I know. Women seem crazy creatures until you understand why they do what they do.

However, unless you know the real motives behind their actions, you’ll miss out on many opportunities with them.

In this article, I won’t tell you that women adopt this contrasting behavior because they’re “crazy,” “stupid,” or “incoherent,” as most gurus say.

Instead, I’ll provide you with real knowledge and solutions that you can apply from today to better understand, communicate, and relate to girls.

What if there was a specific reason behind those behaviors women adopt?

That’s what you’ll learn in this article, along with what’s outlined below.

In This Article You'll Learn

    5 Reasons Why She Ignores You Over Text and Flirts in Person;
  • The #1 Reason Why Women Lie;
  • How to Know if She’s Really Interested;
  • 3 Copy-Paste Lines to Engage Her When She Doesn’t Text Back;
  • Extra bonus tips;
Difficulty: Easy

That will clarify your mind even if you think women are completely irrational and crazy.

Typical Scenario

You go out and meet a girl that you happen to like a lot. You both have a friendly conversation where she also seems very involved.

In fact, she starts flirting with you as well!

You interpret this as a positive sign and believe that there might be some possibilities with her. 

That’s why you decide to text her once you get back home.

You take your phone, expecting her to be receptive to you, but… She Ignores You!

That's Not a Love Story.

Number Close But Not Closing

That reminds me of when I experienced the same things when I was younger and got pissed off by them.

I was approaching many women very frequently and flirting with most of them regularly. Many of them were flirtatious with me in person. For that reason, I often took their numbers and moved the interaction via text. 

However, anytime I’d text those girls, they wouldn’t respond to me. That’s when I started to freak out and wondered what was going on in their minds.

  • Is she crazy?
  • What did I do wrong?
  • Why did she ignore me?

Those were some of the questions I asked myself when this happened. That pushed me to better understand female nature, embarking on a personal journey to find out more.

I started studying female psychology books, evolutionary theories, got professional coaching, and did tons of experiments.

That brought me closer to the truth. However, I didn’t know yet that I was about to change the way I looked at women forever.

You’ll learn how this story ended in a moment. Now it’s time to go on and talk about why women behave the way they do.

Important Note: Read the article carefully; there’s a special attraction tip hidden inside.

5 Reasons Why She Ignores You Over Text and Flirts in Person

Below you find the most common reasons why a girl ignores you over text. Some will look crazy to you, but that’s the reality of things most of the time.

Reason #1: She’s Attracted in the Moment

One of the most common reasons girls ignore men via text but flirt in person is that they like to make things happen in the real world.

In fact, not every girl likes spending time with her phone, especially the ones that have real guys next to them all the time. 

From a male perspective, It would be like chatting with a girl that’s not physically with you when you’re in a room with other girls hitting on you and ready to do Bunga Bunga with you on the bed.

The only reason why she should text you even when she’s not with you is that she must be really interested. That’s when she’ll ignore all the guys she has next to them.

However, until you get to that point, you will always be outweighed by the real presence of a man, as that’s what she craves in the end.

As I say in my Integral Text Game Course, women are mainly emotional creatures. That’s why they often change their minds based on how their emotions change.

For that reason, she might like you in person but then not reply to your texts as she can possibly be with another man whenever you text her.

She Ignores My Texts but Flirts in Person: 5 Common Reasons Why She Does It

Ian McLagan

It's tough to be 68 and dating. I've given it up now.

Better to start earlier.

Reason #2: She’s Testing You

She doesn’t text you back because women tend to test the men they like. One way to do this is by flirting with them and then withdrawing their attention to see if the man goes back to her. 

This will show that he genuinely likes the girl and is determined to get her. That’s an important tell for her to see how willed and confident he is. 

That’s why she might throw a little s**t to you by not giving you attention. That will dissuade most non-persistent men who get scared away from the first “rejection” signal.

We’re just scratching the surface here. Keep reading to find out more about women’s nature and better understand their behaviors.

She Ignores My Texts but Flirts in Person: 5 Common Reasons Why She Does It

The Most Common Reason Why Women Lie

Have you ever wondered why most girls lie? The reason dates back to our ancestral times. Since women have always been the most vulnerable sex, they couldn’t confront men face-to-face when needed to get what they wanted.

That’s why most men can openly and directly face conflicts. At the same time, women prefer to go sideways to get to their scopes, often lying more than you can imagine.

That’s why she might also be fooling you when flirting live. Let’s see why.

Women lie but not always for evil Reasons.

Reason #3: She’s Fooling You/Not Sure About You

As bad as it might sound, some women don't care about exploiting men to get what they want. I've personally been a puppet for many of them until I woke up.

I remember a particular case of a girl that used to manipulate me like crazy. She touched me, looked at me with flirtatious eyes, and hinted that something sexual could have happened between us. 

Then, with incredible spontaneity, she asked me to do some things for her, like bringing her to a place in my car.

Since I was very unaware of women's nature back then (not to say I was a complete jackass), I fell onto her trap and accommodated her on what she wanted. I did this in the hopes of getting a free ticket inside her sugar wall.

As you can imagine, I never slept with that girl as she was always making me chase her like a poor dog.

That's why my friend, I wholeheartedly say to you that you should be careful about girls as they're so smart that it's easy to fall into their traps. 

How can you know if she's really into you or just playing? You'll learn this in a moment.

Reason #4: Bad Texting

Another reason girls ignore texts but flirt in person is that the man cannot engage them via texting. 

As I explain many times in my Integral Text Game Course, it’s essential nowadays to engage women over text. 

It’s known that many women spend a lot of time with online dating and that a more significant percentage of relationships and marriages occur between couples that met on dating apps.

This shows how important it is to engage a girl over text, especially if she’s very attractive. Why?

As said before, attractive girls are always surrounded, approached, and venerated by many men. Most of them won’t make it inside their sugar walls, just like not all sperm cells manage to penetrate the eggs.

However, one must get her, and I want you to be that one. That’s why you should learn how to tease a girl over text before somebody else steals her from you.

Now it’s time for the last tips that will get you a clear picture of why girls ignore texts but flirt in person. Before that, it’s time to discover how to know if she’s really interested in you.

How to Know if She’s Really Interested

To discover that there’s only one thing you can do, and that’s testing her. How can you make a valid test?

Simply by pushing on the accelerator.

This means you should start to tease her and sexually escalate so that you see if she’s ready to receive you or not. 

From my experience, that’s the final test as women can play games for how long they want. However, they’ll never get laid by a guy they’re not interested in. That’s how you can expose her while also looking confident and determined to have her.

Reason #5: Make Other Men Jealous

Finally, the last common reason girls can flirt in person and ignore a man over text is that there might be another man she likes when she flirts. 

To draw his attention to her, she might make the “beeech” with another man, when, in reality, she doesn’t really care about him. 

That’s another manipulation tactic that most girls use at the expense of the man unaware of this. Unfortunately, this happened many times to me too. 

If you want to make sure you’re not a victim of this behavior, see if she still flirts with you even when nobody’s watching.

How The Story Ended

Fewer Girls - More Results

In the end, understanding what pushed girls to behave like this made me understand which ones were worth investing in and what not.

This made me save time on all those hens that were just flirting with me for every purpose apart from really wanting to do something intimate. 

That’s how I started investing my time on real deals that, once I escalated sexually, opened themselves up for me without much resistance like every attracted woman does. 

Moreover, I found myself having higher self-esteem because of the less exploitation from other girls and the more quality results I got.

Bonus Tip!

When she Doesn't text back it's not always as you think.

Bonus Tip: 3 Copy-Paste Lines to Engage Her When She Doesn’t Text Back

Before you go, I want to give you another tip to help you if girls don't text you back.

If you find yourself in this awful scenario, use one of those 3 lines. They'll work 90% of the times:

Text Back Line #1:

"As my grandma said, silence is the best answer sometimes!"

That's one of my favorites. After all, the grandma is always the wisest person in a family.

Text Back Line #2: 

"If you don't know what to answer me, you can consult google. It's free."

Larry Page & Sergey Brin worked for years to bring us this service. They could freaking use it to find a line!

Text Back Line #3: 

"I think you don't answer me for 3 reasons:

  1. You're in your period. 

  2. Your father grounded you.

  3. You're dead."

Everything can happen.

Wizard Takeaway

Girls can be scary creatures, until you understand them. That’s when they’re even more scary.

Now you know what to do when she doesn't text you back.

Enjoy texting!

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