Are you stuck in a rut when it comes to texting your crush or girlfriend? Do you find yourself staring at your phone, trying to come up with something witty or interesting to say? Well, fear not! We’ve got 101 topics that will have you chatting away in no time.

Think of this article as your ultimate cheat sheet for keeping the conversation flowing. From light-hearted topics that will make her smile, to personal questions that will help you get to know each other better, we’ve got it all covered.

So sit back, relax and let us guide you through the art of texting. With these 101 topics at your fingertips, you’ll never be lost for words again.

Key Takeaways

  • Light-hearted topics like travel adventures and childhood memories can be great conversation starters.
  • Personal questions can help reveal interests, fears, and future goals, and deepen the connection between two people.
  • Funny and playful topics such as memes, jokes, and would-you-rather questions can keep the conversation light and fun.
  • Deep and meaningful conversations about values, life goals, and personal thoughts and feelings can bring people closer together and strengthen the relationship.

Light-Hearted Topics

Let’s keep things fun and easy with some light-hearted topics to chat about with your crush or girlfriend. Try asking about their travel adventures or favorite childhood memories. These topics can lead to exciting stories and allow you both to bond over shared experiences.

Discussing travel adventures is a great conversation starter for many reasons. You can learn about each other’s favorite destinations, bucket list trips, and even share tips for traveling on a budget.

Meanwhile, talking about favorite childhood memories will give you insight into what shaped them as a person and help you understand their values and interests. These light-hearted topics are perfect for building connections without diving too deep into personal questions just yet.

So, let’s move on to the next section where we’ll discuss some more intimate topics.

Personal Questions

You might want to ask her about her interests, hobbies, and passions. It’s always good to know more about what makes a person tick and what they enjoy doing in their free time.

Here are a few personal questions you can ask your crush or girlfriend:

  1. What’s your favorite childhood memory? This question can help you understand what kind of experiences shaped her into the person she is today.
  2. What are some of your biggest fears? While this question may seem heavy, it can actually bring you both closer together by showing vulnerability and trust.
  3. What are some goals you have for yourself in the future? This question shows that you’re interested in supporting her dreams and aspirations.
  4. If money wasn’t an issue, where would you travel to next? This question can spark a conversation about travel and create exciting possibilities for future trips together.

Now that you’ve learned more about her on a deeper level, it’s time to move onto some funny and playful topics without losing momentum in the conversation flow.

Funny and Playful Topics

If you’re looking for ways to liven up your text conversations with a girl, consider steering the conversation towards funny and playful topics.

Memes and jokes are always a great way to break the ice and make her laugh.

Another idea is to ask ‘Would You Rather’ questions, which can spark some interesting debates.

And if you want to impress her with your knowledge, try throwing in some trivia or fun facts that’ll keep her engaged and intrigued.

Memes and Jokes

Laughing at memes and sharing funny jokes is always a great way to lighten the mood during a text conversation with your crush or girlfriend. In today’s world, internet trends are constantly changing, and there’s always something new to laugh about. Sharing the latest meme you found online or sending a joke you heard from your favorite stand-up comedian can make your crush or girlfriend feel like they’re in on the joke too.

101 Topics To Talk To A Girl About Over Text (Crush Or Girlfriend)

Here are some ideas for memes and jokes to share:

  • ‘I told my wife she was drawing her eyebrows too high…she looked surprised!’
  • The ‘distracted boyfriend’ meme: use it as an opportunity to playfully tease your crush/girlfriend by captioning it with something like ‘when I see someone cuter than you’
  • A classic doge meme: such funny, much humor!
  • Share a funny TikTok video that made you laugh out loud
  • Send a punny dad joke that’ll have them groaning (but secretly laughing)

Now that you’ve got some ideas for making them laugh, let’s move on to another fun topic: would you rather questions.

Would You Rather Questions

As you navigate the winding roads of a conversation, consider throwing in some thought-provoking would you rather questions to keep things interesting. Not only will it help maintain a lively and engaging discussion, but it can also give you valuable insight into your crush or girlfriend’s personality. Below is a table of five would you rather questions that revolve around food preferences and travel destinations.

QuestionOption AOption B
Would you rather explore new cuisines or stick to familiar dishes?Explore new cuisinesStick to familiar dishes
Would you rather eat at a fancy restaurant or have a picnic on the beach?Fancy restaurantPicnic on the beach
Would you rather travel internationally or domestically?InternationallyDomestically
Would you rather go on an adventure trip or relax at a luxurious resort?Adventure tripLuxurious resort
Would you rather try street food from different countries or dine at Michelin-starred restaurants?Street food from different countriesMichelin-starred restaurants

By asking these types of questions, not only will it make for an enjoyable conversation but it can also provide insights into their interests and even spark potential future dates. Now that we’ve covered this topic let’s move onto something equally fun – trivia and fun facts!

Trivia and Fun Facts

Get ready to impress your crush or girlfriend with these random facts and interesting tidbits! Did you know that the shortest war in history lasted only 38 minutes? It was between the countries of Zanzibar and Great Britain in 1896.

Another fun fact is that a group of flamingos is called a flamboyance, while a group of hedgehogs is called a prickle.

Not only are trivia and fun facts great conversation starters, but they also show that you have an interest in learning new things. Share some facts about animals, history, science, or pop culture. Who knows, maybe your crush or girlfriend will be impressed by your knowledge and want to learn more from you!

And if she’s not into trivia, don’t worry – we’ll move onto deep and meaningful conversations next.

Deep and Meaningful Conversations

Wow, I can’t believe how much our deep and meaningful conversations have brought us closer together. Our philosophical musings about life goals have really opened up a new level of understanding between us.

It’s amazing how discussing our values and what we want out of life has helped us connect on a deeper level. When we talk about our fears, hopes, and dreams, it creates an environment for vulnerability and intimacy.

101 Topics To Talk To A Girl About Over Text (Crush Or Girlfriend)

It’s not always easy to open up like this, but it shows that we trust each other enough to share these personal thoughts and feelings. These types of conversations also provide opportunities for growth and self-reflection as we learn more about ourselves through the eyes of someone else.

Moving forward, let’s continue to explore these deep topics together as we get to know each other even better.

Getting to Know Each Other

Exploring each other’s interests and hobbies has revealed a whole new side of our personalities, making me feel even more connected to you. It’s amazing how much we can learn about each other just by discussing our favorite pastimes.

One of my favorite hobbies is playing video games, and it turns out that you’re a fan too! I love the way we can bond over shared experiences like this.

Another great way to get to know each other better is by sharing childhood memories. It’s fascinating to hear about the different experiences that shaped us into who we are today. From your stories about growing up in a small town to my adventures exploring the city with my friends, these glimpses into our pasts help us understand what makes each other tick.

And who knows? Maybe we’ll discover some common threads that tie us together even more tightly than before!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I keep a conversation going if the girl I’m texting is not very talkative?

Struggling to keep a conversation going with an introverted girl? Fear not, friend! Try using conversation starters for shy individuals or asking open-ended questions. Remember, patience is key – she’ll open up when she’s ready!

What are some good ways to flirt over text without being too forward or creepy?

Flirting over text can be a delicate balance. Start with playful teasing and gradually work up to sincere compliments. Keep it light and fun, but always respectful. Remember, the goal is to make her smile, not creep her out!

How do I know if the girl I’m texting is interested in me or just being polite?

You’re not a mind reader, and neither is she. Reading signals can be tricky, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. But don’t take her politeness as interest – look for signs like quick responses and thoughtful answers. Trust your gut!

What are some common mistakes guys make when texting a girl they like?

Avoid common texting mistakes and improve your skills by paying attention to grammar, spelling, and tone. Don’t send too many texts or come across as needy. Be confident and authentic in your messages.

How can I transition from texting to actually hanging out in person?

To suggest hanging out without being pushy, try mentioning a fun activity or event you’re planning to attend and ask if she wants to join. Tips for making a good first impression in person include dressing appropriately and showing genuine interest in what she has to say.


Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end of our list of 101 topics to talk about with your crush or girlfriend over text.

We hope that you found some great ideas that’ll help you start and maintain interesting conversations with the special girl in your life. While we’ve provided a variety of topics, remember to keep things balanced between light-hearted, personal, funny, deep, and meaningful conversations.

And don’t forget to actively listen and engage with her responses too! But here’s the irony: while this list may have given you some helpful tips on how to communicate with girls over text, remember that every person is unique and has their own preferences when it comes to conversation topics.

So ultimately, the best way to get to know someone is by talking to them directly and finding out what they like. Good luck!

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