Probably you want to go from having 1-2 matches/day to getting 7-15 matches/day while not spending too much time on the app, isn’t it?

I understand, and that’s totally legit to ask from you. 

However, unless you build your profile as it should be, you’ll always have trouble getting in the 90% of the most swiped right men on the platform.

That’s exactly when you’ll see your matches coming in exponentially, leaving only the breadcrumbs to the other men.

In this article won’t give you obvious tips like:

  1. Smile more

  2. Don’t take selfies

  3. Improve the lighting 

Everybody knows that nowadays, also the men that are stealing all the hot girls from you. However, there are still many untapped tips that I know for sure they’re not using.

I know this because I personally swiped through men’s profiles thanks to an account of a female friend of mine. The competition is high, but what if there are better ways to boost your Tinder profile?

That’s what you’ll learn in this article, along with what’s outlined below.

In This Article You'll Learn

    5 Effective Tips to Rank Your Profile in the Top 10%;
  • The ONLY REASON Why Girls Swipe Left;
  • 3 Copy-Paste Openers that Make Her Reply;
  • How to Write a Bio that Stands Out;
  • How to Get Her to Text You First;
  • Extra bonus tips.
Difficulty: Easy

You will get more Tinder matches by following the advice I’m about to give you, unless you look like the guy on the right.

How to Get more Matches on Tinder: 5 Tips to Get 7X More

Typical Scenario

It's one of those days where you want to know more girls. So you log into your Tinder profile and start swiping right in the hopes of finding an attractive chick to bring home.

After some minutes of hardcore swiping, that's all you get.

[Insert no matches MEME]

At this point, two thoughts cross your mind:

  1.  Throwing your phone away;

  2. Learning how to get more matches.

Luckily for your phone (and the object/person against which you wanted to throw it), you chose the second option. That eventually brought you to this article written by a stupid guy.

That's Not a Love Story.

Shirtless Pics Don’t Work

That reminds me of the hard times of not getting any matches with my Tinder profile. I didn't know why but, for some reason, I couldn't make it work, even if I had nice shirtless pictures of me like this:

[Insert Shirtless Pic]

So a fundamental question started to run through my mind: "Am I hopelessly ugly?"

Why, after 7 painful years of going to the gym, I couldn't get the girls that I wanted?

That's when I asked my friends about how they were doing on Tinder and if they managed to get some matches. 

Moreover, I also started to search online for some advice. After screening video after video, I didn't find much useful stuff, to be honest.

That's when I understood that I had to find out how to hack Tinder's algorithm to my favor so that I could date the women I desired. That brought me to search, experiment, and learn what I was doing wrong with my Tinder profile. 

After a few months of trial and error, shooting pics, writing bios, learning from dating books, A/B tests with fake accounts, and lots, lots of time spent reverse engineering things my own way, I had come to some conclusions.

You’ll learn how many more matches I got later in the article.  Now it’s time for you to learn how to make your profile bark out loud.

Important Note: Read the article carefully; there’s a special attraction tip hidden inside.

How to get more matches on Tinder?

Being swiped right with online dating is becoming one of the most daunting tasks for men nowadays. 

The reasons for this are many:

  1. Almost everybody has a good quality camera

  2. Almost everybody has good friends to get good pictures 

  3. Everybody with a phone can purchase Tinder premium

From what you can see, it seems that it’s elementary to get a decent Tinder profile for any man who intends to win the best girl.

But if that’s the case, how can you compete with them if they have access to all the tools that can make their profiles stand out?

  1. Not by purchasing a better camera

  2. Not by asking a photographer to take shots of you

  3. Not by subscribing to Tinder premium

Surely those things help. However, I will never tell you to base your success upon those principles. If you really want to DOMINATE the online dating game, you should understand how it is played. Now from a man’s technical perspective but from a woman’s emotional one.

What do you mean by that, Sal? You’ll find it out in a second.

Matches Tip #1: Tell a Story

One of the best ways to get more matches is to build a profile that tells a story. 

Which story are we talking about today?

Yes, you imagined it right.

You need to be the protagonist if you want to get more Tinder matches.

Telling your personal story is essential if you want to become a better salesperson and influencer. 

Hey, Sal! I don’t work in sales, what are you talking about?

The game of dating is the same as making sales, just that this time you have to sell your image to a girl. Just like a personal brand sells you his own; let’s say Conor Mc Gregor to make an example.

You know Conor worked around his image a lot, and the results speak louder than he does on the UFC conferences with his flamboyant attitude.

How can you tell a story with your Tinder profile?

To do this effectively, you should choose your pictures based on:

  1. Who You Are
  2. Your Values
  3. Your Hobbies 

Who You Are

From your personality and character, you can extract some ideas from your pictures. Think about two men; one of them is very rational and likes order in his life.

The other one is more creative and allows himself more creative freedom. Those two men will have two different stories to tell about themselves. 

What kind of man are you? What’s your character? That’s a part of your personal story backbone.

Your Values

Your values reflect your true identity and core. Through your values, you communicate what’s important in your life and what’s not. 

Imagine a man that values traveling, meeting new people, and adventures. This man will tell his story through those types of pictures as they’ll be more in line with who he is.

Now think about another type of man, maybe somebody who’s after money, success, and personal growth. This kind of man will need to tell his personal stories by photos that reflect his values. That will help girls get a better impression of him.

Your Hobbies

Finally, another way to show girls who you are is through your hobbies. This element, combined with the ones above, will make her picture of who you are complete. That’s when she’ll be able to figure out your personal story.

Let’s say you shot your pictures, basing them on the aspects above. What do you have to do now? Order them so that they tell your story more coherently.

Your First Picture

That should represent you as you are; thus, make sure to show your character with your first picture. Remember to always show your face clearly in it.

The Remaining Pictures

In the remaining pictures, you can show what you value and what your hobbies are. Let’s say you have in total 5 pictures, use:

  1. One of them as your first one
  2. The next 2 to show your values 
  3. The last 2 to show your hobbies

That way, she’ll get a logical idea of who you are and what you can offer her. Otherwise, she might be better off swiping left if you don’t communicate your own footprint. 

By the way, do you know why most girls swipe left?

How to Get more Matches on Tinder: 5 Tips to Get 7X More


I have an urge to communicate. I think I'm a change from what it would be like dating a normal guy who doesn't talk too much.

Communication is key to succeed with girls.

The ONLY REASON Why Girls Swipe Left

The single most common reason why girls prefer to say no to a man is that they perceive him to be of low value than what they like.

It’s the same principle by which you choose what ads to watch and what to skip. That’s all an unconscious process we all do as humans.

As we can immediately tell if a girl is of value to us, girls will do the same with men if they see that there’s that “something” in there or not. 

To make girls subconsciously perceive you’re a valuable man, you must show value signals. 

Here are some Tinder picture tips you can insert in your pictures to make women perceive you’re of high value:

  1. Social Status

  2. Financial Stability

  3. Preselection

  4. Interesting Lifestyle

  5. Social Empathy 

By inserting those elements in your pictures, you’ll get many more Tinder matches.

Matches Tip #2: Build a Profile Theme

The second step to follow is giving a theme to your profile. A profile theme is what will make it distinguishable from the others as it will be unique.

To build a profile theme, you should create it in such a way:

  1. Use a theme persona

  2. Use theme colors

  3. Insert a themed bio

Combining those 3 elements together, your profile will look like a whole piece separated from the masses. 

This "profile persona" will automatically eliminate the girls who are not interested in your style and attract you to the right ones, thus increasing your matches' quality. 

There are different themes you can choose from. Those are some examples:

  1. The Adventurer

  2. The Fitness man

  3. The Businessman

  4. The Intellectual 

  5. The Artistic Man

  6. The Bad Boy

  7. The Ordered Man

As you can see, each themed profile will have its own unique footprint that will convey a particular message to girls. 

You can also choose other themes, of course, based on what reflects better the totality of your personality, character, and values.

Making sure to select photos with similar tonalities, just like a specific color correction in the post-production phase of a movie, will affect its style.

Now that you have a story and a themed profile, add a bio that reflects it, and you'll have built one of the most competitive Tinder profiles out there. You'll learn how to do this in a moment.

By the way, that's pure personal branding applied to online dating.

In the next steps you’ll learn how to make your profile more emotionally compelling.

How to Get more Matches on Tinder: 5 Tips to Get 7X More

Matches Tip #3: Spark Emotions

Is your profile emotionally relevant? If not, you won't get the matches you deserve. 

As you probably understood, women are emotional creatures. As such, they need to be emotionally influenced before feeling an attraction towards a man.

How can you spark emotions with an online dating profile? Let's come back to your pictures and your bio.

Your Pictures

Before you shoot your new pictures (I hope you didn't do it yet), you have to know how to make them as powerful as possible.

  1. Every picture has a message;

  2. Some of those messages are stronger than others;

  3. If the subject of a picture is a person, the message is the person;

  4. This means you must be the one sparking emotions;

  5. You must feel those emotions yourself

In a few words, if you want to communicate power with your pictures, you must feel powerful yourself.

If you want to communicate fun, you better, be funny.

If you want to convey sexual energy, you better feel that way!

That's how you'll spark emotions on the girls that will swipe your profile.

Your Bio

Finally, we have your bio. If a best seller book can spark emotions to girls like "50 Shades of Grey," why can't a Tinder bio? After all, it's still made of words. 

You'll learn how to write an emotional, compelling bio in the next tip.

By Sparking emotions in girls you'll attract them more powerfully.

3 Copy-Paste Openers that Make Her Reply

Before we go on with the next tip, here are some Tinder openers that will maximize your response rate when you’ll match with those beautiful ladies.

Tinder Opener #1: You can’t imagine what I think about your pictures

[Insert Pic]

Tinder Opener #2: Can you keep a secret?

[Insert Pic]

Tinder Opener #3: Netflix & Meaningless Sex?

[Insert Pic]

Those look great, as you can see from the results. Try your favorite, and let me know how it goes.

Now it’s time for the last tips. Those will complete your profile and make it stand out against the big majority of men out there.

Matches Tip #4: Write a Selective Bio

Now it’s time to write a bio that makes those girls go, “Wow! What a guy.”

A selective bio is one that will captivate a specific part of your female audience. Like in marketing, you can’t really sell a product to everybody, unless that’s condoms. Still, you’d have some people that are against them. 

By focussing your bio on a selected target of girls, you’ll automatically clear out the ones that aren’t good for you and attract those more in line with what you’re looking for. 

This means that if you already know which type of girl you like, you could write a bio that reflects her qualities.

For example, let’s say you want to attract a fit girl that loves nature and animals, this kind of bio will get the job done.

[Insert Bio]

Let’s now say that you want to attract an intellectual girl that prefers staying home, and likes art.

[That’s a bio to go for]

Remember to make your bio in line with your personal story and profile theme. That’s how you’ll add more coherence to it.

Matches Tip #5: Show Status

As said before, showing social status is one of the most important attraction signals you can display. 

Women are wired to be attracted to high-status males; that’s why if you want to get the top ones, you’ll need to present yourself as best as you can. 

There are 3 ways basically to show status:

  1. A good job

  2. Having many friends

  3. Showing preselection

1: A Good Job

Many people won’t like what I say, but the sad truth is that girls are very conscious of a man’s profession. That’s because it will directly tell them how good that man will be in providing for her and her children.

If you think your job is currently influencing your dating life, my friend, don’t take it personally. Please do find something better if you believe it to be the major cause of your failures. One day you’ll thank me, even if that’s not needed.

2: Having Many Friends

That’s another fundamental social tell for most girls. Showing her that you have a tribe that supports you will make her feel safer and more protected. 

Moreover, it will tell a lot about your social skills, connections, and health.

3: Showing Preselection

Finally, that’s another powerful motivator for women that will make them swipe right on you. If you can show them that other girls want to have you, you’ll make them feel more attracted to you because of the principle of scarcity. 

The Bottom Line

In your pictures, show that you are financially stable, have friends, and have girls (also friends) who like to be around you. The classical party pictures will get this done.

[Insert pic]

How The Story Ended

From 2 matches a day to 15+

In the end, my matches count increased so much that I couldn’t believe it the first time. It was as if all that I had studied finally clicked not only in my mind but also in girls’ ones. 

I started to show the improvements in my profile to my friends, that immediately asked me how I had done this. When I told them, I saw them boosting their results as in my case.

Then I shared my discoveries with my clients that got more or less the same results as my friends.

That’s when I finally decided those tips were worth sharing with my followers as well. After all, Attraction Truth is a family for everybody.

Before you go, I want to give you one final tip to avoid you thinking about what opener to use with girls.

Bonus Tip!

Write a bio so that she texts you first.

Bonus Tip: How to Get Her to Text You First

Wondering how to avoid the stress of thinking about an opener?

The solution is simpler than you think. Here your Bio comes into play again.

Instead of using your Bio as a tool to improve your match count, you can also prompt the girls to swipe right on you AND message you simultaneously.

How can you do this? By adding two elements:

  1. Emotional Spark

  2. A call to action

Emotional Spark

That’s what will make her state aroused and more susceptible to your influence. This emotional spark can be created with a funny line or a strongly opinionated statement like in this example.


Call to Action

A call to action has the purpose of prompting the girl to… take action! After you aroused her state, it’s time to give her a command that she will follow with more probability now. 

What’s the command?

“Swipe right and text me [Thing]” 

In the example below, it will be clearer.


As you can see, many girls texted me first after having put this Bio.

[First Text Pic]

Wizard Takeaway

Presenting a coherent image of oneself is much better than pretending to be someone else.

If you believe this post was helpful, please share it.

If you believe this post was helpful, please share it.

If not on your social media at least with ONE friend of your best friends that absolutely needs to read it.

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