Legit question.

After all, there’s so much competition out there that you'll miss out on tons of opportunities unless you do something to improve your profile.

If you’re reading this, I suppose you’re ambitious and want to get the best girls you can.

That’s why in this article, I won’t give you the typical advice of “not using selfies” or putting out a picture with your dog.

What if there are better ways to use Tinder beyond what’s commonly known?

That’s what you’ll learn in this article, along with what’s outlined below.

What You'll Learn

    5 tinder best practices;
  • 3 Ways to Boost Your Profile Authority;
  • 7 Effective Tinder Opener;
  • The ONE That Gets You Quality Matches;
  • 3 Hard Lessons I Learned from Tinder Mistakes;
  • Extra bonus tips;
Difficulty: Easy

That will boost the power of your profile and 3x your matches even if you aren't lucky also with games in life.

Typical Scenario

It's one of those days when you feel like meeting girls. You'd like to go out and approach some, but you prefer staying in the comfort of your house.

So you decide to open your Tinder profile. After some time in the app, you see matches don't come, and you start wondering why.

"Maybe because of my pictures." 

"Should I put a bio? And what should I write?"

"Should I swipe more left than right?"

Those are probably some of the questions you've been asking yourself.

To answer them, you started searching online for some tips, until you landed here.

That's Not a Love Story.

When I Wasn’t a Pro

This is a similar situation I was in when I didn’t know how to use Tinder. 

I still remember when I sucked at using Tinder, and all the matches I got were from ladies like this.

[Insert Ugly Lady]

Jokes apart, I didn’t collect many matches long back, even if I’m considered a moderately attractive guy from the opposite sex.

In the beginning, I thought that just putting some shirtless pictures and jaw-displaying selfies would have gotten the job done on Tinder.

[Jawline Selfie]

Not to talk about all the other things I didn’t do that could have helped me get better matches, like putting specific app settings. 

Nothing was further from the truth, and I immediately noticed this when girls didn’t give a damn about my pictures.

Then I met a guy while I was traveling from Rome to Barcelona. He was a marketing expert, working for a company that specialized in building personal brands.

He started to give me some advice on making my profile more appealing and powerful in women’s eyes. 

At first, I didn’t give him much credit. After all, who was he? However, the more he talked, and the more he started to convince me of the importance of positioning yourself as an authority of value. 

Heading home, I thought about his suggestions and decided to give them a try as I had nothing to lose in the end.

After 3 days, I noticed a noticeable difference in the quantity and quality of the matches I got.

Was the marketing expert, right?

You’ll discover what he suggested to me later, for now let’s talk about improving your dating profile.

Tip #1: have a coherent profile

The first implementable tip is to build a profile around one single idea. That’s so important (from a marketing perspective) because it gives the impression that you know who you are and can show it authentically to girls.

Many men don’t get the results they want with online dating because they didn’t select pictures that conveyed a healthy, whole image.

What is a coherent profile?

That’s when you show your personality, values, hobbies, and interests with your images, bio, and writing attitude. 

This means that first of all; you should upload pictures that make girls immediately go like: “Oh, this guy is a…”

You must make them fill the blank on the type of person you are. That’s when they will start to see what value you can offer to them. 

Look a this example

[Insert Bad Prof]

That’s my profile with some random pictures scattered all over the place.

Look at this now

[Insert Good Prof]

That’s my profile with selected pictures, showing women who I am and the value I can coherently offer them. 

Will I attract all types of women with this profile? Probably not. However, I’ll draw the right ones for me as I’m presenting myself authentically.

This means more chances to get more dates with the right person instead of ending up like this.

Tip #2: Decide Your Goal

Now that you have built a coherent profile, you should decide what goal you have with online dating. 

Generally, men have 3 goals when it comes to meeting girls:

  1. Having lots of Random Experiences;

  2. Having Friends with Benefits;

  3. Getting a Girlfriend.

There are different things you should do, based on the goal you have.

1: Having Lots of Random Experiences;

Suppose that’s what you want out of your dating experience. In that case, you should create a very skewed profile towards showing your attractiveness factors, along with some personality traits of yours. 

This can be done by mostly showing high-value pictures and writing a bio that isn’t interested in something serious. You can get lucky with something like this:

[Add Bio]

2: Having Friends with Benefits 

Suppose that’s your main goal with online dating. In that case, you should build a profile that shows both your value and also your character and personality traits in equal amounts. 

That’s because you’ll need to spend time with your Friends with Benefits. Giving them a preview of how their life will be when you are around them will provide you with more chances than the average guy.

This kind of bios will also work well in that case.

[Insert Bio]

3: Getting a Girlfriend

In that case, the best thing you can do is build a profile that still shows some high-status elements and focus on your values.

That’s because ideally, you’ll need to spend a lot of time with your girlfriend and you’ll want to make this time as pleasurable as possible. 

Doing this with a nice mixture of status signals and personality traits will be the best bet for you.

In that case, you can use those types of bios.

[Insert Bio]

We’re just scratching the surface here. Keep reading to find out more about creating a powerful Tinder profile.

How to Tinder Like a Pro: 7+ Actionable Best Practices to Double Your Matches

Keanu Reeves

Kissing someone is pretty intimate, actually very intimate, and your heart always kind of skips a beat before you do that.

I put this quote just because I love Keanu Reeves.

Tip #3: first picture good practice

The first picture that girls will see online will be like the handshake you give them in person. 

This implies that you should show positivity, confidence, and trustworthiness. Indeed those are some of the most critical elements that a woman notices in a man.

The reason for this is that long back, men who possessed those qualities were generally better providers and protectors of their loved ones.

Women won't know all this theoretical stuff, but they'll instinctively know that you are a high-value man if you possess those qualities.

This will unconsciously trigger their brain to swipe right instead of left like they usually do with omega males. 

What should you do to have the best possible first picture?

Follow the practices below for best results:

Practice 1: Show Your Face Well

This means not putting a picture where you stand 20 feet away from the camera. That would make your face unrecognizable by girls. They need to see your details to determine your genetic's quality!

Upload a portrait picture or a headshot if you have a pleasurable face to look at. 

[Insert Pic]

Practice 2: Do something cool/interesting

While portraits and headshots show your facial features well, they don't communicate much of you.

A better idea would be to put a picture where your face is clearly visible and where you do something cool/interesting.

Look at this example.

[Insert Pic]

Here the guy is not only showing his face clearly but is also doing something interesting. 

Suppose you don't have any particular hobby or interest, instead of putting a simple portrait. In that case, you could make the picture more interesting by having an interesting background behind you.

Practice 3: High-Quality good Lighting

When it comes to taking your first picture, two elements will immediately jump to the person's eye. 

One of those is the quality, of course. You can't expect to attract many women if your main picture looks like this.

[Insert Pixelled Pic]

Ask a friend of yours to take some nice pictures with his camera or phone. Otherwise, you could rent a nice camera to get the job done. No need to get a photography service, but if you want to go on with it, do it!

Practice 4: Look Spontaneous

That's one of the elements that will completely change the feel of your picture. If you look robotic in your main picture, like many men do, you will give the impression of being an anxious person, even if you're not.

Women don't like to stay around men that are always anxious. Apart from being a low-status signal, this isn't a feel-good state to be in. 

That's why, if you put a first picture where you look like a statue, you might look socially awkward and emotionally stagnated.

Look at this picture.

[insert robotic pic]

As you can see, the person feels like he has a pole up his butthole. Not the sexiest picture you can shoot.

Look at this example now.

[Insert spontaneous pic]

This person instead looks comfortable enough to convey relaxation, coolness, and good vibes to girls.

Practice 5: Be Alone

The last practice is being alone. You can't put the first picture where you are with somebody that could be mistaken for you.

This will confuse the girls that will be much better off swiping left and going on with the next recognizable guy.

Follow those practices, and you'll attract many more women with your first picture.

How to Tinder Like a Pro: 7+ Actionable Best Practices to Double Your Matches

Tip #4: Opening Tips

You can have the best profile in circulation, but if you can’t text a girl for the first time like a pro, you’ll lose on too many opportunities. 

That’s obvious; after all, if your first picture is like your handshake, your first text message is like the very first sentence you say. 

Many women will judge you merely from the very first messages you send. That’s why many men can’t get beyond their first line. That won’t be your case, of course. 

How can you start conversations in the best way possible?

As I say in this article, one of the best ways to start conversations with girls is by targeting their values from the very first message.

That’s fundamental. In fact, every girl has her own set of values to which to abide like a religion. 

Some girls are very conservative. Others live by the (non) rules of personal freedom; other girls help other people and make others happy. 

This means that every girl will appreciate being spoken in a certain way and won’t like people who don’t talk in alignment with their values. 

How can you understand what values a girl holds dear?

The straightforward answer is by looking at her profile. It will speak wonders about those girls as it will be a reflection of those same values.

Let’s look at some examples:

[Insert Conservative Woman prof]

As you can see in this case, this woman looks pretty poised from her profile. That’s typical of a conservative woman. What kind of opener could this type of girl like? Something like this will get the job done.

[Insert Opener Pic]

Now let’s go on to the second type of girl you’ll find. That’s what I call the primadonna. The prima donna is known to be very selfish, loves freedom, and to express herself. Below is an example of this type of girl.

[Insert Primadonna prof]

An excellent opener to the primadonna type of girl would be something like this.

[Insert Opener Pic]

Finally, we have another type of woman that you will often find, the authentic type. Usually, those types of girls don’t give a crap about trends or pop stuff.

They present themselves as they are, expecting to connect with genuine people to create beautiful relationships. That’s a typical example of a natural woman.

[Insert Authentic Woman prof]

An excellent opener to use with this kind of woman would be something like this:

[Insert Opener Pic]

With this knowledge, your response rate from girls will improve dramatically. 

adapt Your Interaction to the girl that's in front of you for max results.

Tip #5: Improving Your Bio

Many men think that writing a bio is not necessary because they rarely read women’s ones. 

The reality is that women are very different from men and can get sexually aroused by merely seeing how a man thinks. 

That’s why most men that write compelling bios get way more matches than the average guy.

Now, I’m not saying that you should write a bio worth a Pulitzer Prize.

<div style="width:100%;height:0;padding-bottom:100%;position:relative;"><iframe src="https://giphy.com/embed/9oI5kNBZ3nvBOTLTov" width="100%" height="100%" style="position:absolute" frameBorder="0" class="giphy-embed" allowFullScreen></iframe></div><p><a 

href="https://giphy.com/gifs/9oI5kNBZ3nvBOTLTov">via GIPHY</a></p>

 But writing something that will spark her emotions will get the job done. 

What’s important when writing a bio is revealing 3 elements about yourself:

  1. Your intentions
  2. Your lifestyle
  3. Your hobbies

That will give her enough information to decide if you’re worth swiping right or left. 

1: Your Intentions

That’s the part of your bio where you state what you want out of your dating experience. This links back to your personal goal: finding a girlfriend, creating friends with benefits, or having random experiences.

2: Your Lifestyle

That’s the part of your bio where you talk about the kind of life you live and the job you have. That’s fundamental to let girls know what lifestyle they can expect by staying with you. 

If you can engage their fantasy by depicting an exciting lifestyle, you’ll be halfway to hook her before the opener.

3: Your Hobbies/Interests

Finally, telling them about what else you like doing in your free time will give her material to enrich the image of how life with you will be. 

If you look for random experiences, write about the most popular hobbies that people have. If, instead, you’re looking for a girlfriend or friends with benefits, writing about your real hobbies is a much better option.

How to do this in practice? Look at those 3 bios examples below:

[Insert Bio 1]

[Insert Bio 2]

[Insert Bio 3]

You have enough material to get inspiration from now.

The Fourth Element

There’s a fourth element that is fundamental not to make your bio lose its value. Mystery. 

Girls are curious by nature. This makes them eager to understand what kind of man you are when you don’t give them all the pieces of the puzzle.

That’s why adding a mystery element in your bio will give it the final touch that will intrigue all those girls out there.

[Insert Mystery Bio]

You learned many things about starting conversations with girls, however you’re still missing some of the most important tips. Keep reading to learn them.

Tip #6: Pro Swiping Rules

If you’re new to Tinder, you’ve been probably swiping like this.

If you believe that this behavior will get you the hottest girls, think again. You’re not exploiting Tinder’s algorithm in the best way you could. 

Why is that the case?

If you always swipe right, Tinder’s smart algorithm will immediately notice that you are probably desperate for pu**y and that you have very low standards.

Since the men who have such low standards are not high-value ones, the algorithm will categorize you as a low value one. 

This will put you below other males in the app that are swiping left more than you. 

Does this mean you should start swiping also left with the girls you like? Not at all. 

But if you swipe right to girls that look like this, you’re surely off-road.

Swipe left to the girls you’re not so sure you’d sleep with. This will make the algorithm increase your perceived value.

Tip #7: Pro Dating Tips

Are you on a date and don’t know how to behave?

That’s normal for most men that are competent only at texting girls.

However, the problem is that one can even be the god of texting, but that’s all you can do with girls; then you won’t get any result when meeting them.

The reason for this is that while texting women, you communicate at a specific level (verbal), while when meeting them live, a completely different level of communication opens up.

That’s the non-verbal communication that, according to scientific studies, makes up more than 55% of all human communication.

This implies that you’ll communicate a lot about you, even when meeting a girl live, even when you don’t talk. Your body language, tonality, and other non-verbal signals will be the cues from where she’ll deduce if you’re a good fit for her or not.

For that reason, here are some common practices to ace your date.

Practice 1: Be Outcome Independent

One surefire way to lose her at the date is looking as anxious as you were during your first exam at school.

She’ll probably get turned off if she sees that you are like that. Instead, realize it’s just a date and that however it goes, it’s still okay. 

By not caring that much about the outcome, you’ll attract her even more than before.

Practice 2: Show Confidence

One way to attract the major part of women is by showing that you know what you’re doing. This is done by working on your inner confidence. 

One way to get more confidence is by going to more and more dates until you know the ins and outs of them. That’s how I became comfortable escalating with girls in my journey. 

Another way to develop confidence during the date is planning on how to bring your girl during it. A great strategy that I use is doing a multi-step date where I get her to different locations. This will give her the impression that the date was more intense.

Practice 3: Sexualize Naturally

At a certain point, you’ll need to sexualize your interaction with the girl; otherwise, it will be complicated for you to close her on the first date. 

When you feel it’s the right moment, do some kino or talk about more intimate topics. This will make you go smoothly towards the sexualization phase.  

Please don’t make the mistake that many men make to talk about useless topics when there’s no need to do it. 

This will make you miss the window of opportunity for the sexualization phase and make you go home crying like Leo in this movie.

<div style="width:100%;height:0;padding-bottom:71%;position:relative;"><iframe src="https://giphy.com/embed/5WmyaeDDlmb1m" width="100%" height="100%" style="position:absolute" frameBorder="0" class="giphy-embed" allowFullScreen></iframe></div><p><a href="https://giphy.com/gifs/crying-leonardo-dicaprio-love-5WmyaeDDlmb1m">via GIPHY</a></p>

Go for the sex talk, kiss, or whatever will put you out of the sandbox as soon as you feel it’s the right time, and you’ll be alright.

How The Story Ended

27+ Matches/Week

In the end, thanks to the advice of the marketing expert, I managed to get more than 27 matches per week. 

It was as if my profile had gone through a rebirth. I didn’t believe this marketing stuff worked so well back then, but now I’m sure it does its job. 

This can happen to you, too, if you apply the principles outlined above. However, please don’t go to open Tinder yet as I’ve got another piece of advice for you. 

Spend enough time a day on Tinder and you'll be Rewarded.

Bonus Tip!

Bonus Tip: Disqualify Sex

If you know something about Tinder, you are probably aware that the app used to categorize the quality of its matches based on a specific metric called the "ELO Score". 

This depended mostly on your swiping behavior, the quality of matches you got, and feedback from other users. 

Nowadays, things have changed, and Tinder uses another metric to decide if a profile is worth attention or not mainly. 

The metric is, roll of drums…

Using the app often.

That's all Tinder asks to improve the probability you match with somebody. This seems totally right, after all, if Tinder would reward inactive users, not many people would match, and so the app would quickly lose its benefits.

That's why, after you've completed all the tips outlined above, you must log onto your Tinder and use it. 

Quick Note:

Remember that matching is not the most important thing. After that, you'll need to know how to talk to those girls and make them wet enough to want to come on a date with you. 

That’s what I teach in my Integral Text Game Course, by the way.

Wizard Takeaway

if you want to get the best out of life you just gotta work for it. That applies with online dating as well.

Now you know how to make your Tinder profile stand out, it’s time to reap your results.

If you believe this post was helpful, please share it.

If not on your social media at least with ONE friend of your best friends that absolutely needs to read it.

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