wondering what Tinder top picks are

and how they work?

Maybe while you were swiping, you got a message from Tinder, showing you a bunch of "hand picked" women to choose.

Well, if you're like me, I guess you immediately liked the one that caught your eye the most. That's what I did the first time I saw that page screen appearing on my phone.

Tinder Top Picks: 3 Must-Know Strategies to Get You More Matches

It seems like Tinder knows my taste, and probably it knows yours too. It knows it because, according to Tinder, top picks "it's designed to highlight your most swipe-worthy potential matches."

Now, I want you to get laid thanks to that feature exactly as it happened to me; that's why in this article, I'll explain to you what are tinder top picks and how you can max-out your Tinder success with them.

In particular, you will learn:

In This Article You'll Learn

    What Are Tinder Top Picks;
  • How You Can Be Top Picked By Other Women;
  • 3 Strategies To Match With Your Top Picks;
  • My Experience With A Tinder Top-Picked Girl;
  • Extra Bonus Tips;
Difficulty: Very Easy

That will help you even if you’re not a Tinder gold user and can’t choose amongst many top picks.

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Tinder Top Picks: 3 Must-Know Strategies to Get You More Matches

A Regular Afternoon

It's a regular day, and you are so bored that you decide to go on Tinder to see what's up. Maybe you don't see anyone and you want to solve this issue. Maybe not.. You log in, and you start swiping.

At a certain moment, you see a screen appearing to you, suggesting to pick amongst some women.

You press like on one of them, then you hope she will like you back. After all, she seems to be the perfect type of girl for you. 

That's Not a Love Story

My Trip To Berlin

Before I tell you how to make use of top picks like a pro, I need to tell you a story of mine with a girl from Germany that I met thanks to this feature.

I was in Berlin for a quick holiday with my family. It was September 2018, and it was my first time there, so I was curious to see how girls were.

The first thing I did when I landed was downloading Tinder to see what was up. I’m actually more of a fan of cold approaches, but for some reason, I decided to go with online dating that day.

I started swiping, and after half an hour, I had already matched with 4 girls (when you move to a new place tinder boosts you automatically); that’s why I immediately got results.

Eventually, I didn’t even meet with them for many reasons, one being that I didn’t pay much attention to what I said as I didn’t care.

However, what happened the day after was amazing. I started to swipe again as I was on the line of a museum, and after some right and left swipes, I had gotten this screen from Tinder.

Tinder Top Picks: 3 Must-Know Strategies to Get You More Matches

Some Fresh Veggies Here

Of course that’s not the exact screen I had gotten before as I didn’t even think about screenshotting it. However that’s to render the idea.

So I picked one of the women that particularly caught my eye and, from there, everything started. You’ll learn how this story ended in a moment, let’s go on with learning about top picks now.

What Are Tinder Top Picks?

Top picks, as we said above, is a way to show you the girls that you might want to swipe on the most, ignoring those unattractive ones you see sometimes popping up on your screen; like this one:

Tinder Top Picks: 3 Must-Know Strategies to Get You More Matches

I know. Sometimes it happens to me too, but what can we do? Maybe paying more attention to Tinder top picks is a good idea. 

This means that what you’ll see in your custom picks screen will be the women that you’re most likely to like.

How’s that possible? Keep reading to find it out.

Should You Pay Attention to Tinder Top Picks?

Tinder’s algorithm, day after day, learns what your favorite type of woman is. 

If you like skinny blondies, then it will show you more blondies on your top pick page. If you like curvy brunettes, well, that’s what you’ll find out over there. 

If you like hairy BBW (we forgive you), you’ll also be able to find them there. Simply put, whatever woman makes your snake go hard, will be shown to you.

Isn’t that great?

Not always. Usually, even if the top picks are tailored chosen (and from my experience they’re pretty damn well-chosen), you won’t be assured to match with them, for two reasons mainly:

  1. If you’re interested in a specific woman prototype, that doesn’t entail that that woman prototype will be interested in you;
  2. Even if you like her, she might not be able to give you a like back as your profile might not have a high enough Elo Score to be shown to her swipe wall

This means that you have two options:

  1. Do not consider Tinder top picks as a way to get more matches;
  2. Take advantage of top picks in a smart way.

While the first option is pretty straightforward, what can you do to max-out the benefits of knowing your top picks? You’ll learn this in a while. 

Tinder Top Picks: 3 Must-Know Strategies to Get You More Matches

W. C. Fields

"No doubt exists that all women are crazy; it's all a question of degree."

Our guy had understood this before us, it's ow a news that they are so crazy that they make us become crazy too.

Tip #1: Super-Like Your Top Picks

As you learned before, girls that are shown in your top picks page might not necessarily be seeing you if their Elo Score is too high compared to yours.

This means that even if you like them, they will never know you did. A way not to make this happen is by showing them you’re on the platform and that you exist.

Show that masculine presence with your super like, even if you have one per day.


Because even if you don’t have tinder gold, you’ll be able to like one top pick per day. Guess what? You also have a super like per day. Thus you can use it on your top picks instead of wasting it on the girls you usually swipe on.

Yes, because even if your top picks page has a super like icon, that doesn’t mean that when you click on the girl, she’s gonna get a super like from you.

To super-like her, you should actually push on the buttons. Make sure to have good pictures and an attractive attitude like. You might want to watch the video below to learn some outfit tips from Men's Health.

Tip #2: Write a Smart Bio to Be Highlighted

Have you ever heard of Tinder's facial recognition software? Actually, it's Amazon's proprietary software; in fact, this face and video recognition software are called Amazon AWS.

Even if this title sounds fancy and makes look Tinder as avant-garde in blending dating & technology, that's not that great.

Before I tell you why, however, I want you to know that there's a way you can be picked up by women when you're shown in top picks.


By writing a bio that shows women (and Tinder) who you are, you'll be listed in the top picks section just as the lady in this picture.

Tinder Top Picks: 3 Must-Know Strategies to Get You More Matches

As you can see, below her image, it says, "Lifesaver." This means that she has probably written this word on her bio.

How can you use this information to get more matches? 

I don't know what are the most attractive jobs for men, according to women. However, Tinder did one survey that has proven what careers get the most right swipes to men, (and get those ladies flooding water between their legs.)

The main ones are:

  1. Pilot

  2. Entrepreneur

  3. Firefighter

  4. Doctor

  5. TV/Radio Personality

  6. Teacher

  7. Engineer

  8. Model

  9. Paramedic

  10. College Student

Chances are that if you're reading this article, you're not a Pilot or a TV Radio Personality as those guys get women like nothing. 

Even if you're not in the most attractive list, you can claim to be there. For example, if you are working on various business projects apart from your primary occupation, you might call yourself an entrepreneur. 

Well, that's going to get you straight at 2nd place on the rating scale. Even if you're not, why don't you start doing something you're passionate about today?

Tinder Top Picks: 3 Must-Know Strategies to Get You More Matches

That's what I'm doing with Attraction Truth. Coaching men to improve their relationships with women is not only a business for me but also a passion and a purpose. 


Because I also have other online businesses, and if I keep doing this is because I'm really driven. I consider myself a creative entrepreneur for that reason (maybe that's why I get so many matches, who knows)

Anyway, if you want your job title to appear in the top picks of other women, make sure you write your keyword in your bio. Precisely as I did in the image below.

Tinder Top Picks: 3 Must-Know Strategies to Get You More Matches

That’s how I’m introduced to my top picks. 

What about you? Choose a word that best represents what you do and make it fit in one of the categories above. You’ll see a boost in your matches not only because of top picks but also in general.

Now it’s time to learn the last secrets about Tinder top picks.

As you know, apart from seeing how active you are on the platform, Tinder uses the Elo Score as a part to rate the profiles of its users. 

This means that there will be people with a high Elo score, people with a low one, and everything in between.

This means that to get a higher chance to match with one of your top picks, you should improve your Elo score.

That's certainly something you can do in one day. However, by getting a complete profile makeover, you can substantially improve the rating of your profile and have a higher chance to be seen in the swipe list of your top picks.

That's an important aspect to consider because usually, Tinder will put higher quality women on your top pick's list. Those are the ones you don't normally see. 

If you can't see them, then they won't be able to see you unless you super like them, as said before, or improve your Elo Score.

I think now you have enough information to decide if Tinder top picks are worth using or not. I personally believe that top picks are neither worthy or unworthy of using per se, but this depends on the quality of your profile. 

That's why getting a complete profile makeover is the surest way to get this handled like a pro.

Wizard Takeaway

Prepare in advance with women and assume it might take longer than expected.

I hope you learned something from this article. Not only concerning Tinder top picks but also dating a woman you love when you only have a few time left.

What I learned is that it’s always better to prepare in advance. If I had purchased Tinder plus and geotagged myself in Berlin before getting there, I’d had more time to build comfort with that girl.

But, we know that life’s unpredictable, we can do only what we are aware of.

Now it’s time for you to go get the quality matches you deserve. If you believe this article is shit, please send us an email to info@attractiontruth.com. We’ll put you in our hall of haters.

If you believe it helped you, please share it. If not on your social media at least with your best friends! 

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