Probably you want to go from this boring conversation

How to Arouse a Woman Over Text: 5 Things She Loves to Hear

To this exciting one where she just wants to jump on you

How to Arouse a Woman Over Text: 5 Things She Loves to Hear

I totally understand your question, my friend, and it’s legit.

However, the bad news is that unless you learn how to make a woman horny over text, you’ll have trouble closing her to a solid date. Not to talk about getting into her sacred cave.

In this article, you won't see the typical advice of sending her a shirtless picture of you, a photo of your hard "clockh", or other dumb stuff.

What if there are better ways to arouse women over text?

That's what you'll learn in this article, and much more, as you can see below.

In This Article You'll Learn

    5 Ways to Arouse a Woman Over Text;
  • The #1 Reason Why Men Turn Girls Off;
  • How to Make a Girl Laugh Over Text;
  • How to Go From Texting to Sexting in 3 Simple Steps;
  • Extra bonus tips;
Difficulty: Easy

What you’re about to learn will open your mind so much about arousing women that it will be like taking psychedelics.

Typical Scenario

It's texting time, and you're in the middle of an exciting conversation with a woman that you like a lot. 

You've been talking about many things like your hobbies, passions, and lifestyles. However, you want to move things forward, and you know that you should talk about something spicier to do this. 

However, you don't know what's the best way to move things forward with her. This brought you to search for some suggestions online. 

Indeed it's your lucky day because, in a moment, you'll find out how to arouse a woman over text.

That's Not a Love Story

Fear of Expressing Myself Sexually

That reminds me of when I didn’t have a clue on how to make girls feel that magic sensation in between their legs when texting them.

It was as if I was a good conversationalist until I needed to talk about more spicy topics.

Every time I wanted to move things forward, I felt a mental block that prevented me from expressing what I wanted. 

This made me lose many opportunities with girls, even with models. However, after many failures, I couldn’t stand anymore being the guy that got friend-zoned and never talked sex with girls.

For that reason, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and face my fears. I began by expressing my thoughts and intentions with girls I met in person and chatted via text.

Several months went by, and what I learned about women and me has been so powerful that I had to share it with you.

Moreover, I learned an important lesson about the female world that can help you maximize your results in no time.

You’ll learn how this story ended in a moment. Now it’s time to learn how to arouse a woman over text.

Important Note: Read the article carefully; there’s a special attraction tip hidden inside.

Text Arousal Technique #1: The Erotic Mind Movie

That’s one of the most powerful arousal techniques that you can use with a girl over text.

The mind movie technique is also a widespread sales technique used by most expert copywriters in the world. 

It consists of making a person (a girl in this case) imagine a detailed scenario that would spark emotions.

Look at the example below

How to Arouse a Woman Over Text: 5 Things She Loves to Hear

“Then we hug each other in the middle of warmth. Look ourselves in the eyes intensely and...”

As you can see, that sounds like the beginning of an erotic movie. 

If she likes it, you can proceed with the mind movie and talk about something closer to Fifty Shades of Grey.

The #1 Reason Why Men Turn Girls Off

Many men have no idea of why some girls might be turned off after exchanging a few lines.

This usually happens because of not expressing their sexual intent.

This happened to me so many times before that I lost count of how many girls I lost. The problem is that I screwed up opportunities with women both online and in-person, many times even with super attractive ones.

This is usually the primary reason why girls don’t answer a guy back. They see that he doesn’t have the guts to express his true desires, so she feels less wanted than she should.

Why is that important?

Feeling desired is a natural need for every woman on this planet for biological reasons. Let’s see why on this next point.

How to Arouse a Woman Over Text: 5 Things She Loves to Hear

Laura Prepon

I like to think I'll just be walking down the street one day and stop and meet someone, like, 'Oh my God, you're awesome,' and then we start dating.

Always approach the girls you like.

Text Arousal Technique #2: Make Her Feel Desired

Women have always been biologically selected mainly because of their genetic makeup that, in a word, everybody summarizes as beauty.

That happens because we men have an innate capacity to detect if the woman is going to produce fertile children for us or not in our visual perceptual system.

This means that girls will unconsciously weigh a visual opinion of a male about her. That’s why women always try to maximize their beauty by putting on makeup, heels, going to the gym, wearing curve-showing clothes, and resorting to plastic surgery.

They do this with one goal on their mind; getting appreciation from males. This means receiving compliments or simply being looked at like a delicious sweet.

We’re just scratching the surface here my friend. Stay tuned to learn more powerful tips to arouse a woman over text.

To arouse a woman over text, you have to do nothing else than what you’d do in person. Tell her what you like about her.

However, it would help if you did this in a non-needy way, or she’ll be turned off. That’s why your appreciation must be spontaneous and unconditional.

Look at this example.

[Insert Pic]

As you can see, she reacted positively to my appreciation. Tell her that you want her, and you’ll be a step closer to arouse her fully.

How to Arouse a Woman Over Text: 5 Things She Loves to Hear

Text Arousal Technique #3: Accept Her Completely

Another way to make a woman open up to authentic arousal is to accept her as she is.

Girls are susceptible to men’s comments about their beauty and their personality, character, and shadow traits.

As strange as it might sound for us men, that’s strictly related to her sexual arousal.

That’s explainable by many evolutionary theories. In fact, being attracted to a girl apart from her looks usually meant that the men would take care of her instead of leaving her for another hot girl.

That’s why if you can make her feel accepted in all of her parts, you’ll gain another point towards arousing her.

How can you make her see that you accept her?

Tell her that she’s a beautiful person, that you like her flaws, and that you think she’s perfect even when she’s not. 

This is not something that every man will have the courage and maturity to say to a girl. Be one of the few and enjoy the fruits that being unique always reap.

Accept who she is and she'll accept intimacy with you.

How to Make a Girl Laugh Over Text

Talking about other ways with which you can arouse a girl over text, that’s one of the most powerful.

Ever heard the saying, “girls just wanna have fun?” 

That’s a perfect reflection representing what girls really want. 

To make a girl laugh over text is crucial that you do it just for the sake of having fun together, not in a forced way. 


Because when you meet her face to face, she might perceive some incongruence between how you behave over text and how you’re in person, as I teach in my Integral Text Game Course.

You don’t need to be a clown to make a girl laugh over text; indeed, all you need is to express what makes you laugh.

Suppose she’s into your style of humor...bingo! Otherwise, no need to try impressing her with something that you don’t find funny.

Text Arousal Technique #4: Make Feel Special

Have you ever heard of a woman’s desire to be considered unique by her man?

You guessed it right. 

That’s another principle that will make her more aroused, especially if you truly believe her to be unique. 

How can you make a woman feel special?

  • Tell that she’s different from the others you meet.

  • Tell her that she makes you feel like few do.

  • Tell her that there’s something about her that is just magic.

This will make her want to commit more to you mentally and, as a consequence, physically. That’s again linkable to the concept we just spoke about before. 

If a man considers a girl special, he will be more likely to want to commit to her. That’s music for the ears of all women that want to get impregnated by that same man. 

Moreover, saying this to a girl will make you have better intimate experiences. I’m talking about more and better sex to be straightforward.

Now it’s time for the last tips that will finalize your arousal moves and make her wet and ready to be satisfied.

Text Arousal Technique #5: Ask & Provide

Finally, the last thing to maximize her arousal level is to ask her what makes her excited and then give it to her. 

There’s nothing better way to know what makes a girl excited than asking a girl what really arouses her.

Honesty is always the best choice; however, the girls must be mature enough to want to express this with you.

Moreover, you must be good at building trust with her; otherwise, she might not feel as ready as she could. 

I encourage you to take this as a personal challenge, even if this creates discomfort in you. Just ask her and see what she tells you. 

You might want to open up to her as well before you make her express her desires. 

Look at this example.

[Insert Arousal Pic]

As you can see, I’ve been informed about what she likes and not. Then I created a mind movie with her based on what she told me she would like. 

Powerful stuff.

And The Story Ends like this

Self Expression = Success

In the end, I began to express what I felt when I was around the girls that I liked, also applying this to online dating.

The results I got have been so crazy that I didn’t believe that by changing this little thing, I would’ve caused such dramatic improvements in my dating life.

The girls who friend-zoned me before started to become more open about my spicy talks, had more fun during our interactions, and agreed to dates with me.

Needless to say, I manage to seduce women in person much more quickly, making it look from the outside as easy as drinking a glass of beer after having tried absinthe.

That’s what improved the dating lives of many of my clients, as said in the continuous testimonials I receive from them.

If we did it, then you can do it too, my friend.

Bonus Tip!

good Sexting is the single thing that gets you from your phone to her place.

How to Go From Texting to Sexting in 3 Steps

I guess you wanted to know how to arouse a woman over text so that you can go on a date with her.

If that’s the case, follow the 3 steps below for maximum results:

  1. Tease Her

  2. Connect

  3. Close

1: Tease Her

That’s the first phase, necessary to spark emotions in her and make her more vulnerable to your next moves.

To learn how to tease a girl over text, go to this thorough article I’ve created.

2: Connect

The next fundamental step is to connect emotionally with her. This will increase the probability that she comes on the date instead of being flaky. 

To connect with a girl, you can talk about various topics like:

  1. Shared hobbies

  2. Shared passions/interests

  3. Shared personal stories

When you know each other well enough, a strong connection will naturally occur.

3: Sexualize & Close

Finally, as you learned before, it’s time to sexualize the conversation and make her understand that you really want her. 

This will get you out of the friendzone and make things more concrete with the next close. 

That’s a mighty move, since closing a girl after having sexualized the conversation will make it more likely to happen.

P.S. The erotic mind movie is a great way to sexualize things.

Wizard Takeaway

Women have crazy arousal mechanisms. However if you know them, nobody will stop you.

Now you know how to arouse a woman over text.

Ready to give her the time of her life? 

Start texting her now.

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