Probably you want to go from being rejected by a girl like this:

[Insert Bad Version]

To make her want to talk to you, like here

[Insert Good Version]

That’s right. In fact, unless you learn how to text like an alpha, you’ll be ruthlessly ignored by the girls that you like. Especially the most attractive ones, having a lot of options.

In this article, you won’t find the dumb cliché advice of texting a girl after 1 hour she sent you a text or sent her GIFs like if you had nothing else to say.

That’s not what girls expect. What if there are better ways to make her want you over text?

That’s what you’ll learn in this article, along with what’s outlined below.

In This Article You'll Learn

    The 5 Texting Blunders that Push Women Away;
  • 1 Texting Tips to Make Her Chase You;
  • One Powerful Way to Compliment a Girl Over Text;
  • 3 Copy-Paste Lines to Tease Her Effectively;
  • Extra bonus tips;
Difficulty: Easy

What you’re about to learn will help you avoid making the most common texting blunders, even if you’ve been the cheesiest guy so far over text.

Typical Scenario

It's one of those days where you feel like texting girls. You pick one and start chatting to her. After a few lines, you see that she's not responding as you would.

That's when you start asking yourself if you're texting her right or wrong. You scratch your head, think about what you're doing and then realize you've probably been texting her like a 7 year old inexperienced child would do.

This makes you realize that you need to uplevel your texting game to attract the girls you want.

That's Not a Love Story

Zero Rules - Zero Results

That reminds me of when I texted girls without paying attention to why I behaved in a certain way.

Back then, I didn't know about female-to-male attraction dynamics, and my results when texting women basically came out of sheer luck.

However, one day I realized that I was throwing all the other opportunities into the trash, especially the ones with more attractive girls.

That's when I decided that I needed to learn the fundamental principles of texting girls, or I wouldn't have gotten any long term success with them.

I started experimenting with various types of lines, behaviors, and attitudes with online dating for the past 3.5 years. At first, I didn't understand a s**t about women psychology. 

However, after some time, some patterns started to emerge that made me notice functional and nonfunctional ways to talk to girls. That's when everything clicked in my mind. 

Later I extrapolated the working principles. At first, I didn't want to share them apart from my private coaching sessions. 

However, I thought it was my social duty to help men like you text women like they deeply crave to talk.

Moreover, I found a surprising thing about women's psychology that forever changed my outlook on them.

You’ll learn how this story ended in a moment. Now it’s time to make you learn the 5 blunders to avoid at all costs.

Important Note: Read the article carefully; there’s a special attraction tip hidden inside.

Text Rule #1: Invest Less than Her

That’s one of the most powerful behaviors you can adopt to attract more women into your life, both in-person and online. 

Girls are the most vulnerable sex by nature. For millennia they relied on men to survive, procreate, and live a decent life.

Even if we live in a more evolved society today, we’re still driven by the same motivations that drove our ancestors. 

Since girls were dependent on men, they always referred to the strongest and less invested ones. 

Why? Because they were the ones with the highest status. 

This centralized power created a society where the most powerful men were less invested in women, and the less powerful were always chasing them.

That’s why you must stop investing more than they do with you, and you must start being the one that’s chased. 

[Insert Pic]

This guy didn’t read my article for sure.

[Insert Pic]

This guy is doing it right.

How can you make a girl chase you?

1 Texting Tip to Make Her Chase You

To make a girl chase you over text, you must become the prize. What does it mean?

It means that you have to reverse the script and make her fight to win you over. 

Sounds crazy?

“How is it possible that a girl should fight for me?” you might be thinking.

Well, who told you that girls don0t fight for men?

Do you think models don’t fight for the guys they like?

Well, also, regular girls will do. 

When you understand this, you’ll experience a paradigm shift that will make you rethink how to relate to women.

I don’t think they’re creatures to be chased. This mindset will freakkk your results up as I teach in my Integral Text Game Course.

Be the one who’s chased, and you’ll get many more.

Text Rules For Guys: 5 Blunders to Avoid at All Costs!

Priyanshu Chatterjee

There are lots of variables that come into play in the industry, like attending parties and dating actors. When you don't indulge in all this, you tend to get affected in some way.

And many more variables you're about to learn soon.

Text Rule #2: Control the Frame

Controlling a conversation's frame is another rule you must abide by. 

Most men are not aware that most of their conversations with girls are not under their control.

How can they expect to lead a girl to a date with a conversation that's going nowhere? 

That's impossible. Worse, what will happen is that the girl will seize control of it and lead you to talk about what she likes without allowing you to close her.

How can you control the frame? By taking the leading position. 

Start by deciding that you're going to lead the conversation from now on, and if she doesn't follow you, she's out.

Then tease her, ask her revealing questions, and make her open up to connect better. 

After that, you need to sexually escalate (as you'll learn in a moment) and then close her to a solid date. 

That's how you will control the interaction. If girls see that you're a strong leader, confident about what you're doing, they will chase you like cats. 

You might also be pissed off by how invasive they can be once they realize you have the capacity to lead them.

That's what happened to me, at least.

We’re just scratching the surface here. In a moment you’ll learn how to own her over text.

Text Rules For Guys: 5 Blunders to Avoid at All Costs!

Text Rule #3: Always Escalate

Unfortunately, most men never learn to escalate with a girl, even during their lifetime sexually! That’s why they keep staying forever alone.

Luckily you’re here, and you know that in Attraction Truth, I always stress the importance of sexually escalating with a girl that you like.

That’s important for girls because it will make them understand how confident you can express yourself. 

Moreover, it will make them feel appreciated, desired, and absolutely wanted. That’s why you don’t have to refrain from telling her kinky things, like in the example below

[Insert pIc]

That’s what they want to hear, especially from a man they like. That’s directly linked to giving her compliments when she deserves them.

How can you compliment a girl through text?

Sexual escalation must always occur to seduce a girl.

One Powerful Way to Compliment a Girl Over Text

The best way to do this is by doing two important things:

  1. Emphasize 

  2. Be Genuine

If you believe that to get a girl, you have to give her fake compliments, think again. There’s nothing more disgusting to a girl than a guy that praises her with fake phrases only to bring her to bed. 

She will prefer a man that has the balls to hell her what he truly feels and things. Even if you have to compliment her through text.


Because she’ll intuitively understand that this man is not afraid of showing his intentions to a girl he likes. She sees that he’s capable of exposing himself, even at the risk of being rejected.

Women simply love this.

That’s why you have to start emphasizing with her, understanding what kind of girl she is, and then giving her compliments if you feel like.

“Can I give her a compliment on her beauty from the start?”

Absolutely yes, like in the example below.

[Insert pic]

What’s important, as explained before, is that you don’t come off as needy. If that’s the case, you’d better eradicate your neediness from your mind. Only then you’ll be able to attract her like a magnet.

Text Rule #4: Be a Challenge & Hard to Get

Ever known a girl that gives herself too easily to any man that approaches her? I think so, and we usually call those girls whorrrrrmhoooles.

Usually, society attributes a shallow value to show girls because they give themselves to more men than they should too easily.

Generally, a man that has many women around him is considered a high-value one. However, if he’s too easy to get, he’ll also lose lots of value in women’s eyes. 

That’s why you shouldn’t give yourself too easily to girls, or they’ll assume you’re a low-value man.

Make them fight for your attention and compliments. They’ll appreciate your first one more, just as your first kiss and intimate experience on your bed. 

As humans, we always want what we can’t get; that’s why you must be reachable but not so reachable. 

Imagine a cat that plays with a yarn ball.

If you put it too close to it, it will bore the cat. However, if you put it too far, the cat won’t feel capable of reaching it. 

Women are like cats too. That’s why you must position yourself at the right distance from her. That’s what will challenge them to get you, making them have lots of fun during the process.

Now it’s time for the last text rule. That’s what will change your game with girls completely as it will provide a solid structure for you to get girls on a date. 

Text Rule #5: Connect - Sexualize - Close

The final rule is to follow this specific structure when you want to bring a girl to a date with you. 

It’s paramount that you go through each step separately to maximize your chances of getting a date. The reason is that most girls want to get to know you better before sleeping with you. That’s true unless they look for One Night Stands or interact with a celebrity.

Since we are not celebrities (for now) and One Night Stands are easy to get for anyone, let’s talk about how to bring girls to dates in all the other cases (Friends with Benefits & Long Term Relationships seekers)

1: Connect

The first thing to get girls to open up with you is being able to connect with them.

When you can make a woman feel closer to you, she will instinctively feel more secure as the trust element will be there.

That will make her reveal more about herself and will help you know how to better relate to this girl.

2: Sexualize

After you connect to girls, it’s time to escalate sexually. Sexual escalation is necessary to prevent you from being friend-zoned.

If you’re like most men, I don’t think that’s something you want to happen to you. For that reason, you need to be a little bit bolder with your approach.

This means talking about intimate stuff and making her feel sexually desired.

3: Close

Finally, after you had a nice spicy talk, it’s time to define things by closing her to a date.

Pro Tip: There are various ways to ask a girl out over text; however, the simplest one is to hint at the possibility of a date and then to define it if she’s open to it.

And The Story Ends like this

Attraction Patterns = Success

In the end, after spending years understanding how to attract girls, I found those patterns you just learned.

It was a hard path but indeed a relief to know that I had found a system that worked on most women.

Indeed my results with girls increased by so much that I began to consistently predict how many of them I could get within a specific time frame.

Now, my friend, it’s your turn to be successful with girls!

Bonus Tip!

Tease girls over text and they'll tease you on the bed.

3 Copy-Paste Lines to

Effectively Tease Her Over Text

Before you go, my friend here's 3 lines you can use to tease a girl over text on command.

As you probably know, when you can tease a girl correctly, you'll be much more persuasive to her when it comes to the seduction phase.

Here are 3 lines that work almost all the time from my and my client's experience:

Tease #1: You seem boring. I hope you’re different in person.

This line will make most girls go: "what?" 

Of course! Because no girl wants to be considered boring by a man, especially if she always compliments guys. That tease will make her qualify herself and give you an advantage in the interaction.

Tease #2: "You're the most...

"You're the most interesting girl I met but also the most annoying."

That's a push & pull tease that will give girls pleasure from one side and disturb them from the other. 

This contrast will give her a double-edged sensation that will make her hate you and love you at the same time. 

Tease #3: “You probably can’t handle me.”

Most girls will take this as a personal challenge and go to great lengths to prove that they can handle you. 

Sometimes they'll bring you to bed just to prove to themselves that they can. Use it with caution.

Wizard Takeaway

Along my journey I learned that following the attraction principles will get you more girls than you can ever imagine.

Now you know the right texting rules for a guy.

Apply them all and start succeeding.

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