Are you curious as to why Hinge keeps reminding you that it’s ‘Your turn’?

In the fast-paced world of dating apps, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of matching with someone new, only to let the conversation fizzle out. But fear not! Hinge has a clever solution to keep the connection alive.

Why Does Hinge Say "Your Turn"?

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This article will delve into the purpose and functionality of the ‘Your turn’ badge notification, as well as provide tips to make the most of it.

So, let’s dive in and discover how Hinge is revolutionizing the dating app world!

Key Takeaways

  • The purpose of the ‘Your turn’ badge notification on Hinge is to remind users to respond to their matches and prevent ghosting.
  • The notification serves as a nudge for users to engage with their matches, even if they are not interested.
  • The purple ‘Your turn’ notification is hard to ignore, appearing as a red number over the app icon.
  • Users can manage their notification settings on Hinge, but the purple ‘Your turn’ notification cannot be turned off unless the user responds or unmatches.

My Experience with Hinge

When I first used Hinge, I also was susprised by their constant reminder to answer to my matches. At first I didn’t like much this idea, until I realized that the company is trying to avoid ghosting as much as possible.

Indeed, after a few hours of chatting, it can feel quite off to get ghosted by the girl you like. One way to avoid getting ghosted is by having best responses at hand.

However that’s something on the hands of the user (you in that case). The problem is that there might be other reasons of why girls ghost.

As I always say, the bets way to avoid getting ghosted is to be perceived as higher value than her.

One of those is that they might forget about you since they might have too many matches. That’s why the app decides to step in and give us (and girls too) a friendly reminded to text back.

I said the same thing about Bumble that after Hinge implemented the similar “your move” feature.

How the ‘Your Turn’ Badge Notification Improves Communication on Hinge

The ‘Your Turn’ badge notification on Hinge improves communication by prompting you to respond to your matches. This simple feature has powerful psychological effects on users. It serves as a friendly reminder, nudging you to engage with your matches and prevent ghosting.

Why Does Hinge Say "Your Turn"?

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The notification’s purple color and prominent placement make it hard to ignore, ensuring that you don’t forget about your conversations. Users have reacted positively to this feature, appreciating the gentle push to keep the conversation going. It also encourages active communication, preventing one-sided conversations and creating a more balanced dating experience.

Hinge understands that dating can be overwhelming, so they created the ‘Your Turn’ badge notification to help you manage your conversations and stay engaged with your matches. So next time you see that purple badge, embrace it and keep the conversation flowing!

The Functionality of Hinge’s ‘Your Turn’ Notification

To fully understand how Hinge’s ‘Your Turn’ notification works, you need to consider its functionality and how it affects your experience on the dating app.

This notification is all about user engagement and preventing ghosting. Hinge wants to make sure that conversations stay active and that no one feels left hanging.

So, when you see that purple ‘Your Turn’ badge, it means it’s your turn to respond to your match. Hinge uses this nudge to encourage you to engage with your matches and keep the conversation going. It’s their way of saying, ‘Hey, don’t leave them hanging!’

Understanding the Badge Icon and Its Features on Hinge

When using Hinge, you’ll come across the badge icon that signifies it’s your turn to respond to a match. Here’s what you need to know about the badge icon and its features:

  1. Understanding badge design: The badge icon appears as a red number over the app icon, reminding you that it’s your turn to respond. It’s like a little digital tap on the shoulder, saying ‘Hey, don’t leave your match hanging!’
  2. The psychology behind notifications: Hinge knows that notifications can be powerful motivators. That’s why they made the badge notification purple, a color that’s hard to ignore. It’s like a neon sign screaming, ‘Hey, you have unfinished business!’
  3. The purpose of the badge: Hinge wants to prevent ghosting and encourage engagement. They want conversations to be active and two-sided, so they created the badge as a friendly reminder to keep the conversation alive.
  4. Managing the badge notifications: While you can turn off other notifications in the app settings, the purple badge notification can’t be turned off. The only way to remove it’s by responding to the match or unmatching them. So, instead of ghosting, it’s better to communicate honestly if you’re no longer interested.
Why Does Hinge Say "Your Turn"?

Managing ‘Your Turn’ Notifications on the Hinge App

You can manage ‘Your Turn’ notifications on the Hinge app by adjusting your notification settings. If you’re tired of being reminded that it’s your turn to respond, you can disable the badge notifications. Just go to the settings in the app and turn off the badge notifications option.

Unfortunately, the purple ‘Your Turn’ notification itself can’t be turned off, so you’ll still see it until you respond or unmatch the person. Speaking of unmatching, if you’re no longer interested in a conversation, it’s better to unmatch them than to leave them hanging. It’s the polite thing to do, plus it removes the ‘Your Turn’ notification.

The Impact and Goals of Hinge’s ‘Your Turn’ Feature

Since the introduction of Hinge’s ‘Your Turn’ feature, the app has experienced a significant increase in active communication and improved user engagement.

Here are the psychological impact and goals of Hinge’s ‘Your Turn’ feature that you should know:

  1. Psychological impact: The ‘Your Turn’ notification plays with your mind, creating a sense of urgency to respond. It keeps you engaged and prevents conversations from fizzling out.
  2. User satisfaction: Many users appreciate the ‘Your Turn’ feature because it helps them stay on top of their conversations. It eliminates the stress of wondering when to respond and ensures that both parties are equally invested.
  3. Perception of the feature: Users see the ‘Your Turn’ feature as a helpful reminder rather than a nagging notification. It adds a playful element to the dating experience and encourages prompt responses.
  4. Hinge’s goals: The main goal of the ‘Your Turn’ feature is to foster active communication and prevent ghosting. Hinge aims to create a dating environment where people are more engaged and responsive, leading to more meaningful connections.

Exploring the Role of Hinge in the Dating App World

By actively facilitating communication and encouraging user engagement, Hinge plays a pivotal role in revolutionizing the dating app world. With its unique approach to online dating, Hinge has introduced the ‘Your turn’ feature, which has proven to be highly effective in increasing user engagement.

This feature serves as a gentle reminder for users to respond to their matches, preventing one-sided conversations and ghosting. The purple ‘Your turn’ notification, accompanied by a badge icon, ensures that users don’t miss their turn to respond.

Why Does Hinge Say "Your Turn"?

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Hinge’s goal is to improve the overall dating experience by keeping conversations active and encouraging active communication. So, if you’re tired of ghosting and want to have meaningful conversations, Hinge’s ‘Your turn’ feature is here to nudge you in the right direction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Users Customize the Color of the ‘Your Turn’ Badge Notification on Hinge?

No, you can’t change the color of the ‘Your turn’ badge notification on Hinge. It’s not customizable, but it serves as a reminder for you to respond to your matches and keep the conversation going.

Is There a Time Limit for Users to Respond to the ‘Your Turn’ Notification on Hinge?

There’s no time limit for responding to the ‘Your turn’ notification on Hinge. Feel free to take your time, but don’t keep them waiting too long. Engaging promptly can boost your chances of a successful connection.

Can Users See How Many Times They Have Received the ‘Your Turn’ Notification on Hinge?

You can’t see the exact number of ‘Your turn’ notifications you’ve received on Hinge. The frequency of the notifications depends on your activity and matches. Just keep engaging and responding to stay in the game!

Does Hinge Send Any Additional Reminders Apart From the ‘Your Turn’ Notification?

Ignoring the ‘Your turn’ notification on Hinge might lead to missed opportunities and potential disinterest from your match. Engaging in conversations and responding promptly can improve your chances of success and keep the connection alive.

Can Users Undo Their Response After They Have Clicked on the ‘Your Turn’ Notification?

No, once you click on the ‘Your turn’ notification and respond, you cannot undo your response. So make sure to think it through before replying. There’s no time limit, but don’t keep them waiting too long!


In conclusion, Hinge’s ‘Your turn’ feature serves as a helpful reminder to keep the conversation alive and avoid ghosting on the app. By encouraging active engagement and communication, this badge notification aims to improve the overall dating experience.

So, next time you see that purple badge, remember that it’s your turn to respond and keep the conversation flowing like a well-oiled machine.

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