Probably you want her to be so attracted to you that she’ll invite you to come over.

I feel you, brother. In fact, those are the best dates ever, unless you’re looking for a long-term relationship, of course.

However, unless you learn how to touch a woman’s chords during a live date, she won’t let you touch her own clam.

In this article, you won’t learn dumb tips like doing gimmicks on her, making her pay for the date, or using mind reading techniques to understand if she’s interested. That will only make you add one brutal friend zone to your list.

What if there are better ways to genuinely attract your Tinder date?
That’s what you’ll learn in this article, and much more, as you can see below.

In This Article You'll Learn

    How to Get a Tinder Date in 3 Steps;
  • 9 Tinder Date Tips to Make Her Want You;
  • The ONLY Reason Why Girls Ditch Guys on Dates;
  • 3 Destructive Blunders Guys Make on Dates;
  • The Kiss Trick That Works Every Time;
  • Extra bonus tips;
Difficulty: Easy

What you’re about to learn will help you ace your Tinder date like a magician.

Typical Scenario

It's one of those days where you feel like going out with a girl. After all, you're probably tired of texting women, and you'd like to have a real experience.

That's why you try to arrange a Tinder date with some girls you spoke to in the past days. Some of them ghosted you when you asked them out, others said they were busy. 

However, some girls accepted your invite, especially one you like a lot. That's what you were looking for!

Now a thought crosses your mind: "How can I make sure she likes me on the date?"

That's what brought you to search for more tips on how to give her the best experience possible.

That's Not a Love Story

Shitty Dates Were The Norm

That’s what happened to me as well when I didn’t know how to make a girl like me during a date.

To know how to best pass a date with a girl, I started studying from dating books, courses, and dates more often to do more practice with girls.

At first, I acted robotically, got rejected, and did some of the most stupid things ever, like bringing a girl home and not even kissing her.

However, after some time, I began to regularly kiss girls on the first date, thanks to a particular dynamic sequence I had developed. That’s a part of what you’re going to learn in a moment.

Let’s talk about the process I used to kiss girls regularly in a moment. For now enjoy the tips I have for you on how to ace your Tinder date.

Important Note: Read the article carefully; there’s a special attraction tip hidden inside.

9 Powerful Tinder Date Tips to Make Her Want You

Forget boring dates for you and her. By applying the 9 tips outlined below, you’ll be considered one of the most attractive, exciting, and fun guys in your city.

Tinder Date Tip #1: Plan a Multi-Step Date

What is a multi-step date?

Have you ever seen those movies where the guy takes the girl out in one bar, chats, and then tells her to move out to another place, like a park?

Then from the park, he tells her to go have a ride in his car until they go straight to his place to have sex? 

This is what a multi-step date looks like. Basically, it’s a way to make the girl’s experience more intense and articulated. 

In fact, after getting out of such a date, her memory of it will be more polyhedric. Moreover, it’s a great way to create more comfort with every girl, making it easier for her to sleep with you.

Tinder Date Tip #2: Ask Her Out Like a Pro

To ask her out like a pro, dropping a copy-paste line you found somewhere else might initially do the work. However, unless you present yourself as the person you claim to be once there, she might lose attraction for you.

That’s why when you ask her out, the best thing to do is to follow the steps below. Those same steps will need to be repeated when you’re in person.

Step 1: Tease Her

During this stage, you must spark the girl’s emotions. That serves to make her more vulnerable to you.

Step 2: Connect

After sparking her emotions, it’s time to connect with her. That will help the girl feel more comfortable with you, increasing your likelihood of getting a date.

Step 3: Close

Now that you teased and connected with her, it’s time to close her to a date. Only now the closure will be as effective as it can be, instead of what many guys do, like in the example below.

[Insert Pic]

9 Powerful Tinder Date Tips to Make Her Want You

Lena Dunham

I'm not great at dating, but I need to do it to relax.

Relaxing & having fun with a girl you like is the best.

Tinder Date Tip #3: Danger & Thrive

When you're on a date, you must make girls feel strong emotions. The reason is that since women are emotional creatures, they need biologically to feel an array of different feelings when they're with a potential partner.

One way to give her a boost of strong emotions is by bringing her to dangerous places. 


If you've seen a couple of romantic Hollywood movies, you know that girls are usually attracted by the "bad boys."

That's because usually, the "bad boy" is one that brings the girl to an emotional roller coaster and that triggers her most intimate adventure desires.

That's also explainable with psychology. In fact, there's a principle called the "misattribution of arousal" that can make a girl more attracted to you if you make her do dangerous stuff. 

That might be a great idea to bring her to a theme park, haunted house, or a zoo with dangerous animals.

No worries, she won't ditch you for seeing a gorilla with a bigger snake than yours. In fact, girls ditch guys for completely different reasons; let's discover one below.

The ONLY Reason Why Girls Ditch Guys on Dates

The most common reason guys get ditched on dates is that they can’t get a girl to feel anything. 

As said before, girls need to feel emotions, but what emotion they feel doesn’t really matter as long as they feel something.

This means that she’d be much better off feeling something than nothing because that’s what she’s made for.

Now, many guys don’t make women feel negative emotions because they’re afraid to be rejected. Another reason for not sparking those emotions in girls is that they think it’s not going to help them get laid.

However, that’s not true.

In fact, making girls feel emotions like anger, fear, anxiety, and shame will render the date much more interesting than if those emotions wouldn’t be sparked.

That’s why you must be there on the date, giving the girl the widest array of emotions she can feel. 

That’s what will make you more attractive and desirable.

We’re just scratching the surface here. Below you’ll find other powerful tips to help you experience the best dates ever.

9 Powerful Tinder Date Tips to Make Her Want You

Tinder Date Tip #4: Confidence Boost

Before and during the date, you must give yourself a confidence boost. As I teach in my Integral Text Game Course, confidence is one of the most important elements you need to have to enjoy a successful date.

Those affirmations below will help you feel confident with any woman. Repeat them in your mind before the date and during it:

  • “I’m willing to experience failure and to learn from it.”

  • “I’m here to grow and enjoy my life.”

  • “I accept any anxiety I might feel as normal and transform it into positive excitement.”

  • “I’m capable of attracting the girls I like.”

  • “I feel confident in my skin.”

I used those affirmations during my first dates when anxiety was as high as the Burj Tower in Dubai. They helped me center myself and convey more positive energy during the date.

Confidence is one of the Most attractive elements you can develop as a man.

Tinder Date Tip #5: Lead Her

Another important aspect to consider to succeed with your date is leading the girl since men are, by nature, leaders.

This happens because by nature, we tend to have more assertive personalities.

If she sees that you can confidently bring her to a better place than the one she's in, she'll trust you and follow you like a loyal puppy. 

Women might talk about feminism and equal rights, but most of them subconsciously crave a man that can lead them and show the way.

Practically speaking, this means not being afraid to take the initiative but being the first in deciding what to do.

Of course, if you decide something but she doesn't like it, be open to change. What matters is not that you do what you proposed to her but that you propose and then decide together.

Tinder Date Tip #6: Touch Her

Touching a girl (kino) is one of the most powerful moves you can do to arouse her even more. 

That’s because when a touch occurs between two people, oxytocin is released, creating a stronger bond between the two.

Moreover, when you touch girls, they’ll get more aroused because that’s how they’re wired. Since they can be very sensitive, they’ll react much more strongly than us men when touched.

What are the best parts where to touch a girl? If that’s your first date, start with those:

  1. Shoulder

  2. Arm

  3. Hand

  4. Hips

  5. Tighs

If your date goes well enough, you might want to touch other sensitive parts of her like:

  1. Belly

  2. Neck (Kissing it)

  3. Lips (Kissing)

  4. Butt

  5. Breasts

If you get to this phase, you’re probably going to sleep with her the same day. At least that’s what happens to me anytime I do so.

3 Destructive Blunders Guys Make on Tinder Dates

Tinder Date Blunder #1: Ask if Somebody is Hitting on Her 

One of the most common mistakes men make on dates is asking girls about their private lives. Cmon! 

I know somebody might be curious about the guys a girl might have around. However, asking this to her will make her think that the guy is insecure and also invasive. 

The reality is that every girl that’s at least a 6 has some guys hitting on her. If she’s average, indeed, she’ll have 3-7 guys hitting on her. If she’s good-looking, the number might rise to 7-15, and if she’s hot, the number is 15 plus.

That’s why asking her about this is completely useless.

Tinder Date Blunder #2: Not Going For the Kiss

That’s by far one of the worst mistakes you can make during a date, even if it’s the first one you have with a girl.

Going for the kiss will show her that you have the confidence to express your sexual interest, which will make you gain points. 

You don’t need to get the kiss from her; the mere act of trying is enough to make you gain value.

Tinder Date Blunder #3: Talking About Yourself All The Time

Would you go on a date with a girl that talks 95% of the conversation? Imagine this scenario now. How do you feel? Good.

That’s how girls feel if a man talks all the time. No further explanation.

Now it’s time for the last tips that will empower you with more great ideas for your date.

Tinder Date Tip #7: Make Her Laugh

How important is making a girl laugh from 1-10, in your opinion?

If you said anything below 8, you’re deadly wrong. 

The reason is that girls just want to have fun, and when they find a man that can make them laugh, they’ll be able to let themselves go.

That’s important because it will make them more vulnerable to your sexual escalation. That happens since the hormones that are released when a girl laughs prepare her for sex to happen. 

Dopamine is one of those, and it will help you escalate sexually, as we’re going to learn in a moment.

Tinder Date Tip #8: Sexualize the Interaction

Now that she’s looser, you can bring things to a completely new level of intimacy. One of the best ways to sexualize the interaction with the girl is by:

  1. Teasing her;

  2. Touching her;

  3. Talking about sex stuff.

This sexualizing move is critical for you to bring her home that same day.

Tinder Date Tip #9: Kiss Her

Finally, you should go for the kiss as said before. Kissing a girl will transfer into her saliva the testosterone present in your mouth, increasing her arousal level.

I know this might sound disgusting, but science doesn’t lie. As said before, always go for the kiss, especially when you feel it’s the right time to do so. In the last part of the article, you’ll learn how to kiss her like a pro.

And The Story Ends like this

The Best Dates Ever

In the end, the most exciting dates I can remember occurred when I implemented the tips I just shared with you.

It wasn’t amazing only for girls but also for me. In fact, instead of being anxious or bored to go on dates, I started to become excited as if they were fun trips.

That same thing will happen to you if you apply most of them. This will get you more results and enjoyment than ever. I Promise.

Bonus Tip!

Kiss her like a pro does.

The Kiss Trick That Works Every Time

Have you ever wondered how to go for the kiss like a pro? 

Many men try kissing women when the date is over. For example, in front of her home’s door or before she gets out of the car. 

That’s usually the worst time and place to kiss a girl for the first time. The reason is that kissing is a consequence of what you’ve built with the girl during the date.

During a typical date, there will be high-intensity moments and low-intensity moments. The ideal time to kiss a girl is during a high-intensity moment, even if this happens at the very beginning of the date.

You can recognize a high-intensity moment by the presence of fun, sexual tension, or simple calmness with complicity; as I teach in my Integral Text Game Course.

The kiss is an act to do with your gut feeling, not your brain. Tune into yourself and do what you have to do, my brother.

Wizard Takeaway

The recipe for the perfect date is easy. Being in the moment and expressing yourself fully will make it happen.

Now you know how to have an amazing Tinder date.

Remember to give her a unique experience and to believe that you can succeed.

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