Are You Wondering If Tinder Boost Is Worth It?

Probably you are a free Tinder user, or maybe you’re a premium one, and you’re curious about how to best use your monthly boost to get laid. 

Whatever the case, it’s obvious that unless you use your boost effectively, you’ll be missing out on many dating opportunities, precisely like my clients, and I did before knowing how to use it properly.

Not making enough matches can be frustrating, I know. However, don’t worry, as that’s what you’ll learn in this article, along with:

What You’ll Learn

  •   How Tinder Boost Works;
  • How to Create a Perfectly Timed Boost;
  • Improve the Effectiveness of Your Boost;
  • What to Do Before You Activate Your Boost;
  • What to Do Once the Boost Gets Activated;
  • If Using Boost It’s Worthy of Not;
  • Other Cool Stuff;

That will work even if you didn’t get any matches so far, provided you follow the advice I’m about to give you, especially at the end of this article.

The Best Time to Use Tinder Boost (5 Easy Steps to Maximize Matches)

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The Best Time to Use Tinder Boost (5 Easy Steps to Maximize Matches)

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What is tinder boost?

Correct me if I’m wrong: you log into Tinder, and you start swiping right a substantial amount of women, say that you swipe right 6 times out of 10 at least. 

However, even though after 15 minutes you probably swiped right 50 times, you don’t see any matches when you check your phone the day after. 

You start thinking that there could be something wrong with how you use your profile. So you think about the possibility of getting your account boosted as maybe it’s just a problem of visibility. 

That could be the case because unless you have a very competitive profile that has its health at its maximum (no reports received), you will be surpassed by the most influential profiles in your city. 

However, you can boost your profile and surpass those guys for 30 minutes so that women will see you first and be more likely to swipe right on you. That’s all the boost does, getting higher visibility (10X, according to Tinder) in your area.

That’s Not a Love Story.

 Boosting my profile got me 40+ Matches & 7 Hot Dates in 2 Days 

That’s exactly what happened to me as soon as I tried the boost for my second time (the first one was an epic fail during a trip in Seville (Spain) because I didn’t apply the principles you’re going to learn in a moment.) 

The second time I tried the boost, I was located in Krakow, and the results have been crazy. As soon I activated it and applied the principles explained below, I started to get many quality matches in a short time.

After only 1 hour, I matched with around 15 hot women (and when I say hot, I really mean it), making my chances to go on a date with one of them very high. After a day the matches were more than 40.

A big part of them answered back to my clickbait opener, out of which 9 agreed to go on a date with me. 

The Best Time to Use Tinder Boost (5 Easy Steps to Maximize Matches)

Never drink red wine with polish girls as they might turn into uncontrollable animals.

Two of them flaked me badly, and so I dated the other 7 in 2 different days as I had set up the dates at 4 hours of distance between one another. Do you want me to spoil how things went? 

Okay, I just tell you that out of those 7 women, 4 disappeared into nothingness after our first date (I even kissed with 1 of them).

Ahh, those women run away like cats sometimes! 

As far as concerns the other 3, well, you’ll know what happened at the end of the article.

Before that, let’s talk about Tinder Boost and how you can properly use it.

Tip #1: Boost At the Right Days

As you probably know, the probability distribution of finding a woman on a dating app is inversely proportional to how close the weekend is. 


In simple words, if you were planning to use your boost during a boring Saturday afternoon while you are in your bed with an annoying cold, then you better keep reading.

Basically, do not use your boost on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays as fewer women are online, and probably they will already have plans for the weekend (since it’s already weekend).

Avoid boosting on Sundays as well, because even if some women will be home swiping, others will still be out and will come home by night. 

At this point, they’ll be too tired or unmotivated to open the app, after all, they probably had already had their fun time during the weekend. 

This means that you should use your boost between Mondays and Thursdays included unless those happen to be festivities or national days. In that case, treat those weekdays as a typical Sunday, thus no boosting.

Pro Hack: According to google trends and many dating apps data, boosting on Monday is the best day of the week you can go for.

Arthur Schopenhauer 

“Men are by nature merely indifferent to one another; but women are by nature enemies.”

Tip #2: Boost at the Right Times

Another thing you should know is that you shouldn’t use your boost at 12 am in the morning when she just woke up. Why?

Because probably she’ll be irritated as after looking at herself in the mirror she thinks she has gained 10 pounds overnight, becoming slightly more attractive than her.

The Best Time to Use Tinder Boost (5 Easy Steps to Maximize Matches)

Don’t expect them to match you like crazy in the first part of the day as they hate themselves too much for that. Wait for them to take a shower, get dressed, and put makeup so that the sexual mood will kick in.

Tip #3: Boost at the Right Places

If you live in a small city (or village), you won’t reap many benefits from using boost. Probably only the daughters of your parents’ friends will see you, along with the friends of your friends.

The Best Time to Use Tinder Boost (5 Easy Steps to Maximize Matches)

A better way to use your boost would be to go to the closest biggest city next to where you live and exploit it there. 

That’s even better because that way you’ll have both women to date in your city and outside of it, if you like being a multi-relationships manager.

In the next steps, you’ll learn the 3 things you should never do with your boosts as you could completely waste it, like the first condoms you put on, to see if they fit your banana well.

By the way, if you want to start using more of those condoms you purchased (with real women), I suggest you get in our mailing list where you’ll learn how to get 3+ quality dates each week.

Now it’s time to see what are the biggest mistakes men make when using their boost.

Mistake #1: Boosting with a Weak Profile

It doesn’t matter if you are rich as f**k and can purchase 1000 boosts a day. If your profile looks like shit to 100 women, it will also look shit to 10000 women. 

That’s simple statistics that I even understand even if I first failed that exam. 

A way to avoid wasting your boost is to get a complete profile checkup so that you make sure you’re starting with the right foundations.

Another way to do this is by downloading my Matching Multiplier Bible that has a 10 days step-by-step plan to help you get the same results. However, if you don’t have time to lose, the checkup would be a better option.

What is a weak profile anyway?

  • A profile with less than 4 pictures or shitty pictures;
  • A profile without a bio or a poorly written bio;
  • A profile without the right settings.

Max-Out Your profile strength before even attempting to use the boost feature if you want to see crazy results.

The Realization

Mistake #2: Using The Boost & Forgetting About It

If you believe that you will get a ton of matches just by activating your boost and watching Netflix while daydreaming about your next adventurous lay, you’re wrong!

During your boost and after it, I recommend you to stay logged in the app to monitor what’s happening; you might be wondering why now. 

The reason for that is that if you get some matches, it would be better to contact them right away or Tinder will decrease your account relevance.

That’s what happened to me the first time I used the boost while in Sevilla. Since I was totally unaware of this, I activated it and kept walking in the city without considering Tinder for a few hours.

Big mistake as Tinder’s algorithm rewards the users that are most active according to its latest policy.

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Mistake #3: Using Boost when Travelling to a New Location

Whenever you travel to a new location, you’ll automatically get a boost from the app. This means that if you plan to cause lots of heartbreaks during your next trip, wait a full week before activating your boost. I noticed this natural boost occurring to my account as well when I traveled to different locations in Europe at other times.Needless to say, I didn’t have the necessity to use the boost while I was there, as my account was already performing much better than it did in my hometown.I also didn’t know this back then, please take advantage of this trick on my behalf as well and then boost yourself after the first days for a complete city takeover.

Now it’s time for the last tip.

Tip #4: More Left Swipes 

If you want to get your account another natural boost, what you can do is get into the habit of swiping more left than right.


Because the tinder algorithm will give higher visibility to those accounts that show a lower need to match.

In a few words, if Tinder sees that a man is desperate for p*ssy in the app just as he is in real life, then it will give that account low sexual market value, just like those bitchy high-status girls do.

Please, don’t swipe on that woman you’d screw only when drunk because even if she could be great in bed, this will make your account look more “needy” for sex.

Raise your standards and show you have options (but don’t go overboard by only liking 1 woman out of 20, for god’s sake.)

How The Story Ended

You want to know how the story ended? Alright. I met with the first of those women on a Thursday afternoon.

The Date & The Overcooked PastaWe met at a bar nearby my place, and everything seemed to have gone well also because I had warmed her up pretty well during our conversation on what’s app after having moved her away from Tinder.

While we were talking about our life experiences, I was already thinking about pulling her at my place. It came out that she loved Italian food (whose girl doesn’t?) and so I used the excuse that I was starting to get hungry, talking about all those tasty dishes.

Needless to say, I made her hungry, too, not only of food. We paid the bills and headed to my place for a special “Pasta all’ Amatriciana” (Typical Italian dish).

The pasta, unfortunately, came out a little overcooked as I was busier biting her ass while she was bent over the kitchen table.


In the end, we ate our sticky pasta after the first round, then watched a movie while digesting, only to get ready for the second sound of ass biting and slapping. She definitely got some Italian lessons there.

The other women’s stories are too long to be posted here, but you can read them in the dedicated Sex Stories Repertoire.

Use The Super-Boost Feature to get 100X Matching Chances

Bonus Tip!

Did you get turned on from that story and absolutely need some matches right away?

After having downloaded my Matching Multiplier Bible that will boost your matching chances by 7X, you can use another weapon. It’s only for very ambitious men.

Tinder lately released its super-boost feature that basically, instead of letting you 10x your matches, it gives you 100x more chances of being seen by women in your area.

That means that if you followed my guidelines on how to make a powerful profile, you would be 100x more likely to bite a woman’s ass while you cook her something delicious like I did.

The super-boost doesn’t come for free, of course, as that’s something exclusive to premium members only (you need to pay at least a monthly fee), plus it has a very high cost of itself.

Should you use it? Well, that depends on how ambitious you are. If you really want to max-out your dates, I’d suggest you do it (after having improved your profile at least.)

Wizard Takeaway

Never keep the burners on while doing foreplay.

What can we all learn from this story? Never keep the burners on while you’re doing foreplay is surely one of the lessons. 

The other one is that no matter how many boosts you use, they will only make your profile more of what it is. If it’s crap, crap it’s gonna be; if it’s good, you’ll probably burn your pasta too.

However, knowing when and how to boost your Tinder profile is not enough to be successful as there are many other things to learn.

If you want to become a master at online dating, check out my Text Game Bible. It will provide you so many dates that you’ll have to reschedule your entire week around women.

Check out it here.

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The Best Time to Use Tinder Boost (5 Easy Steps to Maximize Matches)

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