I know what you mean. Probably girls stopped answering you at a certain point because you bored them. Or perhaps you’re only looking for some hot topics to use when the right time comes. 

Before, I had no clue what to talk about with girls, and they quickly got bored of me. The problem is that unless you learn to engage women over text, you’ll have a hard time bringing them on a date.

In this post, I won’t tell you the common sense stuff, like talking about trips and what kind of music she likes. Let’s leave this for newbies. 

As you’ll soon discover, we’ll go deep into talking about what women want to talk about. That will improve your chances of dating them.

Moreover, you’ll learn:

What You'll Learn

    How to make girls interested in you over text;
  • How to go from a boring conversation to dates;
  • What women really want to talk about;
  • How to re-engage her when she disappears;
  • Extra bonus tips;
Difficulty: Easy

Probably you think that if you’ve not been successful so far at texting women, you will never be. 

However, what I’m about to teach you will help you even in that case and transform you into a man that knows how to properly text women.

Typical Scenario

It's one of those lucky days where you matched with a girl you like. You are super excited about it and don't want to wait for a second more to talk to her.

So you start writing, and she usually responds. However, after some time, she starts to answer with less engagement until she disappears during the next 2-3 messages. 

That's when you start to wonder what happened. After all, things were going fine before. 

Then this scenario happens again, and again, and again. At this point, you realize that there must be something wrong with the way you talk to girls. 

That's what brought you to read this article most probably; otherwise, you're in a good place anyway.

That's Not a Love Story.

When I Sucked at Talking to Girls

When I started to text girls, long back, I wasn’t that great. Indeed the description you’ve just seen is very similar to what I used to experience frequently. 

Girls were interested in me, but, after exchanging some messages, they quickly lost interest in me. I didn’t understand what was going on, and I literally lost my mind trying to figure out how to improve my results.

My Improvement Journey

That’s when I began to investigate the nature of women. Surprisingly something changed completely when I started to study female psychology and dating skills with a friend of mine.

By going through books, online posts, and personal experience, we learned a ton about how women think and what they want out of a man.

That’s when we started to put into practice what we had learned. This changed our results tremendously until we knew we were on the right path.

From that moment, I dedicated my life to the understanding of women and how to look more attractive in their eyes. 

I remember a particular case with a girl that used to ignore me after I had texted her. Then I disappeared for a couple of months and only returned to her when I improved my skills.

Want to know how this ended up?

You’ll discover how this story ended in a moment. Now it’s time for you to learn how to talk to girls like a boss.

Tip #1: Sound Thrilling

Many men don't know that women thrive when they meet a man that can bring them on a fun ride. 

Since girls depended on strong men for ages, they developed a mental circuit calibrated in such a way that made them seek for those men that were usually bold and fearless.

This attitude they had made them very exciting to have around because of the protection they offered and the fun part that came with adventures. 

That's why you must sound thrilling when texting women. Look at those examples:

[Good example]

[Bad example]

As you can see, in the bad example, I got her bored easily with those topics. Instead, in the second example, she was excited to talk about those things.

Two completely different results, just by changing the vibe of the conversation. Let's now go on with the second tip.

Tip #2: Tell Compelling Stories

Have you ever heard of the power of storytelling? If you work in sales, I'm sure you have already. Telling compelling stories is the best way to connect to women or people in general. 

If this statement surprises you, try to think about what you recall the most from people. Is it their date of birth? 

Is it some facts about them, or maybe what you recall the most is the compelling stories they told you? Or perhaps something crazy that they did with you (that's still a story)?

Now you know what I mean.

That's why, if you want to engage women over text, you must share more than simple information such as the work you do or how much you like cheesecakes.

Sharing fun, dramatic, survival, horror, love, and adventurous stories are what will make you remembered by those girls in the long run. 

Look at those examples. 

[Good Story]

[No Story]

As you can see, in the first example, I talk about every day topics that don't generate that much of an interest with the girl.

On the second screen, I share a story of mine that promptly engages her and makes her want to keep talking to me. 

That's just one of the many screens I could have taken of why storytelling works. However, if you're interested in learning more, you can try my Integral Text Game Course for free. 

You'll learn how to get hot dates and the best mindset to have to succeed during them.  

We’re just scratching the surface of learning to text women like a pro. To learn more powerful techniques that will engage them, keep reading. 

7 Hot Things to Talk about with a Girl Over Text

Tip #3: Challenge Her

Another thing that turns on women is finding challenging men. That’s something that many men out there don’t understand. 

Since women are mostly driven by hypergamy, they won’t only settle with the first man that comes their way. 

They’ll instinctively choose the best partner they have access to based on what they perceive as valuable.

Now let’s be rational for a moment. How valuable, in your opinion, would a man that is comfortable at challenging a woman appear from 1-10?

A: 0-3

B: 4-7

C: 8-10

Logically speaking, a man that is comfortable at challenging women won’t be perceived as needy. That’s already a point for him. Moreover, he will also look confident in pushing the envelope with the opposite sex.

This might suggest that this man is of high status, a suitable prey for a hypergamous woman. 

That’s why you should start challenging women when you text them. They will subconsciously interpret your behavior as high value and will want to talk to you. Moreover, the whole interaction will be much more fun than a regular one.

Look at those examples:

[Challenge Yes]

[Challenge No]

As you can see, she’s totally disconnected from me in the first case and engaged in the second example.

You can provoke those feelings too in girls; just do it! Let’s now go on with the next tip.

7 Hot Things to Talk about with a Girl Over Text



“I'm always looking for meaningful one-night stands”

Very profound thought.

Tip #4: Inject Sex Talk

Most men fail at attracting women over text (and not) because all they chat about are comfortable topics like music, trips, and personal hobbies.

While there’s nothing wrong with that, limiting one’s conversation to that might get a woman bored after some time. 

That’s why you must transition your chat into something spicier when the situation requires it. This usually happens after you’ve built enough connection with the girl. 

When that happens, try to tease her and then move the conversation into something related to sex.

Some exciting topics related to intimacy are romantic trips, dancing, drinking specific cocktails, going to the spa, and creating a narrative. 

Once you get into one of those topics, moving on to sex talk will be much easier. 

Look at those examples


[No Sex talk]

As you can see, the first girl answered from inertia while the second one realized I wasn’t there to play kid games. 

A simple change in your attitude produces significant changes in how your interaction goes.

Now it’s time for the last tips. Those last bundle of tips will give you the final edge over your competitors so that you can outweigh them. Remember to keep reading to find out the bonus tip too.

Don't be afraid of sex talks. they're the reason why you're texting girls

To end this post, I decided to talk about the aspects that go beyond sexual attraction and that are related to the emotional aspect of girls. Let’s see them together

Tip #5: Hit Her Values

Many men (and women) forget to tailor their communication to who they have in front of them.

Everybody’s different, as you might already know, and is motivated by various things in life. 

Apart from being motivated by hypergamy to find their ideal partner, women are also inspired by their values. They also influence how a woman sees spending money or having sex.

That’s why you must talk to girls in such a way that resonates with their values. Otherwise, you might risk being misunderstood, and you don’t want that, of course. 

Some women will be interested in nature and wellness. Others might be more intellectual and care about books, movies, and art. Other types will be happy if you talk about parties, money, and luxury stuff. 

Other types will be more conservative and won’t be very open to talking about sex. Yes, unfortunately, there are those types of women in dating apps, my friend. What can we do?

However, what matters is that you can talk about how bad you’d like to sleep with them. Hmm Hmm. I am just kidding.

What matters is that you can have a conversation that’s almost at the same level as theirs. 

Look at those examples

[Not Value]


In the first case, I don’t care about talking about what she values. In the second one, I simply engage her by making her want to participate in topics she already likes. 

If you can talk to those girls based on their values, you will attract them more as their comfort level towards you will increase tenfold.

Now it’s time for your last tip. You’ve already gone a long way, but this will make things even more powerful.

Tip #6: Fantasies & Passions

This tip might sound clichè, but have you ever asked a woman about her visions and passions? The first one refers to the ideal life a woman would live if everything were possible. The second to what she would do if she had all the time available. 

As you can notice, those two aspects are significantly linked together, and the first makes the second come to reality, respectively. 

What a woman does, is not always what she would do with all the time and money available. That’s why digging deep into her psychology will help you understand what type of girl you’re talking to.

Why should you do that? Because being an amateur psychologist is good?

No. You must do this because if you find out what she would gladly do in her life, you will provide her with what she wants, especially if you’re rich and famous.

Since that’s not the case, you can still do it if she is not ambitious with her fantasy requests. 

Look at this example to understand what I’m talking about 

[Fantasy Ask]

Talking to her, it came out that she’s passionate about that. Well, I then propose to her to do the very thing she wants to do. 

How do you think she will react to this? Only positively.

Dig deeper and provide women the object of their fantasies. You’ll then give them the final object of their dreams: your banana dessert.

I’m sure that would feel good both to you and her.

How The Story Ended

She Was Surprised

In the end, I started texting that girl after 2 months of having disappeared. I started applying some of the tips above to make her want to chat with me, especially challenges, talking about values, and injecting sex talk.

When we met for some drinks in our college bar, she couldn’t believe that I had changed so much, as I started to behave like this also face to face.

That was a surprise as many men are comfortable talking about certain things only online but then get paralyzed when facing some topics live. 

Thanks to the internal mindset change I had gone through, I managed to seduce her effortlessly. That’s when text and live game changed forever for me. 

By the way, this is what I teach in my Integral Text Game Course. The first-ever text course that teaches you both how to get women on dates and what mindset to adopt to bring them to your place once there.

women are emotional creatures. Make sure to always spark their emotions

Bonus Tip!

Bonus Tip: Talk Emotions

Whatever you do with a woman, remember that she is an emotional creature and thrives when her emotions are sparked. 

This means that almost every message you send should trigger an emotion in her. It doesn’t matter if the feeling triggered is a positive one or a negative one.

What matters is that she feels something when she’s around you. It would be best if you started worrying about women’s disengagement when you stop engaging their emotions.

How can you always spark emotions?

In one word: risk.

By taking risks, you will make those girls feel different from other men make them feel. 

Remember that 90% of men are bad with women. If you apply all those principles, you’ll easily outweigh them and get the 90th percentile hottest women (10% of the population).

Remember not to stop working on yourself. Success is built, not given for free.

Look at this chat, just to get charged about the upcoming yours.

[Empotions Risk]

Cool right? It will be much funnier to have such conversations rather than regular boring ones. You can do this too.

If you want to maximize your chances of success with women, [Insert The Realization + Quote]

 I also teach this in my Online Dating Domination Bible, by the way.

Wizard Takeaway

women must always be led to exciting conversations. Never expect them to make it enjoyable for you. 

They represent the passive feminine principle, and as such, they must be stimulated, nurtured, and Sexually aroused by a man.

Now you know enough to make women interested over text. Or maybe not? 

If you believe this post was helpful, please share it.

If not on your social media at least with ONE friend of your best friends that absolutely needs to read it.

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