Are you wondering how to text your crush?

Probably you want to go from this boring conversation

How To Text Your Crush and Start a Conversation (5 Flirty Text Messages)

To this exciting one

Having Fun Convos

That’s normal for you to desire! In fact, unless you manage to engage your crush over text, she’ll get rid of you in no time and hang out with a funnier guy. That can’t happen to you.

In this article, you won’t find the typical advice like “make her laugh” or “Text & ghost her .”

Everybody knows that nowadays. But is that all you can do to attract your crush?

What if there are better ways to make her want you more?

That’s what you’ll learn in this article, along with what’s outlined below.

In This Article You'll Learn

    5 Iron Rules to Text Your Crush;
  • The Alpha Attitude To Make Your Crush Go Crazy;
  • 3 Copy-Paste Lines to Tease Your Crush;
  • The 3 Steps Process to Get Your Crush on a Date;
  • Extra bonus tips;
Difficulty: Easy

What you’re about to learn will help any men surprise his crush. Even if he’s the most boring man on Earth.

Typical Scenario

It's one of those days where you feel like texting your desired girl. In fact, you like her so much that it's almost impossible for you not to think about her.

So you take your phone and send her a message. However, after exchanging some lines, you're not sure if you're doing it right. 

After all, she's the girl you like the most, and you can't lose her!

That's Not a Love Story

Irresistible Texting

I went through a similarly doubtful process when texting the girls I really liked. At the time of writing this article, I’m 28. However, I can remember only 2 girls that really made my mind go crazy.

Those biggest 2 crushes I had were so appealing to me that I thought about texting them day in and day out. 

The problem is that we all know that pressuring a girl too much is not the best way to attract her. Indeed that behavior made me fail with 2/2 of those girls as I was being too needy.

However, I realized that I had to change my attitude at a certain point, or I would have gotten rejected by all my next crushes. 

Yes, because after those 2, there has been another crush. 

Want to know how it turned out to be with her?

You’ll learn how this story ended in a moment. Now it’s time to learn how to properly text your crush.

Important Note: Read the article carefully; there’s a special attraction tip hidden inside.

5 Iron Rules to Texting Your Crush

To make your crush go crazy about you, here’s what you have to do. The iron rules I’m about to share with you are very powerful if applied all together. Make sure to use them with caution, or she might get addicted to you.

Tip #1: A Trick to Keep the Conversation Going: Provide Danger Thrills

The first rule to apply is stepping out of the boring mindset and becoming another kind of man. 

The majority of women are attracted to a man that can make them feel authentic emotions that are often contrasting.

One of those emotions is the thrill of danger. That happens when you bring her on exciting adventures. 

However, how can you do this via text?

One great way to make it work is by simulating real adventurous scenarios. For example, by making her daydream about how exciting it would be to stay by your side.

That’s better explained with a real case.

How To Text Your Crush and Start a Conversation (5 Flirty Text Messages)

As you can see, I made her go through a mental journey that replicated what I would have done If I were to seduce her in person.

Have you noticed how she felt true emotions even if I was on the other side of the screen? 

Simulate the thrilling scenario and let her paint it. By the way, this explains why some women are attracted to the typical bad boy.

Start giving thrills to her, and you’re ⅕ to your end goal. Now let’s go over the second iron rule.

How To Text Your Crush and Start a Conversation (5 Flirty Text Messages)

Ankita Lokhande

When a girl is single, everyone wants to find out who she is dating.

Could be true.

Tip #2 Text Your Crush Without Being Needy

Another important aspect to consider when texting your crush is not coming off as needy. 

That’s by far the #1 reason that turns girls off. 

What if you express yourself no matter what?

That mental freedom will make you act less needy, which will make you more attractive.

Many men are afraid to show their intentions and express their thoughts with girls, not talk about their crushes. 

In fact, with the emotional attachment one usually has with his crush, it’s hard to do things that would be as easy as drinking water with other girls.

For that reason, you must text free from the fear of being rejected and of being judged. 

That will make you write texts like this:

How To Text Your Crush and Start a Conversation (5 Flirty Text Messages)

Remember the saying? The more you care and the less you get.

The Flirty Alpha Attitude To Make Your Crush Go Crazy

What do you think is one of the most attractive traits for a man to have according to a woman?

  • Beauty?

  • Confidence?

  • Charisma?

Even if those are all great qualities to have, there’s one in particular that girls can’t resist.

I’m talking about being... grounded.

This quality consists of always keeping your internal cool no matter what happens outside.

  • Is there an earthquake? You rationally go to the safest place

  • Does she insult you? You respond and don’t react

  • Does she threaten to leave you? You say goodbye

  • Does she try to lower your confidence? You’re unfazed

The more she tries to put you down and sees that you remain composed, the more attracted she’ll be to you as I teach in my  Text Game Domination Course.

This happens because she sees that you’re internally stable, and women love stability.

We’re just scratching the surface here. To learn the next iron rules, keep reading. Those will ensure to catch her like a cat on the street.

How To Text Your Crush and Start a Conversation (5 Flirty Text Messages)

Crush Text Rule #3: Teasing Her & Getting Flirty

This iron rule is what will make her see that you’re not afraid of playing the challenging games when the right time comes.

A lot of men are terrified of showing their crushes that they like them sexually. They do so because they’re uncomfortable with the idea of being painfully rejected in case they wouldn’t accept their proposals.

Instead, you have to be different from them and show your crush that you’re totally confident about expressing to her what you truly feel. 

When you can tease a girl over text and be a bold badass with her, you’ll set yourself apart from all the other males out there.

Look at this example.

How To Text Your Crush and Start a Conversation (5 Flirty Text Messages)

More than 90% of men aren’t confident at texting a girl like this. If you want to be in the top 10%, that is how you should start texting your crush.

Crush Text Rule #4: Get to Know Your Crush Like Your Pockets

Creating comfort with a girl is something you must become skilled at if you want to secure her.


Because by creating comfort with your crush, you’ll reinforce the invisible link between the two of you. This will make you feel connected to her even after the texting session will be over.

How can this turn out to be useful?

That will help you stay in her mind longer and to make her feel more connected to you than all the other men that don’t bother about creating comfort with their crushes. 

The competitive advantage you’ll get will be so strong that you’ll win hands down, mainly if you apply the 5th iron rule I’m about to share with you.

How can you create comfort with your crush over text?

Those are powerful ways to get the job done:

  1. Find out mutual interests

  2. Discover common values

  3. Share personal stories

Those are great ways to get you started at building a strong connection with her. However, if you look for nuclear weapons, you can check out what I teach in my Integral Text Game Course.

Now it’s time for the last tip that will make her think about you non-stop. Before that, here are 3 copy-paste lines you can use to tease your crush.

Comfort is Key to make your crush feel good with you.

3 Copy-Paste Lines to Texting with Your Crush

As you learned before, if you want to text your crush like a pro, you should be comfortable teasing her. 

Below are 3 copy-paste lines that will work with the majority of girls. Those lines are so powerful that they'll get you out of a boring conversation and push it to a new level of intimacy. 

Let's go:

Teasing Line #1: I don't know what's riskier...

"I don't know what's riskier. Robbing a bank or being your boyfriend."

This line has the purpose of putting some pepper in the conversation by making her understand she's a troubled girl.

Many girls like to be considered troublemakers, naughty, and crazy by men. Those behaviors reflect some of their feminine aspects.

Moreover, there's the part "being your boyfriend" that alludes to something intimate between you and her. That's for sure a teasing line that will prevent you from getting into the friend zone.

Teasing Line #2: You can't handle me

That's one of the most clichè yet most powerful teasing lines you can use. Girls love to be challenged, and when they see a man that challenges them to be more than what they are, they get crazy about it.

In fact, she might even take this personally and sleep with you just to prove how good she is. That depends on her character, however.

Teasing Line #3: Are you always like that?

This line will put the seed of doubt in her.

"Like what," she'll think.

To which you'll respond vaguely or not even by specifying what's "wrong" with her.

[Insert Pic]

This will make her doubt a little about herself. Once she wonders for a few minutes what might be wrong with her, you express yourself.

"So c'mon, tell me what you mean."

"Are you always that captivating?"

This positive release will make her feel good again. However, since she has gone through the emotional roller coaster of feeling negative and positive, she'll be much more attracted to you now.

Time to learn the final iron rule.

Crush Text Rule #5: Build a Flirt Narrative (Memes & GIF's)

Building a narrative with your crush will make her think about you nonstop, even when the conversation will be over.

A narrative is created when you and she fictionally participate in a roleplay scenario. This could be you pretending to be a superhero and her the girl you have to save.

Or you can play the classic roleplay game of the doctor and the patient. 

There’s no limit here. You can also use cartoons from Disney movies or characters from real movies to choose your parts.

My advice is to choose to play characters that are in line with your type of persona. 

How can you start building a narrative with her?

Give her a pen name or character, like in the example below.

How To Text Your Crush and Start a Conversation (5 Flirty Text Messages)

You can also use a meme or GIF to make things more real and build a stronger narrative.

Then see if she is compliant with your choice. After that, start by defining your character and building the story of the two of you. 

As you can see, this can build lots of intimacy with your crush, so much that she’ll forget about the competition and remember you the most.

And The Story Ends like this

From my Crush to my Girlfriend

In the end, having learned the lesson from my previous failures, I realized that I had to slow down my mind when texting the girls I liked. Especially when texting my crush

That’s when I started implementing the tips I’ve just told you, and… magic happened.

In Summer 2020, I got a crush on a girl unexpectedly. She had come out of nowhere after 2 that I didn’t have a crush on one. 

Remembering how I had lost my previous girls, I decided to act differently this time. I started to text her following the iron rules above and behave like this when meeting her in person.

The result?

She’s my girlfriend now, and it feels amazing, my friend. I’ll update you on how it goes.

 We’re 3 years together for now.

Bonus Tip!

Follow the steps and you'll get her on a date with you.

The 3 Steps Process to Get Your Crush on a Date 

How can you bring your crush on a solid date? If you follow the steps outlined below, it will be as easy as drinking a beer after having gotten drunk to absinthe.

3 steps will land you a solid date with your crush and those steps must follow them in that specific order to give you max chances:

  1. Spark Emotions
  2. Connect
  3. Close

1: Spark Emotions

Your first move consists of sparking emotions in her. This can be done by following the teasing techniques I just explained to you or by making her laugh over text.

When you make a woman’s emotions rise, she’ll be much more vulnerable to your sexual progression.

2: Connecting

After that, it’s time to connect with her. Making a girl feel comfortable with you is necessary before trying to go in between her legs, as I teach in my Integral Text Game Course.

To connect with a girl over text, you can share personal interests, stories, and values as you learned before.

3: Closing

Now that you’ve teased her and connected with her, she’s ready to be closed. To ask her out over text, you can use various strategies. One that I like a lot is hinting at a date as I teach in this article.

However, if you prefer, you can just use the direct method and hope for the best.

After all, if you do the previous stages correctly, she’ll most likely be ready for it.

The paradox is that you should behave exactly as you do with all the other girls to attract your crush. Don’t be needy but still express your interest authentically and confidently. 

Now you know how to text your crush like a pro.

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