Maybe you’ve been chatting with one that you really like, and things were even going pretty well until something occurred. 

For some reason, she stopped answering you. You were puzzled by this behavior, not understanding why she did it. The only thing you know is that this indeed made you feel like crap, and I totally understand that.

You probably want to throw your phone away now, but what if there are better ways to re-engage her so that you can bring the interaction forward?

That’s what you’ll learn in this article, along with what’s outlined below.

What You'll Learn

    7 Reasons why girls ghost guys;
  • The One Thing To prevents girls from ghosting you;
  • 5 actionable solutions when girls ghost you;
  • One Surprising Thing About Female Psychology;
  • Extra bonus tips.
Difficulty: Easy

That will help you even if you’re so used to being ghosted that you already put your phone away after sending your first message.

Typical Scenario

It's one of those days when you feel that texting some girls is not a bad idea. After all, what could go worse if not being rejected?

You text a couple of them, and things seem to go in the right direction. You exchange some lines until things start to get interesting for you.

However, at a certain point, things seem to change. She starts becoming more detached and answers you in a few words. 

Then she disappears completely, not leaving you a clue of why this happened. At this point, you don't know what to do, but some questions start to pop up in your mind.

"Why didn't she answer?" 

"Did I do something wrong?"

"What should I do now?"

Those questions brought you to your search that, eventually, brought you here to me.

That's Not a Love Story.

Getting Ignored was Normal For Me

That reminds me of the times when girls preferred to talk to a 90 years old man than me. That’s when I realized that there was something that I had to do, or I wouldn’t have been able to attract the women I wanted.

I didn’t know what was wrong with my texting style, but indeed there was something wrong with it. That’s why I decided to fix it in the shortest time possible. It was back in 2011 when this used to happen. 

I began to study from the best dating coaches out there how to text women. Online courses, books about female psychology, and trial & error were my everyday rituals.

I was also getting used to cold approaching girls at the time. 

After some months of getting numbers and texting to girls, I started to see some patterns they displayed when they were attracted to a man and others that clearly meant no attraction was present.

From there, I started to craft my attitude and lines around what made women click.

The results? 

You’ll learn about them in a moment. For now let’s go on with the reasons why girls don’t text you back and some actionable solutions you can apply.

Why Do Girls Ghost?

There’s no straightforward answer to this question, but there are many of them that you should carefully consider.

Psychologically, ghosting can be a traumatic experience for many. However, we don’t have to take all the blame if a person disappeared into nothingness. 

As a man, you gotta understand that girls do what they do because they are wired much differently than us.

We are more logical and focused on our goals. Instead, women are more emotional creatures and often act in ways that we’d never think of doing.

Coming back to your question, those are the most common reasons why girls usually ghost men.

  1. She’s on their period

  2. She has a more interesting guy to talk to

  3. She forgot to reply

  4. You said something that hurt her

  5. She Died

  6. You are too needy

  7. She has a boyfriend

  8. She felt insecure about replying

  9. You didn’t sexualize the conversation

  10. She just wanted to chat

  11. You didn’t spark their emotions enough

As you can see, there are so many reasons why girls can ghost you that trying to spot the actual one is just going to make you lose precious time and energy.

That’s why the best thing you can do is prevent this from happening through some actionable solutions. Before that, let’s explore the reasons in detail.

Ghosting Reason #1: She’s on Her Period

Most times, girls act strange when they’re on their so-hated period from men.

You know, girls can be so moody when they cross those days that they can go from:

“I like this guy” (Même)


“I hate him” (Même)

So there’s no surprise she would ghost you in that case. 

Of course, you can’t know if she’s on her period or not unless you already know her well.

However, you can contact her after a few days so that you test the waters.

What could you tell her? A line like this should work well.

“Hey, I felt you were in a good mood today and thought to contact you.”

[Insert Pic]

Drop it and see what happens.

Ghosting Reason #2: She has a More Interesting Guy 

That's one of the most painful reasons why girls can ghost us. Many men think that the girls they talk to aren't being approached by other guys. 

The reality is that usually, a single average quality girl is approached by 10-20 different guys weekly, not to talk about an attractive one. 

Generally, she won't respond to 30% of those guys and will reject the other 50% after a few lines. 

That's the 80/20 rule applied to dating here. This means that out of the guys she's deemed impressive, there's you. However, until you keep her interested and provide her a better experience than what others are doing.

What is the best way to re-engage her if you believe that's what happened? Drop a value line that makes her laugh at the same time. Something like this will get the job done.

"Hey, I'm inspired to do something fun. What if we go out on a tour of the city in my car? Then we stop somewhere and take something."

[Insert Pic]

That's how business is done.

Why Do Girls Ghost? 11 Possible Reasons Why She Stopped Answering You (+ 11 Actionable Solutions)

Clark Gable

It is an extra dividend when you like the girl you've fallen in love with.

If you're a skilled investor as well, you're the king.

Tip #3: She Forgot to Reply

Another plausible reason why she didn’t reply to you is that she simply forgot. With the constant distractions we receive on our phones, that’s very likely to happen. Indeed, I also fail to reply to girls sometimes!

[Insert Lack my Repy]

And of course, they do the same with me too.

[Insert lack her Reply]

What can you do if you believe she just forgot to reply to you? Simply ask her or send a funny GIF, like in the example below.

[Insert funny gif]

She finally answered.

Why Do Girls Ghost? 11 Possible Reasons Why She Stopped Answering You (+ 11 Actionable Solutions)

Ghosting Reason #4: You Said something that hurt her

One of the most common ghosting reasons consists of having hurt the girl’s sensitivity. The problem is that even the slightest thing with women can make them change their minds towards a man. 

That’s why most of the time, we get crazy when we drop innocuous lines, but we get ignored, like in this case.

[Insert Ghosting]

What can you do if you believe in having said something wrong? You ask her.

“Hey [Name], have I said something that hurt your sensitivity? If yes, I’m sorry.”

[Insert Solution]

We’re just scratching the surface here, keep reading to find more reasons why women ghost us via text.

Never Break a woman's heart, Break her bed instead. 

Ghosting Reason #5: She Died

I mean, that could be an option too.

Ghosting Reason #6: You’ve Been Too Needy

That’s by far the most typical reason why girls stop answering men. I guess we all made the mistake of being needy, both in-person and online. 

Well, it’s time to get rid of this behavior if you are guilty of it, or girls will keep leaving you hanging like a limp sausage.

That’s an example of needy behavior right here.


Let’s now light a candle for this guy. He won’t get laid tonight. 

What can you say if you believed you were needy?

Simply send her a fun GIF. That low investment act will do its job better than most lines can do. What GIF to use? Look at the example below.

[Insert GIF]

Ghosting Reason #7: She Has a Boyfriend

This doesn’t happen many times. However, some girls are on dating apps without their boyfriends knowing about it.

That’s because they probably want to distract themselves and need a way out of their relationship.

However, they often ghost men after some time because they can’t really build something unless they get out of the relationship in the first place.

What can you do if you believe she has a boyfriend? Just ask, and she will tell you most of the time if you put her on the spot. 

Now it’s time for the last tips that will make you better understand why girls do what they do when ghost men.

Ghosting Reason #8: She felt insecure about replying

Don’t think that all women are confident and bitchy. Some of them are very insecure about themselves and don’t know how to handle even a simple conversation.

That’s why the blame isn’t always to put on the man as girls sometimes have their fair share. 

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to understand if a girl ghosted you because of insecurity.

All you can do to solve the possible problem is to talk to her while uplifting her and making her feel confident in her femininity.

A line you can use is something like this.

“Hey [Name]! I really liked talking to you and wondered why you disappeared.”

[Insert Convo]

It will work.

Ghosting Reason #9: You Didn’t sexualize the conversation

Another common mistake for most men is not sexualizing the conversation when she’s decided she wants to sleep with you.

That’s not only one of the reasons why she might ghost you but also one of the biggest hindrances to getting solid dates with her. 

That’s why, if you believe not to have considered this aspect, it’s time to give it the attention it deserves. 

You can do it by starting the conversation back with a teasing line like in the example below.

[Insert teasing line]

As you can see, she engaged back FAST!

Ghosting Reason #10: She just wanted to chat

Don’t think that all the girls on online dating apps are there to get laid or find a boyfriend. Some are there just to entertain themselves, and if they ever find someone that grabs their attention, they might decide to go on a date with that person.

Don’t get offended if this happens. It might not be the right time for her as she could be in a period where she likes being single. 

Suppose you think to find yourself in this situation. In that case, my advice is to let her go and not even waste time convincing her differently unless you really like her. For that reason, no screenshot is needed.

Ghosting Reason #11: You Didn’t spark enough emotions

The last probable case is that you didn’t make her feel enough emotions. This is a common problem for men that causes them to be rejected.

This happens because women are emotional creatures and as such, they like being entertained, nurtured, and emotionally stimulated. 

Suppose you failed to make her feel emotions. In that case, you could recover the situation by teasing her like in the example below or saying something spicy.

[Insert Tease]

That will re-engage her back.

How The Story Ended

Not Much Ghosting Anymore

In the end, after having understood the dynamics that drove women to ghost me, and after changing my attitude, I managed to make 3 women out of 20 ghosts me. That's much better than the previous cases where more than half of them ignored me.

You know, when you understand how girls are made, then there's no secret anymore, and things can only get as pleasurable as they should be.

Before I let you go, I want to give you another reason why women can ghost you. That’s a sneaky one as not all men understand what’s going on.

Women always test their men to see How committed they are.

Bonus Tip!

Bonus Ghosting Reason: She’s Testing You

By nature, women are the sex that has to be the most careful when choosing a partner. That’s the case because long back, getting pregnant was a huge risk where only a few of them survived giving birth to their child.

For that reason, they have to continually test that the men they talk to are serious about them. Otherwise, they could just sleep with them, impregnate and leave them raising the child alone.

That’s the subconscious fear that most women have and tend to eliminate by testing for the man’s insistence.

That’s an explanation of why she could ghost you. She just needs to know you’re really committed to having her, as I explain in my Integral Text Game Course, by the way.

If you think that’s the reason why she ghosted you, then just write back something like that.

“Hey, I missed you [Name]. Hope you’re well.”

[Insert Photo]

That will work.

Wizard Takeaway

Don't Take things for granted. Women are complicated creatures that must be understood to be fully loved.

Now you know how not to be ghosted and what to do in case this happens.

If you believe this post was helpful, please share it.

If not on your social media at least with ONE friend of your best friends that absolutely needs to read it.

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