Maybe you want to match with hotter girls or simply get more matches.

I hear you brother.

In this article, you'll finally learn if you have to go for Tinder Plus or forget it completely.

In This Article You'll Learn

    if tinder plus is worth the investment;
  • what is The price for tinder plus;
  • tinder gold vs tinder plus;
  •  6 amazing tinder plus features;
  • pros & cons of tinder plus
  • Extra bonus tips;
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Typical Scenario

You log into your Tinder and you start swiping right.

However, at a certain point you hit your like limit and you can't swipe right anymore. 

How bad is this?

That's the moment when you realize you have to change your  Tinder subscription plan.

But... is it really worth it?

That's Not a Love Story

When I Had Enough

I still remember the times when I wasn’t successful with women and I spent countless nights having fun with my right hand.

However at a certain point I had enough.

That’s when I realized that I had to optimize my Tinder profile or my lay count would have never gone up.

The main concern for me was not money but if Tinder plus was ever worth the investment.

That’s what you should be considering as well as anyway investing into it is not going to get you broke.

The basic price for Tinder plus is indeed just $4.99/mo.

Not a lot if you realize that it's going to help you with girls.

Why Is My Tinder More Expensive?

If you’ve been asking yourself this question, I understand.

In fact Tinder decided to create a pricing discrimination based on age first of all. This means that the older you are, the more you’ll end up paying for your Tinder Plus account.

Precisely, Tinder starts charging more for people over 30.

Well, for some people this might seem unfair. However I hope you have a job at 30 years old or that you’re making enough money to cover those little expenses.

I think if that’s not the case, you need a job first and then you can start thinking about girls.

What Is Tinder Plus Price?

If you live in America and are below 30 years old, that’s the Tinder plus pricing:

  • $4,99 for 1 month;

  • $14,99 for 6 months;

  • $19,99 for 12 months.

If you’re over 30 years old:

  • $9,99 for 1 month;

  • $29,99 for 6 months;

  • $39,99 for 12 months.

Is Tinder Plus Worth It? Here are 5 Important Aspects to Consider Before Purchasing it

Thomas Middleditch

Married life is the same as dating life, except now you have a ring, and the state of California has a vested financial interest in the outcome of your marriage.

And above-average cortisol levels.

Tinder Gold vs Tinder Plus

If you’re wondering what’s better for you, the answer is: it depends!

Tinder plus gives you amazing possibilities like changing your location or having 5 super-likes instead of 1 (see below for more info). As you can see from the picture below, I use this feature often so that I can talk with girls from all over the world 😏 

Is Tinder Plus Worth It? Here are 5 Important Aspects to Consider Before Purchasing it

However Tinder Gold gives you the possibility to see who liked you. 

That has two sides:

Con: Usually those girls will be ones you didn’t like back, otherwise you would have matched with them;

Pro: You might change your mind about one of those girls and have many easy flings

I personally only use Tinder plus and will not purchase Tinder gold as I’m in a relationship and my goal is not to maximize the quantity matches. 

Is Tinder Plus Worth It? Here are 5 Important Aspects to Consider Before Purchasing it

6 Amazing Tinder Plus Features

1: Unlimited Likes

Are you tired of stopping swiping right just after 100 likes have been used? I was. 

That’s one of the reasons I purchased Tinder plus. In fact with unlimited likes you can boost the number of matches you get very easily.

2: Unlimited Rewinds

Sometimes I make the mistake of disliking a girl that I actually like.

It might happen to you too that, taken by pressure, you dislike a girl that is hot.

That can be offset with the rewind option. At first I thought that was useless but to be honest I ended up using it more than I thought.

3: Five Super Likes/Day

This is a big leap with respect to the basic plan where you can only super like 1 girl per day.

That felt frustrating to me as, after all, it’s very rare to only find one girl per day that is super attractive.

The main benefits I got by upgrading to Tinder plus was getting more matches with hotter girls thanks to the super-likes I sent them.

4: One Free Boost per Month

If you don’t get as many matches as the ones you were getting when you downloaded Tinder, it might be a visibility problem.

Visibility on Tinder declines when one does behaviors that are deemed “bad” by Tinder’s algorithm.

That reduces the profile health, resulting in no matches.

One way to offset this issue is by using Tinder boost. This will rank your profile higher than the average ones and make you stand out.

Moreover, if you get many matches during the boosting phase, it will rank you higher than your previous position because the algorithm will see positive signals coming from you.

5: Passport to Any Location

This is my favourite Tinder plus feature, period.

Thanks to this feature I managed to talk with girls all over the world and see where I had the highest success (Poland,  and Norway for me).

That’s a market hack as you can the go to those places and get laid like crazy since girls have already proven to be attracted to you over there.

6: Hide Advertisements

Not a big deal for me but better not to see stupid ads when looking for girls. I'd rather be focused and play a texting game by the book.

Texting Girls overseas is an online dating hack.

Do Tinder Memberships Auto Renew?

Per my experience, yes.

So don’t be surprised if you see an invoice of the next billing having occurred without your consent. However if you want to get many girls numbers and maximize your Tinder success, that's for you.

Is Tinder Plus Worth the Cost?

In my opinion, yes. After all, it's a great service and its benefits greatly outweigh its costs.

That’s my personal opinion however. I’d suggest you experience it yourself to see if that’s something for you or not. If you're more of an introvert, you'll love those nerds and geeks dating apps instead.

And The Story Ends like this

From 9 matches/day to 20+

After upgrading to Tinder plus my dating life changed.

Before I wasn't getting many matches (even if they are a lot for some guys) but when I started swiping right more and super liking girls overseas, the whole game changed.

That's why I strongly suggest you upgrade to Tinder plus and reap its amazing benefits.

Bonus Tip!

Who pays more gets more, simple reality.

Pros & Cons Of Upgrading To Tinder Plus

The main pros are that you will get a more competitive advantage with respect to other men.

The cons is that you’ll probably like it so much that you’ll get dependent on Tinder Plus and won’t be able to downgrade to basic anymore. 

Wizard Takeaway

Good things vice us. However life is meant to be lived well.

Now you know if Tinder Plus is worth the investment.

Feeling like purchasing the subscription? Then enjoy dating the women you like.

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