Are you wondering if girls get read receipts from

Tinder when you message them?

Maybe you want to know what they’ve written to you without them knowing about it so that you have more time to think about a smart answer to give them.

I know as sometimes I need time too to think about the best answer to give, especially with hippie women that seem to be the hardest to get (at least, for me).

However, in this article, you’ll learn if women get read receipts from Tinder when you text them, along with:

In This Article You'll Learn

    If Girls Get Read Receipts When You Text Them;
  • What You Can Do To Prevent Girls From Getting Your Read Receipts;
  • How To Get Read Receipts When Other Girls See Your Texts;
  • A Process To Read Girls Messages Without Notifying Them;
  • Extra bonus tips;
Difficulty: Easy

That will help you even if you already know everything about how Tinder read receipts work.

Yes, you can finally spy on their messages and also avoid getting spied by those psycho girls that want you all for themselves.

Tinder Read Receipts: All You Need to Know (And Other Tips)

Typical Scenario

You’re having a pleasurable conversation with a girl you just matched to. After all, what can you do while you’re at home for quarantine? (Yes, I’m writing this post during the coronavirus pandemic)

Nothing better than texting some girls worldwide as most likely they’re more bored than you and want to be entertained by something more than a simple Netflix series.

This means that you’ll need to entertain her with your phone, and, if you’re not in lockdown as my country is, with your snake.

You heard that right.

That's Not a Love Story

Quarantine Sexting

Because once that will be over, I’ll go straight to the home of that girl and give her what she wants.

Tinder Read Receipts: All You Need to Know (And Other Tips)

I can tell you that we had the most sexual conversations ever on my Instagram account. We’re literally fucking each other in the worst positions you can imagine and having a lot of fun while doing it.

I’ll update the end of this story as soon as I have some exciting news. For now, let’s go on and talk about read receipts.

What are tinder read receipts?

Ever questioned yourself if girls can see when you read their message? If you are a what’s app user, I guess so.

Since June 2019, Tinder developers decided to implement this feature that, according to the app itself, you should “Use Read Receipts to stay in the know about who’s not yet read that original pickup line, or who needs a little more time to craft the perfect response.”

What does that mean? There are two ways to see this

using Tinder read receipts to spy her Behavior

One way you can use read receipts is by purchasing the read receipts pack offered by Tinder. 

Tinder Read Receipts: All You Need to Know (And Other Tips)

Those are the prices shown in my country (Italy) to purchase one of those read receipts packs. With them, you’ll be able to see if the girls you chat with will have read your messages.

However, be aware that every unit you purchase can only be used with one match you have.


This means that if you buy the single pack, you’ll be able to use it with one match, the 5 packs can only be used with 5 matches and the 20 pack with 20 of your matches.

If your match has deactivated the read receipts notification from her app, you won’t be able to use it on her, and your slot will be saved for another match.

That brings us to the next case where you can use read receipts to your advantage.

Turning off read receipts to be mr. mystery

Another way with which you can get the attention of the ladies out there is by deactivating your read receipts notification.

Tinder Read Receipts: All You Need to Know (And Other Tips)

If you keep the option turned on like in the picture above, it will enable other women to see if you read their message, whether they’d purchase the read receipts pack.

This means that if they wrote you, saw their message and didn’t answer the options are 3:

  1. She will think you don’t know what to answer;

  2. She thinks you think she wrote something stupid;

  3. She assumes you forgot to answer her.

We’ll see what this entails in a second. Before that, give a look at the face girls that like you will make when you'll switch off your read receipts.

Should you Turn off read receipts on tinder?

My answer: it depends. 

Tinder Read Receipts: All You Need to Know (And Other Tips)

If you deactivate read receipts like in the above picture, she won’t be able to use that option on you, thus never knowing when you see her messages.

That can have a positive side and a negative for you. 

The positive aspect of turning read receipts off

The positive side of turning off read receipts is that by not letting her know when you see her messages, you can take more time to think about your answer without looking like Mr. indecisive.

Moreover she will have to fight with the mystery of not knowing if you really didn’t read her message or are thinking years before answering.

That’s the good side of it as she will never know the truth.

The positive aspect of turning read receipts on

The positive aspect of turning on read receipts is that you’ll give her a chance to spy on your behavior.

This links to what we said above. If she can see you read her message and didn’t answer, you will put pressure on her because out of those 3 options:

  1. She thinks you don’t know what to answer;
  2. She thinks you think she wrote something stupid;
  3. She assumes you forgot to answer her/don’t care about her

90% of the time, she will assume options 2 or 3 is the correct one, and this will usually push her to invest more in you. 

Tinder Read Receipts: All You Need to Know (And Other Tips)

Friedrich Nietzsche

"Ah, women. They make the highs higher and the lows more frequent."

If you ever entertained a relationship with a woman you know what Nietzsche meant with that.

How to turn on/off read receipts

Now that you know the pros and cons of turning on/off read receipts, you can proceed to set the settings you desire. 

To do that, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Tinder

  2. Go to Your Profile

  3. Tap on the Settings Icon

  4. Scroll Below Until You Find “Read Receipts”

  5. Tap on “Manage Read Receipts”

  6. Activate/Deactivate them

“The Interest Of A Woman Towards You Is Usually Inversely Proportional To The Interest You Have Towards Her.”

The bottom line about read receipts

In my personal opinion, even if turning off read receipts might make you look more mysterious since they won’t know if you read the message or not, it’s not as effective as keeping the read receipts turned on.

This is true, in my opinion, because of two different questions, women will ask themselves in one of the other cases.

If you turn read receipts off and don’t answer right away, they will usually think:

“When will he answer me?” and “Has he seen my message yet?”

If you turn them on and don’t answer right away, they will usually think:

“Why has he read my message and not answered?” and “Did I say something stupid?” and “Doesn’t he like me anymore?”

A bunch of mental chatter/complexes that will only give you more power.

That’s why the bottom line and my best advice is to keep your read receipts turned on and letting her see that openly.

If instead you like keeping her on her toes, you might play the curiosity card. After all, curiosity triggers everyone and she might feel more attracted towards you with that. In the video below it's a funny scene from Pirates of the Caribbean where curiosity is brought up.

What'sApp Last Seen

What about what’s app last seen notification?

Before, I used to turn this off, exactly as I did with read receipts. Then I realized that I was just afraid of showing women and people that I was online not to make them upset if I didn’t want to answer.

That was an insecurity I had that made me think the best option was hiding. In reality, the best option when it comes to seducing women is being bold about who you are and what you want.

If she wrote to you at 2:34 am, and you were online until 2:42 am and don’t want to answer her, who cares?

Do we always need to behave in “socially acceptable” ways?

You don’t need to answer people even after you see their message, in my opinion, if the matter is not immediate, serious, or work-related.

Answer them when you feel like also because your response will be much more genuine and powerful compared to one where you just answer to “abide by social norms.”

That’s just my take, then do whatever the f**k you want.

What'sApp read receipts

What about turning on WhatsApp read receipts?

The same concept applies to WhatsApp as well because the psychology of women doesn’t change there.

Actually, turning what’s app read receipts on is even better as women will be able to see if you read their messages without spending a dime (as in Tinder you have to pay, so useless in my opinion).

This means that more women will see that and will be pulled by your “IDON’TGIVEAFUCKNESS.”

That’s text game magnetism 101.

And The Story Ends like this

Meeting with the Quarantine Sex Friend

In the end, as soon as they opened the doors after quarantine, I met with that girl.

At first we didn't have the same chemistry we had over text. Maybe because we were used to look at each-other only from phones.

However, after 2 glasses of wine and a good Italian pasta, we went to my place and had a real version of our digital quarantine fantasies.

How not to get caught reading her messages

Bonus Tip!

How Not To Get Caught Reading Her Messages

If you still want to keep yourself in the private and mystery realm, you can do one thing.

This will work in any instant messaging app with read receipts, whether that’s Tinder, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, or Telegram.

Follow the steps below when somebody sends you a text message on one of those apps:

  1. When somebody texts you, open the app without getting in the chat of the person that texted you.
  2. Let all your conversation load. Remember, do not enter the specific conversation where you don’t want the other person to get read receipts.
  3. Turn off both Wi-Fi and cellular data. You can put your phone in airplane mode to do it faster, but double-check the Wi-Fi and Cellular data are deactivated too.
  4. Enter the conversation you want to read while still being in this offline mode.
  5. Now read your message (and think about a clever answer)
  6. Now While Keeping Your Phone Offline, log out of the app, or delete it from your phone if you want to be 100% sure. 
  7. After the app has been deleted. Reactivate your Wi-Fi connection/cellular data (or both)
  8. Log in back to the app or reinstall it if you had deleted it.
  9. Once logged in, you’ll see the message as if you still have to be read from you. 
  10. Keep it “unread” as long as you want her to be unaware that you read it
  11. If you found a smart answer during your offline mode, you can send it to her.

I use this tactic to see the nudes pictures women send me on Instagram so that I know what to expect. Use it for whatever purpose you want now that you know this secret too.

Wizard Takeaway

Become a wizard of online dating by using read receipts to your advantage.

Now you can deactivate your read receipts and disappear or leave them on and make her go nuts. The choice is yours buddy.

Now I am going to have a chat with some friends. I’ll see you on the next article. 

If you believe it helped you, please share it. If not on your social media at least with your best buddy! 

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