looking for the Best messages to make girls Laugh over text?

Maybe you want to attract your beautiful Valentine or you simply want to get easy & fun dates in this 2024.

It's essential that you know the right things to say and the best funny jokes to make someone (a girl you like) laugh over text.

That’s a good thing to want to learn from your side. 

It reminds me of when I wanted to know how to make women laugh at my texts as I knew that would help me get dates.

The problem for men is that they don’t know how to engage women’s emotions when texting, let alone making them laugh.

Today I won’t give you the ordinary advice to copy and paste funny lines from stand-up comedians.

Indeed, that won’t work but will only make you look fake and ordinary like all the other men doing this.

You'll learn the best flirty lines to talk to your love at first sight in a fun way that makes her smile.

Working for more than 7 years as a dating coach, people ask me for advice on how to text a girl and learn the best jokes to make her laugh.

In this article you will learn 3 powerful ways to make a girl laugh.

What if there are better ways to make women laugh over text? 

That’s what you’ll learn in this article, along with what’s outlined below.

What You'll Learn

    3 Potent Ways to Start Funny Convos;
  • The ONE secret behind making any girl laugh;
  • Funny Screenshots of Real Convos;
  • 5 Ways to be funny over text;
  • How to be fun during live dates;
  • Extra bonus tips;
Difficulty: Easy

This article will help you even if you think you are a disaster at making women laugh. Read it until the bonus tip to believe me.

Typical Scenario

It's one of those days when you want to talk to girls and have fun with them. For that reason, you decide to make your conversations a little more lighthearted.

You drop some “funny” lines or gifs but girls don’t seem to giggle. Probably that’s how they’re feeling 

You clearly perceive it from her short messages, if she didn’t disappear already.

That's Not a Love Story.

I’ve always been a funny guy from what my friends told me, and making girls laugh for me wasn’t a big problem.

However, that’s all I managed to arouse in them when I was younger, laughter. Even if this made me look funny face to face, I couldn’t replicate the same effect when texting women.

I didn’t know why this happened precisely. All I knew was that girls stopped answering me anytime I tried to look funny over text. 

There must have been a reason for my failures. So I started to understand why certain things were funny if said in live interactions and completely irrelevant when talking over text.

You’ll learn how this story ended in a moment. For now, it’s time to focus on the solutions you can apply to sound funny over text. 

We’ll go over the most common mistakes that make men when trying to be funny over text and then see what the correct way to go about it is.

Mistake #1: Copy-Pasting Text Messages

The first mistake that most men make when trying to be funny with women is looking on the internet or, worse, asking their friends for some funny lines. 

The problem with this approach is elementary; it will often make you sound incongruent.

This means that girls will perceive that the line you're using is not coming from you at that specific moment. Still, it's probably a very inauthentic way to make her laugh.

What if it works, Sal? I already used it in the past, and some girls laughed at my lines!

Well, they might even laugh the first time. Still, your real personality and character will be perceived even over text, not to talk about when you'll be meeting her face to face. 

Can you imagine going on a date with a girl that believes you're funny when, in reality, you cannot drop any line?

That's why the copy-paste approach is destined to fail.

Mistake #2: Trying to Make Her Laugh Over Text

The second mistake men make is trying to be funny.


Even if this might sound strange to you, there is an inverse relationship between how funny a person tries to be and how funny he actually is. 

This means that the more you try to be funny with a girl, the less funny you’ll be.

Ever met that guy that laughs at his own pathetic jokes even when nobody does? 

This behavior is the classical try-hard, typical of omega males. Women will immediately notice that you’re a man of low value if you continuously try to impress them. 

That’s why you gotta stop behaving as you should always make women laugh and start being more authentically.

How can you avoid this trap? Simply stopping to impress girls and trying to be funny. 

Only when you’re relaxed, true humor can arise, as you’ll discover in the solution I’ll provide you later in the article. Keep reading not to miss this tip.

5 Funny Text Messages to Make a Girl Laugh Over Text (Funny Things to Make Her Laugh)

joey adams

Never let a fool kiss you, or a kiss fool you.

On point.

Mistake #3: Not Checking Her State

Many guys don't understand that humor doesn't work right away, just by typing a funny line. Many variables come into play when making a woman laugh. 

[Insert funny line not laugh]

As you can notice, the girl didn't care that much about my line, even if it was somewhat funny. Why do you think that happened?

The main reason is that girls are mostly emotional creatures, and if they don't feel like doing something, they won't always do it. 

This means that you can't force a woman to laugh, but you can only lead her into a mindset from where she'll be ready to laugh with you. 

That's why checking on her state is fundamental before attempting to drop a funny line. As you can see from the example below, I got a totally different result.

[Insert funny success image]

That's when your lines will become more effective as they'll be contextualized based on the mood she's into.

Remember that in-text game lines only work when delivered to the right person at the right time. If one of the two elements is missing, you won't get the desired results.

tinder date

Solution #1: Get into the Mood to Make a Girl Laugh

What funny things to say to make girls laugh over text? 

The first ideal solution would be to get yourself in the mood first. If you can’t have fun when talking to girls, how can you ever make your crush laugh?

You should be the first to get into the mood, with the honest intention to have an exciting conversation.

You can know the best jokes to make a girl smile (like inside jokes). To make her fall in love with you, you must get the girl in the right mood.

As you're going to learn, by getting in the mood first you will have the ability to make her laugh by sharing spontaneously funny stories. 

In short what to say to a girl will come spontaneously in a funny way from the inside of your being.

When you genuinely want to make this happen, girls will be more willing to bend to your will. This means that you’ll make them laugh much more easily if you talk to them with that leading vibe. 

Men lead, and women follow. That’s why your mood will determine a vast chunk of your online dating success, even if you’re talking over the phone. 

Do you think a stand-up comedian would be funny if he wasn’t in that fun mood himself? Don’t think so.

Imagine him wanting others to laugh while being in a completely depressed mood. That won’t work, also via text, since women can read through your messages.

How can you get in a fun mood? That’s a good question.

You can try watching some fun movie scenes on Youtube. I often watch this one when I wanna get uplifted. 

Otherwise, you can listen to songs that put you in a good mood or talk to some fun friends you have. 

That should be enough to make them laugh so that they can later get happily wet.

Women are generally moody. lead their mood by controlling yours.

Solution #2: Be Authentic to Make Her Laugh

Everybody has his own style when it comes to humor. Some men make the mistake of copying others' styles, forgetting that they should develop their own. 

Would you be more comfortable dropping a funny line like this?

[Insert style 1]

Or maybe like this one?

[Insert style 2]

What about this third one?

[Insert style 3]

I believe that you'd prefer to use one of those lines if you had the choice. Moreover, I'm sure that another man reading this article won't necessarily be choosing the same as you?


Because everyone's different, and you can't make a specific personality trait fit into your texting style if it isn't compatible.

What you should do instead is find out the style you're most comfortable with. This will both make you feel more confident when dropping funny lines and also be more effective. 

Moreover, girls will feel that you're much more authentic than all the average quality men there are out there. 

This will indirectly spark even more attraction to them, making you gain much more points than doing otherwise.

Solution #3: Funny Texts & Jokes to Make

Finally, one way to make your irony more powerful is by resorting to some irony sparking principles. Those are usually universal laughter triggers, regardless of gender, culture, and age. 

By using those appropriately, you will boost your humor’s power.

Principle 1: Lowering Status Tease 

Women are very conscious of their beauty, behaviors, and social customs. If you can leverage some of her strange actions to make her look a little awkward, stupid, or unconventional, you’ll make her laugh with some shame; that’s a powerful attraction trigger.

Look at those examples

[Self Conscious 1]

As you can see, she noticed her awkward behavior and started to laugh while feeling stupid but attracted to me at the same time.

This tease you give her will make her feel self-conscious and like she has to gain your attention back.

Principle 2: Surreal Storytelling

I also use to make women laugh by telling them surreal stories about how we’re going to end up. 

Sometimes I say that I’m going to cheat on them with my 87 years old granny neighbor after our honeymoon. 

Those stupid but crazy things work in making them laugh, trust me. Look at this example.

[Surreal Storytelling Example]

Yeah. That’s funny, in my opinion, and it seems to work on the majority of women as well.

How The Story Ended

In the end, I learned that even if I was funny during live interactions, that didn’t necessarily translate into fun over text. 

A good friend of mine also had the same problem. We managed to overcome it by getting in a funny mood also when texting women from our phones. 

That magically lead them to the place where they wanted to be. Another thing that helped us tremendously was implementing the next tip you’re about to find out. 

By not trying to be funny, you'll be funnier.

Bonus Tip!

Bonus Tip: You don’t need to be funny

And here we are. 

The final revelation we’ve all been waiting for.

To help you become funnier over text, I invite you to consider for a moment why you’d want to be funny in the first place.

Is it because a girl told you to be funny; otherwise, you wouldn’t be? Is it because you’re afraid of losing the girl if you’re not funny?

Who told you that to seduce girls, you should be funny?

In my experience, I managed to seduce some women without being necessarily funny. Being able to attract women only when you’re funny is a huge limiting belief. 

Don’t get trapped in this mental loop, or you’ll risk making your interactions with women too forced (inauthentic). That’s what I teach in my Text Game Domination Course, by the way.

This is what’s causing you (and other men) not to be funny over text. When you have no strings attached to the interaction, it will go towards the direction it needs to go. Sometimes, you’ll naturally have the intention to drop funny lines.

Wizard Takeaway

The biggest lesson to get is that authenticity always wins against forced behavior. 

Empower who you naturally are, and you’ll be successful with women.

Now you know how to be funny over text. However there are still many things to learn to become a real pro. 

Whether you'll use this article to make your girlfriend laugh out loud or simply want to make someone laugh over text, it will work.

In the end the best texts to make cute girls laugh is to find funny angles, use funny energy, funny videos, wordplay or tell funny jokes. 

Or, maybe, she'll simply be drunk or high and will laugh at anything that happens like in this video.

If you're wondering how to make people laugh or you're talking to a girl to make her laugh, I hope that in this article you've discovered funny text messages and funny texts to send a girl.

If you believe this post was helpful, please share it.

If not on your social media at least with ONE of your best friends that absolutely needs to read it.

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