Do you find yourself swiping left or right on Tinder without much consideration?

Don’t you see your profile performing as well as before lately? Take it easy as resetting your Tinder profile is easier than ever before.

I had the same problem during one trip to Barcelona where I wanted to reset my swipes as my Tinder account didn’t perform as I wanted. I simply saw my profile power dying from one day to the other.

“How is this possible?” I thought.

How To Reset Tinder Swipes in 2024 (step-by-step guide)
Fun Times in Barcelona

Sometimes, we make snap judgments without giving someone a fair chance. But don’t worry, it’s not too late to change that. With just a few simple steps, you can restart Tinder and start fresh with a new perspective.

Whether you’re looking for love or just trying to expand your social circle, this guide will tell you everything you need to know and show you how to reset Tinder swipes and give yourself a second chance at finding the perfect match. 

Moreover that’s a great way to meet new people and show off your personality in a better way.

Important Note: Resetting your Tinder profile in 2023 implies deleting your Tinder account permanently and starting afresh.

According to Tinder, “when you delete your account you will permanently lose matches, messages and other info associated with it.”

So if you want to reset your Tinder account, make sure to have your bio saved somewhere and your handy pictures to recreate your account after that. A new Tinder account is generally the best way to reset.

Ready to learn how to reset your swipes? Let’s start.

Key Takeaways

  • Resetting likes is easy but should be considered carefully before making a final decision.
  • This soft reset deletes all previous matches and conversations and preferences.
  • Alternatives to that include taking a break from Tinder or reevaluating swipe choices.
  • Being selective with swipe choices and using Boosts strategically can increase the quality and quantity of matches received.

Open the Tinder App

To reset your account, first open the Tinder app on your mobile device. From there, navigate to the account settings by tapping on your profile tab and then going in the top right corner of the screen where you’ll find the ⚙️ sign.

How To Reset Tinder Swipes in 2024 (step-by-step guide)

In the account settings menu, scroll all the way down until you find the “Delete account” voice.

How To Reset Tinder Swipes in 2024 (step-by-step guide)

This will prompt you with a warning message asking if you’re sure that you want to proceed with THE acount deletion or if you simply want to pause it.

How To Reset Tinder Swipes in 2024 (step-by-step guide)

Find the Option to Reset Swipes

Confirm this action and you’ll be taken to yet another page where Tinder asks you the reason you want to delete your account.

How To Reset Tinder Swipes in 2024 (step-by-step guide)

Skip this phase and proceed with the deletion of your account. After you delete it, you can reactivate it and start swiping from afresh.

Remember: You will lose both your profile and matches with this action. Do it only if you’re 100% sure and ready to start again with a new profile.

How To Reset Tinder Swipes in 2024 (step-by-step guide)

Understand the Implications of Resetting Your Swipes

To fully grasp the consequences of resetting, you should take into account that all your previous matches and conversations will be erased.

This means that if you had a great conversation going on with someone, it’ll be lost forever. Moreover, if you were planning to meet up with someone soon, you’ll have to start all over again.

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Understanding these limitations is crucial before making any decision. Resetting your swipes can feel like a fresh start, but it also means losing out on potential connections. Instead of resetting, consider taking a break from Tinder or reevaluating what kind of people you’re swiping right on.

Maybe your Tinder experience is not satisfying as you’re not getting enough matches. This might demotivate you from keeping to use your account and thus, drive you to delete it.

If you swiped right too much, that might have indeed impacted your elo score.

How To Reset Tinder Swipes in 2024 (step-by-step guide)

The same thing happened to me when I was a fresh user of Tinder. I had liked too many women and my profile lost value.

Then, all of a sudden, I started to notice that my account lost its ability to captivate good matches. That’s when I understood it was compromised and thought about deleting it.

I was also on a trip at the time (as you can see from the picture below) and the fact that my Tinder didn’t work as I wanted made me feel more frustrated.

How To Reset Tinder Swipes in 2024 (step-by-step guide)

There are always alternatives to resetting swipes, like swiping more left than right and making sure your profile stands outso that its score in the app improves.

so make sure to weigh your options carefully before making a final decision. With this in mind, it’s important to confirm your decision to reset before moving forward.

Make sure that this is really what you want and that there are no other options available. Once you’ve made the decision to reset, follow the steps outlined in the previous subtopic to complete the process.

Confirm Your Decision to Reset Your Swipes

Now that you’ve navigated to the Account Settings and are ready to restart, it’s important to understand the warning message before confirming your decision.

Tinder will inform you that restarting your swipes means all matches and conversations will be deleted permanently as well as your profile.

Once you’ve read and understood this message, simply click the “delete my account” button to confirm your choice.

This step is crucial in ensuring that the way to reset is done intentionally and not by accident.

Understand the Warning Message

Beware, before blindly swiping right on everyone, the warning message will welcome with a wink. It’s easy to dismiss this pop-up notification as just another mundane alert, but it carries significant weight. The moment you decide to reset your swipes, you’ll be greeted by a cautionary message that reads “Are You Sure? Resetting your account will delete all matches and messages.”

How To Reset Tinder Swipes in 2024 (step-by-step guide)

This warning message highlights the importance of resetting swipes and emphasizes that once you confirm the action, there’s no going back. To give you an idea of what happens after hitting “yes,” here’s a table that showcases some potential consequences:

Accidentally swipe left on someone specialLose your chance at love
Swipe right too many timesGet matched with less compatible people
Ignore the warning messageRegret not reading this article

Now that you understand the gravity of resetting your Tinder profile let’s move on to clicking the “Delete my account” button to confirm without hesitation.

Click the “Delete my account” Button to Confirm

Once you confirm by clicking the ‘Delete my account’ button, all of your matches and messages will be permanently deleted, so it’s important to carefully consider if resetting is truly what you want. However, the benefits of resetting swipes can be significant.

For example, if you’ve been using Tinder for a while and feel like you’ve exhausted your options in terms of potential matches, resetting your swipes can feel good but what if amongst your matches there are some women that want to date you?

How To Reset Tinder Swipes in 2024 (step-by-step guide)

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When to reset swipes is ultimately up to you, but some people choose to do it after they’ve been inactive on the app for a long time or when they feel like their previous swipes weren’t as thoughtful as they should have been. Whatever your reason may be, just remember that once you click that button, there’s no going back.

Wait for the Swipes to Reset

After clicking the “Delete my account” button to confirm the reset, you might feel an emotional vacuum of not having your Tinder profile anymore.

To help pass the time, here are three things you can do while waiting for your profile to be rebuilt:

  1. Take a break from Tinder and focus on other aspects of your life.
  2. Explore other dating apps or websites that may interest you.
  3. Reflect on why you felt the need to reset your swipes in the first place.

Remember, resetting your swipes won’t magically solve any underlying issues with dating or relationships. Once your swipes have been fully reset, it’s important to approach using Tinder with a fresh mindset and new perspective.

Now that you’ve successfully waited for your swipes to reset, it’s time to start swiping again!

Start Swiping Again

Now it’s time to dive back into the world of online dating and start swiping once more, ready to find your next potential match. You need to create a new account at this point that has not been negatively impacted by the Tinder algorithm.

But before you start mindlessly swiping left and right, take a moment to think about your swipe strategies. You don’t want to risk a shadowban but get a match (or more) that you can have a date with. 

Remember that Tinder’s algorithm takes into account not only the number of matches you get but also the quality of those matches. So, instead of just liking everyone, try to be selective with your choices.

How To Reset Tinder Swipes in 2024 (step-by-step guide)

One way to increase your chances of getting more matches is by using Tinder’s Boost feature.
This feature puts you at the top of other users’ feeds for 30 minutes, making it more likely for them to see and swipe on your profile.

However, keep in mind that Boosts can be expensive and should be used strategically.
So, make sure to use them during peak usage times when there are more active users on the app.

With these swipe strategies in mind and a possible Boost or two under your belt, get ready to boost your chances of finding that perfect match!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for the swipes to reset?

Factors affecting Tinder swipe reset time include the number of swipes left and right, active usage, and app updates. Resetting your swipes is important for optimal matching as it gives you a fresh start. The reset takes effect immediately.

Will resetting my swipes affect my matches or conversations?

Resetting your account has both pros and cons. While it gives you a fresh start, it also means losing potential matches. Alternatives include deleting your account or waiting for the swipes to reset naturally. Ultimately, the decision is yours.

There is no way to reset your Tinder without deleting the account nowadays. This making a new account with a new email address and creating a new profile will be essential to have new swipes and start fresh.

Can I reset my swipes multiple times?

Yes, you can reset your swipes multiple times but there is a resetting limit. Keep in mind that each reset erases all previous swipes and matches, so use this feature with caution.

Is resetting my swipes the same as deleting my account?

You may be wondering if resetting your swipes is the same as deleting your account. The answer is no, yes. Resetting your swipes can have benefits, but it’s important to take precautions before doing so.

As said, without deleting your account and start you cannot get a fresh start again. It’s a bold method to reset your tinder matches amongst all methods of resetting. 

Will resetting my swipes change my location or preferences?

Eliminating your account won’t affect your location or preferences. It’s a great way to see potential matches you may have missed before. Consider resetting swipes if you’ve exhausted your options or want to start fresh. Enjoy the benefits of a clean slate!

When you install the app again, you will restart with either a new phone number, new facebook account, apple id or google account. Choosing google or apple is the best way to start in my opinion.

So when you open Tinder everything will start from ground zero. As a tip, do more left swipes on Tinder to teach the algorithm your profile is relevant and not a spammy one.


By following the simple steps outlined above, you can now start fresh and swipe with a new perspective. Tinder is a great way to find your new loved one or simply have some hookup experiences. 

If you start again with tinder gold or tinder plus, you’ll definitely have a competitive account.

Clicking on “delete my account is the best tinder reset strategy in my opinion as this creates a hard reset. That’s the best idea especially if you don’t want to wait and want to reset your swipes and start getting as many matches as you want.

Realize that everything can start from a swipe, like in this video.

Remember that resetting your swipes is not something to be taken lightly, as it will delete all of your previous matches and conversations.

As the saying goes, “out with the old and in with the new.”

This is especially true when it comes to dating apps like Tinder. Sometimes we need a clean slate to find what we truly want in a potential partner. So go ahead and take advantage of this feature, but after you reset your Tinder swipes make sure to use it wisely.

P.S. If you want to get more dates with high-quality women without wasting time on endless chatting and being ghosted, click here.

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