart. Sometimes something fun and sexually provocative, like in this case, will make you go a long way.

You can use this compliment not only to make her feel good but also to smoothly transition into a more sexual conversation without looking like a creep.

You’ll seem like a man that cares about her personality and, of course, about her looks too. That’s the sweet spot to lie in that will make her feel a contrasting but positive feeling at the end. 

[Insert Pic]

Important Note: Don’t use this opener right away as it would look incongruent to talk about her mind if the only thing you’ve seen so far is her butt.

Now it’s time to learn the last compliments that will make her go: “Wow. This guy really knows how to talk to a girl.”

Compliment #7: You’re sexy even when you don’t try

Wow, wow, wow!

"You're sexy even when you don't try" is one of the most cliche compliments that you can tell a girl, so why did I put it here?

Because what matters the most is the context where you use your compliment, not necessarily the praise itself.

That's why something like this can produce quite excellent results if used with the right girl at the right time.

[Insert Pic]

As you can see, she was flattered by it. I'm wondering how sexy she'd be when she tries to.

How to Know When’s The Right Time to Compliment Her

What if you have the right compliments to say like those above, but you don’t know if it’s the right time to tell them?

The solution to this problem is very simple. 

You have to realize that a girl is always ready to receive a compliment from a man. In fact, that’s what she expects deep down.


If you compliment her too soon, she will infer that if you give your compliments for free to her just because she’s attractive, that’s what you’ll do with other girls too. 

She’ll feel too appreciated, and you’ll lose value in her eyes.

On the other hand, if the time to give her a compliment is already there, but you don’t provide it to her, you lose the opportunity window. In that case, she won’t feel appreciated enough.

That’s why you must start dosing your compliments by following your intuition and her response. 

As a rule of thumb:

  • You’ll know you’re doing too little when she’s over-excited by your compliments.

  • You’ll know you’re doing too much when she’s no more excited by your compliments.

That’s why you must start with a compliment test to see how she reacts. Don’t do it too soon anyway, as that’s what most men fail with. Let her earn your compliments by making her personality reveal.

3 Steps to Move From Compliments to Solid Dates

Thanks, Sal. The compliments have been working wonders, but how do I bring her on a date? Thanks for your question, dear reader!

To get on a date with her, follow the 3 steps below:

  1. Compliment/Tease 

  2. Sexualize Conversation

  3. Close

1: Compliment/Tease

First of all, start by dropping one of the compliments of your choice or, alternatively, tease her over text to get the ball rolling. This will move the waters and shake her up for what’s about to come. 

[Insert Pic]

She accepted the compliment and is ready for the next phase.

2: Sexualize Conversation

Once you have made her feel comfortable, it’s time to inject some sexual lines into the conversation. This will create more intimacy between you and her and make it more likely for you to land a solid date.

[Insert Pic]

As you can see, the gas has been turned on.

3: Close

Finally, stop talking about intimate stuff before it’s too late and propose that she do something in person. After all, that’s where the magic will happen. You might transition from a sexualizing line to a smooth close to close effectively, like in the example below.

[Insert Pic]

1 Powerful Flirty Question to Ask Her Over Text

Want to know how to flirt over text without looking needy? Try sending her this flirty question that will get things moving.

The Question

“Do you like more giving or receiving?”

This teasing line is so powerful that 90%+ of girls will be stimulated when you drop it. It plays on the double-meaning idea of giving and receiving that can be interpreted both in a non-sexual and sexual way.

[Insert Teasing + Compliment Pic]

As you can see, it made her open up more to intimate topics. Then I went for a compliment that was dropped at the right time because the terrain was fertile.

How The Story Ended

Unconditional Compliment

In the end, I understood that girls liked to receive compliments from men. Most of them reject men complimenting them because they do so from a needy place, seeking approval all the time.

That’s not a genuine compliment that will get you liked and make your result more attractive but only a manipulation attempt to get a favor from the girl.

I was guilty of that; that’s why my compliments didn’t work. As soon as I started changing my approach, I realized that girls were beginning to like my honest compliments, even when I was being very explicit. That’s what I teach in my Integral Text Game Course, by the way.

At least I was real, and honesty is a vital attraction signal for virtually any woman. Needless to say that this boosted my text game so much that 9 girls out of 10 reacted positively to the compliments I gave them.

Bonus Tip!

By saying you don't look for sex, you'll lower her psychological defenses.

Bonus Compliment: Lately I thought that all girls were stupid but you changed my mind

Let’s face it.

Most girls out there seem like they went to college together with hens.

It’s so rare to meet one that distinguishes herself from all the others that this compliment will make her feel veeeeery good.

She’ll intuitively understand that by “stupid,” you probably referred to those “sluatty” behaviors that girls have nowadays.

This will make her feel less of a “sluat” and more of a good girl, at least in your eyes. What will happen in the bed will just be your little secret.

Wizard Takeaway

Compliments work best when they’re said within the right context. Don’t stop at the seed but consider the ground where you’re planting it.

Now you know how to compliment girls like a pro.

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  • Tinder Opener #6: I’m divorced with 5 children, is it a problem for you [Name]?
  • Tinder Opener #7: I was wondering if you liked more giving or receiving...
  • Tinder Opener #8: [Name], I hope you don’t look like my grandma without makeup
  • Tinder Opener #9: I’m really good at one thing in life [Name] and it's done with the tongue. Can you guess it?
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